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  1. Definitely disappointed that the announcement didn't include the feature the game really needs - extensive modding support. That would kill off a lot of the other complaints people could have, as if you want new player roles, or different training, or whatever I'm sure within months of the first version of the game with mod support the community would provide more choices than anyone could ever want. You look at other strategy games and see the positive feedback loop mods have had - the players gets access to a variety of new features that the base game doesn't have, and over time the developers of the game get their market research done for free and can incorporate the best bits of mods back into the base game. I'm afraid FM has become a no purchase for me until it gets mod support. There's just stuff in the game that isn't necessarily wrong, just doesn't match my preferences, that's gotten more grating over time. In other games I'd use mods to tweak that you can't do in FM.
  2. Damn you people who already completed faster than I can even get a promotion coming back to embarrass me again.
  3. Sporting Clube de Pombal - 2024/25 Campeonato Nacional de Seniores - 2nd Promotion Group A Stage 1 | Promotion Stage | Promotion Playoff | Taça de Portugal | Squad | Transfers The first phase is barely worth writing about, it's more of an extended warm up to the real season at this point, we assured our spot with 3 games to go then promptly lost 2 of the last 3. The promotion stage was a lot more interesting for us this year though. Finally we put some solid performances together and really made a run at promotion. If we'd managed to beat Salgueiros in our second last game we would have been promoted as champions, and we had our chances to do so, but ultimately lost 1-0. Fair game to them, they went through the promotion stage undefeated and deserved the title. Still we went in to the last day needing only a draw against Olhanense to ensure we made the playoff, and we responded with a good win. The playoff was unfortunately highly frustrating. First leg was away and we really dominated, scoring first and could have easily scored two or three more, but Casa Pia managed to score from their only shot in the first half to leave it 1-1. At the 59th minute, just as I was thinking it was time to sub the guys with yellow cards, (19f) André Mendes goes and picks up a silly foul and gets sent off. From there the game changed and they managed two more goals from corners to win 3-1 in a game that so easily could have had the reverse scoreline. In our home leg we knew we needed to score, and we did in the first 10 minutes, leaving us plenty of time to get another and go ahead on away goals. Unfortunately we just couldn't break through and create that chance, and in the last 10 minutes after we switched to overload in desperation they scored an equalizer to lock in the result. 4-2 Casa Pia, we were in the third tier for another year. Pleased in the improved performance, but very disappointed in the end result. Maybe long term it's for the best as we'll be stronger when we eventually do go up? Top Performers Much the same names as last year ... (18a) Ricardo Costa - MC - Scooped the awards voting yet again. (19d) Fábio Domingos - AMC - Was on track to finally give us another double digit scorer before an injury cost him most of the second half. Flávio Jorge - ST - Continues to be a reliable goal scorer up front. (19a) Luís Jorge - ML - Leading provider of assists, getting the best out of him and the right flank at the same time was an issue though. (17b) António Roldão - DR - Been a great full back, but contract situation may see him leave. Of course right back is the only defensive position I'm not overflowing with top options in ... Youth Intake Terrible intake with only one player even a marginal prospect. (25a) Bruno Paiva - MC/MR - Not a huge potential rating, but either footed and well rounded attributes mean he might be a useful player. Next Season It's promotion time, just making the promotion stage is no longer good enough.
  4. lewis999 - The first post says you can use any advanced database setup you like, so that's fine. I normally just load all players based in the nation I'm in. With a large database (or a smaller one with "Players From Top Clubs" selected at a continent level) it ensures that all the continental competition clubs have full squads so it will be fine when you get to Europe.
