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  1. It's difficult isn't it? I signed Balanta and Romero simply by scouting and they were obviously great. Then you come on here and see that everyone has them. Across the world, we're all playing FM using a pool of about 20 players! I never search for player recommendations or tactics, because what's the point? It takes the fun and challenge out of the game. I like reading about people's stories, but I try not to be influenced about who to buy, although I have tried to make Harry Kane shine like others have but he's not quite doing it for me.
  2. As for Dembele, yep, it suddenly struck me that at first glance his stats look good, but without vision or finishing, he got very few assists and only scored one goal last season. Allen has three or four already this season and a few assists
  3. From memory (I'm at work) I think I paid 17m for Allen. I'm playing him at CM as an Advanced Playmaker alongside Bentaleb (CM Automatic) and in front of Romero (DM defend). I play Attacking, high tempo, high press, push higher up, work ball into box, play out of defence. That midfield three combine beautifully, with the press often forcing the oppo to clear long, allowing Romero or my CB's to win the ball on the halfway line and move it forwards quickly. Bentaleb breaks into the box and his composure in front of goal has been brilliant. I drop my mentality to control if I'm away to a big team
  4. Fourteen games into my second season now and without Europe, things are going very nicely. Just the one defeat - away to Chelsea - and we're top by a point and eight clear of fifth. Real Madrid want Bentaleb, who continues to be amazing, AC Milan want Stambouli, who only plays sporadically when Romero is rested and Man City want Balanta, but they can do one, although Kempf has been a brilliant backup CB and will step up if City offer stupid money for Balanta. I will resist selling Bentaleb if possible, because he's been so good and to have a home grown wonderkid is so much more satisfying. El
  5. Bentaleb is amazing for me. He's really thrown my carefully-crafted midfield plans into disarray because I really can't justify using him in rotation. I suffered heartbreak in my first season. I was fourth on the last day of the season, needing a win at champions Chelsea to seal CL qualification. We went 1-0 up through Kane, only to capitulate in the second half and lose 4-1. Two goals int he last five minutes as I chased the game proved crucial as it meant we finished 7th(!) - two points off fourth and not even in the Europa League. It was really, really tight. So, with no Europe, I decided
  6. That's horrible. I always have a save file available of my game four hours in, after I've sacked and hired all my staff, sorted out friendlies, training etc so I don't have to do all that again if I want/need to start again.
  7. Southampton for 9.5m - that was after I bought Ward-Prowse off them for 20m though. JWP is obviously a big long-term upgrade on Lennon in terms of quality and he can play wide right too if you need him.
  8. Dembele's a great box-to-boxer, with his dribbling and good engine. I sold Paulinho, he's too painfully average in all categories for me. 14s across the board - like Jenas used to be. Capoue works really well as an Anchor Man. I have similar thoughts about Lamela but one thing you could do is ask Lamela and Depay to swap wings so that they shift from one side to the other through the game. That way you'll get some variety in your attack. I don't have Depay - I bought el Shaawary from Milan - but it's the same principle.
  9. Halfway through my first season and fourth, one point off top spot. It's all very tight. I signed Zaccardo on loan from Milan for six months as cover for Walker's injury and he and Dier did great rotating. Walker's back now, thankfully. Sold Vertonghen to Man Utd for 46m, plus sold Naughton, BAE, Rose, Paulinho and Lennon and bought Balanta, Ward-Prowse, Romero, Berahino, el Shaarawy and a couple of kids.
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