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  1. Hey Hugo, I have a custom database developed in a windows. All the rest is pre sets of the game, all original settings, low quality for 3D and the dark SI skin. Thanks, Helder
  2. Hi Jimmy, It crashed today again during a match, gave an error of fm crashing unexpectedly. Any other suggestions? Kind regards
  3. Thanks for sharing this. I've followed all the steps, I'll let you know how this works for me. Cheers, HS10
  4. Hi Jimmy, Thanks for creating this, the last time it happened during a match, it just crashes. I had it crashing when going to proceed to a new day or match day or during the game. Unfortunately I don't have any crash dump files in the macbook, shouldn't it always create one? Thank you.
  5. Also have the same issue on a macbook pro. Any solutions for mac osx?
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