  5. Sporting Clube de Pombal - 2023/24 Campeonato Nacional de Seniores - 7th Promotion Group A Stage 1 | Promotion Stage | Taça de Portugal | Squad | Transfers I was feeling pretty positive after the first stage. We'd been pushed a bit harder this year than in the past, taking until the second last game to wrap our spot up, but in the end we won the group for the third time running, with only a single loss. 32 scored and 11 let in is a good record no matter how you slice it, so I thought we could put up a good account of ourselves in the promotion stage. Unfortunately we went straight out and lost 3 of our first 4 in the promotion stage, leaving us with a mountain to climb. An uptick in our form combined with all the teams in the 2-8 group being fairly even meant we looked in with a shot at the playoff place for a while but in the end we just didn't score enough. 12 goals in 14 games just doesn't cut it. Injuries to our midfield really robbed us of the creative spark we rely on to score goals. Our defensive record looks bad on paper too since we took a couple of hammerings to the top team, perhaps we should have set up more conservatively. The positive news is we aren't losing anyone this year so we should in theory only be stronger next year. Top Performers (18a) Ricardo Costa - MC - Named player of the year for the third year in a row. (19d) Fábio Domingos - AMC - Really stepped up, 8 goals and 10 assists in his first season as the full time starter. Unfortunately injury prone, and the time he missed during the promotion stage cost us dearly. Flávio Jorge - ST - Back to his usual 20+ goal output as he passed 100 goals for the club. Need him to have a stronger second half when it counts next year. (19a) Luís Jorge - ML - Another nice season from the left winger, our main wide creative outlet. (17i) Pedro Brites - DL/ML - Played every game for the second year running. The new captain isn't a star, but he's a real workhorse. Youth Intake Not really what we need given we're already flush with defenders. (24a) Rui Santos - DC/DR - Lots of potential here but there's no chance of fitting him in right now when there's already older prospects who can't get time at the back. (24b) Bruno Jorge - MC/ML/MR - Not considered a super prospect by the HoYD but a good personality and in a position of greater need so looks worth keeping an eye on. Has gone up from 3.5 to 4.5 potential by the end of the season so hopefully my eye was right! Next Season We're not that far away, I think we lack some depth in the midfield, and some flair at right wing, but otherwise we've got the players to do it. That's not necessarily on the horizon right now though so we'll see what happens next year, I'm guessing we'll fall short at the promotion stage but hopeful that they'll surprise me. Flávio Jorge at 23 going on 24 will be our oldest player next year, so I also should consider the possibility that the team just gets more consistent with age.
  6. Congrats Fastbasher, good to see you get there, very impressive to keep it to 2 losses. Completing quickly relies a lot on a really good intake Alokarin, from there it's a virtuous cycle where the good intake increases your club rep when you win which allows more good intakes. In most cases it's a much longer grind instead!
  7. Just another contract bug to rub salt in the wounds ... our (former) captain would be interesting in coming to Pombal if offered the captaincy. Bad luck Cardiovascular, easy to fall into a death spiral and not recover.
  8. Sporting Clube de Pombal - 2022/23 Campeonato Nacional de Seniores - 5th Promotion Group A Stage 1 | Promotion Stage | Taça de Portugal | Squad | Transfers The first phase was much harder work this year, teams are treating us like one of the top teams after last year, so it was a real grind. I don't think we quite have the talent to unlock defenses yet, but we are good at holding on to the ball and we had plenty of late goals after we worse the opposition down. In the end we managed to qualify with a couple of games to go and take first place again, but certainly not as convincingly as we did last year. The promotion stage was a real battle, we were solid but being solid just isn't enough when you're against a bunch of other good teams. Really don't feel like we've got a hope yet, we're going to need to upgrade at a number of positions before we're strong enough to battle our way through the second stage. The board expect us to make the promotion stage at a minimum now, so pressure is on, onwards for another go next year. Top Performers (18a) Ricardo Costa - MC - Has really established himself as the heart beat of our midfield, winning player of the year for the second year in a row. (17b) António Roldão - DR - Really stepped up his game this year to win 6 POM awards from the full back position. (18b) Carlos Matos - AMC - Probably a bit of a down year by his lofty standards. Was our captain, but we'll have to find a replacement since his contract expires. (19c) Rui Reis - GK - 26 conceded from 32 games is just brilliant considering he'd not played a game before this year. Flávio Jorge - ST - Not as many goals this year as he found it harder to get space against packed defenses, but we still rely a lot on his output. Youth Intake We did managed to get a youth coaching upgrade with my new contract, so I had hoped to get some players in a little further along, but not this time. Not brilliant, but often their potential has appeared higher after intake so tagging a few. (23a) Luís Viva - DC - Too small to be a centre back, being trained to play out right. (23b) Carlos Miranda - DC/DL - We have a bit of a log jam of left footed defenders, so he's going to need to develop to jump the queue. (23c) Miguel Jorge - GK - Another keeper prospect, we seem to be getting one a year at the moment. (23d) Tiago Sousa - AML/AMC/AMR - Nice looking right winger who seems to be underestimated by the staff. Injury prone is probably the only red mark against him. Next Season Keep on chipping away, we're making incremental progress and I feel like we're one good youth intake away from promotion. Players leaving is hurting, but I feel the talent in is higher than the talent out so it's mostly just slowing us down, not killing us.
  9. Yes the training gets stalled 100% of the time I have players on training for 6 years with no further progress.
  10. The game is just taunting me now: It's easier to sign the player as a free agent than to re-sign him when he's your own player!
