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  1. I don't know what the exact requirement is, but always take that philosophy at the start of the save and have never had any problems. By a couple of seasons I've got the bar sitting at 100% by just doing what I'd do anyway in a youth challenge.
  2. @Braumiller - I got a guy who had an event to raise his determination to 17 so I installed him as captain in the hopes he'll influence the squad. Unfortunately he's not one of my best players so getting him to highly influential didn't happen this season, and he's not as good at smacking down people who want a new contract as the old captain ... still it might be helping as I have a few guys whose double digit determination seems to be holding stable.
  3. Sporting Clube de Pombal - 2036-37 - Liga NOS Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances A solid season after last year's title. We couldn't repeat our win - Sporting were too good - but I was happy with 2nd, meaning we're in the CL in back to back years for the first time. We also managed to secure the cup with a stoppage time goal, rounding out our domestic trophy cabinet. In the Champions League we managed to top our group, which gave me hope for the knockout stages, but we are still not good enough to consistently hang with the best teams and Inter thrashed us. We beat Arsena
  4. Thanks, this one didn't come easy, I honestly thought we were going to choke away the amazing first half of the year and get left with only the league cup to show for it. Snow? I'm enjoying the AC that's finally been hooked up to the mains.
  5. Sporting Clube de Pombal - 2035-36 - Liga NOS Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Portugal has gotten tough over the years - rated 3rd in Europe going into the season, last year saw Sporting go undefeated in the league and Benfica crowned champions of Europe. We knew we needed a special effort to get over the hump. And a special effort we got ... hitting the new year with 26 wins and a draw from 27 games across all competitions! That pace was simply unsustainable, but it gave us such a platform to work with. In the cups we managed to retain the league cup, but were unlucky
  6. While in the youth team the best prospects are the team leaders of the youth team, so they will be imparting their personality on other youth team players - the system only works between players on the same squad. It's once they step into the seniors that they will be bottom of the pecking order and brainwashed by your older players like it or not. For sure the old system was too easy, but the new one has become something I rarely bother to engage with because my entire first team has become balanced and youths who come into it seem to end up that way after a year or two regardless of
  7. @Braumiller - The new tutoring system means you have little control over determination, or personality in general. I found whatever the determination of your best players when you take over will infect your squad for all time - in my case it was 8, and 15 years later when those guys are long gone it's still 8 because each year the new players come into the team and in a year or two are down to 8 before they can get a chance to become influential to be a force for positive change. Maybe there are ways around this if you know it from the start, eg appoint your best personality players as c
  8. Well the necessary is done, off the Chelsea ... Fans don't like it but what can you do. €54M base, €60M if he makes it to 50 games, plus 50% of next sale is a lot of money for someone who isn't even a senior international yet. Took the money over time to get a little bit more and to make the board less likely to take huge chunks of it as profit.
  9. Sporting Clube de Pombal - 2034-35 - Liga NOS Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances League: You don't move up the league by losing 11 games, including 5 out of 6 in a horror patch around December. (27b) Carriço tearing up his knee in training, missing a bunch of time and never really hitting top form didn't help, but it was just a frustrating season in the league where we didn't win enough games we should have. At our best we're as good as anyone, but 6th was a fair overall reflection of our season. Cups: The good news of the season - we won our first top level trophy by tak
  10. I don't claim to understand the playoffs you went through @HbG93, but so long as you win I guess you don't have to understand why.
  11. The tab Training -> Calendar really should be Training -> Schedule and the current schedule tab renamed. The fixture list is not called calendar, it's called schedule. The training news item refers to the training schedule being changed. So why does the game then call it calendar in the tab name? Gets me every time, I always click on the wrong thing. The whole ergonomics of setting up training is very bad as it stands. Doing it week by week doesn't really work because games do not always fall on week boundaries, and what you want early in the week depends on when your game was the p
  12. Sporting Clube de Pombal - 2033-34 - Liga NOS Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances So with no European football this season it was a chance to regroup and play a consistent team each week. So I locked in my choice of eleven and went for it. The major choice for the season came in the January window when I had a bid accepted over our head for (29a) João Silva - 33 million from Tottenham. I had the option to beg them not to, but I had to think long and hard on it - it's a lot of money, he isn't becoming a natural striker and the right wing is locked down by our best performer over
  13. Decent start there @HbG93, hopefully the intake can offset the lost players. I don't know about the defense being a problem, anything less than 2 goals a game is golden in my book.
  14. I hope so because it was a really frustrating season otherwise. I looked up the stats - we had only 2 less shots on target compared to last year, but we scored 31 goals less! To be fair last season was probably a bit of a fluke where everything went in, but it's hard not to develop expectations.
  15. Sporting Clube de Pombal - 2032-33 - Liga NOS Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Champions League: Got a really tough draw of Man City (who have won it 5 years in a row), Inter and Sevilla. Man City proved to be as strong as advertised - they beat us 9-0 in the away fixture - but we surprisingly managed a win and a draw against Sevilla to qualify for Europa. Europa League: Some pretty favourable luck in the draw saw us defeat Burnley, Basel and thrash Valencia to make the semi final. Arsenal were like a mini Man City though, and we got absolutely destroyed 11-2 on aggrega
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