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  1. Hello, I don´t find this thing in the first post, even do I can be blind. What's the rule about buying back old players, for example if you sell a own regen and after 5 years get the chance to buy him back. Is that allowed or will he be dead for you? Thank in advance!
  2. Hello, Two of my players in the team had their Determination (It's named "Beslutsamhet" in the screen cause it's Swedish language) raised with around 10 to 15 stats in one season. And as the screen below shows it almost all happened in one month. Is this a bug or is it a part of the game? Screen of the players development
  3. Ok, now i might have solved the problem. In the editor, San Marino Calcio has the nation Italy, but is based in San Marino (and therefore gets San Marino-regens) But FC Andorra, has Spain as nation, and also is based in Spain in the editor. That must be incorrect and should be changed?
  4. About the stadium. In the game (and IRL) FC Andorra is playing on Camp d’Esports d’Aixovall, who is located in the town Aixovall, Andorra. So that's not the problem either...
  5. No, none of the regens from F.C. Andorra has Andorra as a second nationality either. Even do they are born in the city "Andorra la Vella" who is located in Andorra.... This seems really wrong...
  6. Yes, my mistake, I saw that now. But at least the problem with FC Andorra still remain... I will check now!
  7. Hello there! I´m talking about the best teams there is from Andorra (the little country between Spain and France). The two teams that is located in Andorra, but are playing in the Spanish league system (not in the division playable from the start bur you can do they playable with the editor). The teams name are F.C. Andorra and Andorra C.F. The problem (and the thing I think is wrong) is that both this team gets 100% Spanish regens. Like San Marino Calcio (who plays in the italian league-system) they should get regens from their own country, because that is where they are located... Here I was reading this: FC Andorra in Spain - Produces Andorran regens. That was FM12, is this changed now? Thanks in advance!
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