  11. This makes absolutely no sense, one day apart, the first day he's on the last day of his contract (after being like this all year), the next day he's a free agent and happy to sign for me? Save from 30th June uploaded as
  12. At the end of season team meeting, I'm given two options, top half or near the top end. I choose the most ambitious of the two, near the top end, yet half the squad complain I'm not ambitious enough. Unfortunately there's no option to respond "Sorry guys I'm being as ambitious as the game will let me, give me a break". Save uploaded as
  13. Keep at it Fastbasher, the breakthrough will come. At least you're getting facilities upgrades. Nice season Braumiller, although it looks like you're being brutalized in the kids wanting to leave department. Three 5 star youths is not a down year either: I'd gladly take that kind of intake! Good start Cardiovascular, sometimes at the low level I think the grey players are better than some of the real players.
  14. Sporting Clube de Pombal - 2021/22 Campeonato Nacional de Seniores - 6th Promotion Group A Stage 1 | Promotion Stage | Taça de Portugal | Squad | Transfers Well we wanted to at least make a promotion group and we did it way easier than I could have hoped, securing our spot with 4 games to go! No changes at all to our tactics, just moved on a few senior players and the youth obviously kicked on from having another season under their belts. At the stage we'd qualified we'd scored 31 and only conceded 7, so we absolutely dominated. Our overall got a bit messed up by a 6-0 loss once we had nothing to play for, think we may have switched off the focus a bit. The promotion stage was always going to be a lot tougher and overall things didn't quite go our way. We finished with a positive goal difference, which suggests we're competitive with these teams, but could get them when they mattered and didn't come close to qualifying for promotion. If we can keep up the good work we shouldn't be too far away though. Top Performers Flávio Jorge - ST - Pretty much a repeat performance from last year with 23 goals in the league again. Thankfully signed a new contract late in the season. (18a) Ricardo Costa - MC - Really stepped up this year to cement his place as a first choice midfielder. His long shots make a nice alternative route to goal against defensive teams. (19a) Luís Jorge - ML - I wasn't planning on his being a starter just yet but gave us great production from the left, a handy source of both goals and assists. (17g) Filipe Pinto - GK - Really becoming a top quality keeper, but he's not willing to discuss terms so that's a huge setback for us. (19e) Manuel Novais - DC/DR - Ugh, just brutal when a player breaks into the team and does well but wont sign a new contract. Already locked up with Aves next year. Youth Intake I guess you can't have everything go your way. No tagged players here. Next Season Losing a couple of players is going to hurt, especially our keeper refusing to sign a new contract, as we'll be giving games to a player yet to debut next season. However I do hope we can at least make the promotion rather than relegation group again. Need to try to get promotion before I loose too many more players, last couple of intakes have been crappy and there's no hope of facilities upgrades right now with the board taking out a loan for a million to cover the damage over the last 6 years!
  15. Sporting Clube de Pombal - 2020/21 Campeonato Nacional de Seniores - 3rd Relegation Group B Stage 1 | Relegation Stage | Taça de Portugal | Squad | Transfers After losing our best two players this was a pretty decent season. Ended up finishing one spot lower than last year, but both our points and goal difference showed an improvement. I really don't fear relegation at this point, it's more a question of can I push on and make it into the top two spots before the split. Overall I feel our defense still isn't good enough - the numbers aren't terrible but the goals we give up we often look like a disorganized mess as a defender charges out when he needs to hold. Hopefully a season or two more for our young centre defenders will help that and let them play a more composed style. Other than that we do give away a few counter style through balls, but I feel pushing up is a necessary risk worth taking so I'm not too concerned by those. I think the plan is to play the way we are and hope it works better as the players get better. Hopefully we can have some success before they decide to leave ... Top Performers Flávio Jorge - ST - I asked for 20+ goals and he delivered, 23 goals and 7 assists is a nice return from 28 games. Keeping him past the end of next season may be an issue. Adilson Cabral - MR - 12 assists to break the club record. He's 30 so it's going to be a balancing act going forward in using him but not stopping the youth from playing. (18b) Carlos Matos - AMC/MC - Was more the guy who made the pass that led to the assist this year. Tied up for 2 more years then I fear he's gone. Youth Intake Not pleased with this intake at all, only one prospect and not in a position of need at all. (21a) André Fontes - GK - Already have a good youth player and a good backup prospect for keeper so may not see much if any time. Next Season Really need to push on, but it's going to be a tricky thing to do since four players wont sign new contracts right now, which could lead to losing 2 at the end of next season and 2 more the season after that. I'm not sure if anything short of promotion would convince them to change their mind, and that's a huge ask in the short time frame I have. I'll keep checking them to see if they change their mind but if not this could be a very long road.