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  1. Well, yes and no. I'm playing FMT on PC where I am able to load more than 3 nations - which I'm doing: top 5 nations (top 3 leagues each) plus 5-7 smaller nations with 1 or 2 leagues each. However, this does not really change this point. I'm playing Bristol City in Premier League now, but it's really difficult to find strong players - I have no chance against ManU and ManC, although I have "tons of money". And - what I would love to do - developing my own strong players - seems to be extremely hard, although I have a very good infrastructure. However, most probably you're right: need more
  2. Well, my impression also is that it is more difficult to develop smaller clubs (to titlewinners) in Touch than in the "full" version*. From my point of view this is due to the limited number of players in the game, compared to the full version. It's extremely difficult to find suitable, affordable players that are able to bring your club a step forward when you are not Liverpool or ManU. If it is even extremely difficult or nearly impossible to develop young players, this makes it even more difficult, maybe impossible to do (and have fun with) what this game should be about. Any other imp
  3. No, that's wrong. I am always and exclusively "playing" matches via the instant result button and every single match counts in my CV, and I became manager of the month/year various times.(FM20 Touch, 20.4).
  4. This unanswered questions still is a crucial one - my impression is that player's progress by training (also individual training by myself) in general is nearly non-existent on FM Touch... Or are there other people who have contrary impressions/experience? In general, it seems to be nearly impossible to develop young talents as used to in the full FM version!? At least that's my impression at the moment...
  5. Is this the correct link to MRL? https://forum.mrltactics.com/ Doesn't seem to work?
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