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  1. I'm having that same problem from all the major English clubs. Even some of the smaller ones want silly money compared to their valuations, always at least triple what the player is valued at. Especially for the high-potential but yet to develop players even though I can get an equally good proven European/South American for the same money.
  2. I almost have as many players injured as I do fit, and I'm only 1 month into the season. I've got two fitness coaches, and a good coaching set-up. Players aren't overworked or underprepared and yet they are falling all over the place.
  3. I had the same problem. I cleared all the physios out, tried to get three newbies but board rejected the third and now blocks anyone else - looks like I can only appoint 2 from now on. But strangely I have managed to get more coaches and scouts and they haven't complained. Back in the day you could go through to see how many of each of the staff the board would allow you to have. Is that still available in the game somewhere?
  4. Well like a few of you, I also got Tevez - £16m over 48 months - with an extra £2.5m for 50 goals/appearances. Got him 'down' to £190,000 but with a hefty £14k for goals and appearances. Absolutely stupid wages that I would never pay in the real game but so far he is playing well enough, although that combined with my complete overhaul of the staff has totally destroyed my transfer budget. I've gone for the same 4-2-3-1 I had so much success with last year and it is going pretty well so far. GK: Gomes (although Friedel has also been immense so far he hasn't conceded in any pre-season or 6 games of season) DR: Walker (support) DC: Bassong (Defend) DC: Dawson (Defend) DL: BAE (support) MCR: Parrett/Huddlestone (BWM Support) (Parker & Sandro both out) MCL: Livermore/Modric (AP Support) (Livermore has performed admirably and playing better than moody Modric) AMR: Lennon (Winger Attack) AMC: VDV (Treq Support) AML: Bale (Winger Attack) SC: Tevez (Poacher Support) So far been going well - all wins apart from a goalless draw against Stoke (??) including a 7-0 against Preston in the cup with my 'weakend' team including Gomes, Kaboul, Corluka, Kranjcar, Pav & Defoe. My defenders are rotating as usual for keep as many fit as possible with Corluka, Kaboul and Bassong all filling in at DC or LB/RB as necessary - also have Huddlestone filling-in at CB when necessary but seems wasted (and slightly dangerous there). I'm not really sure how to get the best out of my midfield - I have Modric & Kranjcar mixing it with Livermore & rotating with vdv into the AM/Treq/Inside Forward position. Dos Santos is out on loan for £1.2m to help boast my budget, Iago & Parker are out for a few weeks as are Sandro. At the moment I'm struggling to fill the bench and have Adebayor, Pav & defoe all warming seats while I wait for the long injury list to recover. In addition to balancing my midfield and working out where Parrett & Livermore should play, the main problem I'm having so far is actually regaining some of my transfer budget. Normally I'd get rid of Hutton, Jenas, Keane etc but they've either been sold or out on loan severely limiting my options. I'm reluctant to get rid of Cudicini, Gallas & King even if they don't play much - mainly because of their coaching potential but even when all the injuries are back, there is little excess among the defenders, the midfield is full but even the fringe like Nico are good and can fill a hole, and I like to keep 4 strikers for my 4-4-2 third tactic option to add some variety.
  5. I also play VdV as trequartista off-set to the right just behind the striker but I have him, like all the team closing down often. He took a couple of months to settle into the role and struggled to perform at first but has really started to dominate games. I also trained him up as a striker so he is now accomplished and can be pushed into a ST position, although even there he performs best as trequartista or deep-lying forward. He has occasionally had to go out on the right as inside forward and has been decent enough but it is a complete waste to have him out there. As Robert-the-Spud has indicated, it can be difficult to fit Modric in depending on your formation. I did have Bale starting up on the left but he failed to perform and Modric has come in and performed brilliantly as AML advanced playmaker. He has also moved to AMR, AMC & CM all as advanced playmaker and has been one of my best players. He doesn't score many but when he is on form we can't help but annihilate the opposition. I won the league cup - 2-0 and having brought Lukaku on as a 13 minute sub for Corluka (had a bit of a shuffle with the players to put in 2 strikers) and he finally scored and dominated the game. After well over 10 hours without a goal and having been benched for a month he finally came good when it really mattered. Went on to beat Man U with Lukaku & Defoe both scoring at will. Also just beat my main title rivals Chelsea 3-0 with Lukaku getting two but they injured my top scorer Defoe (I'm sure it was deliberate) who is now out for 2 months with a dodgy hip. Going to have to get Lukaku leading the line again and hope his renewed confidence will keep him in the goals. Also have Corluka, Kaboul & Pav out for the next few weeks but Walker has performed well at RB and rotating the CBs doesn't seem to be hurting their form at all. Gomes has also been great - I've never had a GK get so many 8s and 9s. Is it worth me speaking to board for a better stadium/facilities now or wait until the end of the season. Also how do you find the feeder clubs we currently have and is it worth asking for some more/better ones - I have the scouts looking for youth but with losing a £2m a season due to rodwell & Lukaku, I want to limit my spending as much as possible. Also has anyone tried buying out any transfer clauses? Didn't even know they had that feature but keep getting asked about Carrick who has international appearances but isn't even on the England radar and seem stupid to lose out on £400k for him.
  6. Am stilll progressing my first season and things are starting to pick up. Having lost my 10 point league lead in December with no strikers scoring since mid-Nov, I am now restored to my rightful place at the top, by 5 points, from Chelsea with Liverpool, Man C and Man U all chasing hard - there is only 12 points seperating the top 6! My CL group stage loss to Lyon is my only loss so far and beat Liverpool 6-2 in the league sandwiched between a 6-2 aggregate against them in the League Cup semi - my next match is Birmingham in the final so at least I'll have one piece of silver this season. Even better news is that finally one of my strikers has started performing - Defoe, having scored 4 all season to January is now on 16 for the season having scored in all but one match since Dec. Pav has also chipped in with a few when he's been brought in as a sub. Lukaku, having valiantly led the line for all of Dec was dropped in Jan as his goal drought continues, now nearly 3.5 monthy since his last goal. It was a very difficult decision because he had been playing really well but wasn't getting the goals and I think Defoe's performances since his return justify it. I am still trying to get him scoring - even putting him on in my destructions of Liverpool, but he still couldn't get one - am thinking some time in the reserves may help his confidence and get the goals flowing again. I have stuck with the 4-1-1-3-1 since Dec and it seems to be paying off with all my players are doing well (excluding Keane and Crouch). The defence it still dominating despite leaking more goals of late with Corluka, Kabul, Dawson, Gallas, BAE and Bassong rotating due to tiredness and all performing excellently. Woodgate even had a run-out and performed so well he is back into the squad - King plays well but has been really struggling with fitness. Had an enquiry for Kabul from Villa and normally I would offload but he has been so good I just can't justify letting him go at the moment. Huddletsone and Rodwell had developed a good partnership at CM & DM but with Huddlestone out for a game Sandro came in at DM and pushed Rodwell up to CM and it seems to be even better - Sandro has even pitched in with a few goals! Palacios has been well and truly benched by the three of them and will likely make way in the summer to free up squad space for a youngster. Bentley - in for a tired Lennon - was exceptional and only some equally exceptional work from Lennon has kept in out in the last few games. Modric has also been brilliant recently as AML playmaker or moving in to AM playmaker when VdV is out. VdV has really come into his own in the last few matches (trained up as ST but played as Trequartista behind a poaching Defoe). Bale has been really poor - played at AML or higher and tried as winger and inside forward - his average is well down into the 6s with a few 5s in some important matches - so bad in fact that I even subbed him for Bentley on the left against Man U in the first half! I did have Hazard in the Jan window for £16m but didn't take it because I didn't want to disrupt the squad harmony and because outside of my starters Kranjcar and dos Santos have been performing well enough. Plus I only bid to stop him moving to Sunderland as I may buy in the summer. Lost Capixaba to Barcelona which was disappointing as he has been good in previous saves. Getting the youth facilities upgraded and am now 'untouchable' as manager but really need to keep the momentum up as the fans were apparently unhappy with a 1-1 at home to Inter in the CL first leg knock-out. Got rid of Bond as my Ass Man after the poor December and some players not liking his comments and brought in McGuinness from Man U (all my first choices refused including Jol who considered but wouldn't accept the wages). He's been pretty good so far but isn't too good with the tactical - thankfully though Sherwood has been great with it and I can see him being a decent Ass Man in a couple of seasons (have him on the youth team at the mo with Allen on the Reserves). Also packed out my scouts to try and spot some newbies in the off-season and am currently rotating them around countries and competitions to build up the club knowledge but I really want some young Englishers. Does anyone know if upgrading the youth facilities help with getting some youngsters from within Spurs? I always get rubbish intakes and have to poach the good newbies from other teams, at a cost. Also rid myself of some of the weaker coaches, including most of the youth coaches who weren't great for my first team, which has been the focus this season. It freed up some room for a fitness coach and a some more technical expertise but I have a feeling this will impact on my youth development so may have to redress this balance once a couple of contracts expire in the summer. I have Cudicini, Gallas, Woodgate and Keane all with staff stats although all still only as players with me - none of them too bad but not better then my current coaching staff - so I'm hoping that someone may want one of them and poach them from me to free up some wage space. I am also trying to get King to go staff as he just isn't playing enough for his wages but he is sticking to playing for the moment. Am looking at Suarez or Dzeko in the summer but I'm not sure which will be better in my 4-1-1-3-1 formation and who would be better to help develop Lukaku as my future match-winner.
  7. I bought Rodwell for three reasons - Firstly - he was superb in a Chelsea save I did with him and Essien dominating every team (Chelsea just because I fancied a change without leaving London (destroyed Terry's career which was fun but always struggled against Spurs - heart governing head methinks) Secondly - he is very adaptable - easy to train-up as CB cover (good if you want to off-load some high-wage low playing CBs) and works well as DM anchor, CM ball-winner, box-to-box, deep-lying-playmaker - and all without giving away too many freekicks or getting too many cards unlike our other players and all for a decent weekly wage on long-term contract (if nothing else he will do a good job and can usually be sold for profit in a couple of years of regular play) Thirdly - he fits nicely into my tactics this year - going for a 4-1-1-3-1 or 4-2-3-1 he offers a great option at DM or CM in combination with Huddlestone, Palacios and Sandro. (He is also relatively young and English which means I can keep the English core in my team (good for the CL) whilst playing and targetting the better flair players from other leagues) I got rid of Jenas previously by playing him in a couple of pre-season and telling him he was surplus to my requirements - he accepted it and was promptly sold to Man C. As for CB/FB, I've always kept Corluka - was great as my RB and was moved to cover at CB and was immense before getting injured. I also threw Walker and Naughton in (mainly to cover for injury) and they both performed really well for me as had Kranjcar who has mainly been cover for my attacking midfield. I generally find playing them in a few pre-seasons works a treat for me when I want to off-load everyone, apart from Keane who I just cannot shift. I have tried Toloi at CB - not sure if he is fast be he can go straight into the team and develops well when trained by King - a bit expensive though. I've also had Capixaba (a great spot by my scouts) very young but was also targetted by Real and Barcelona and has good attacking stats with excellent potential. Well done on the title win R-t-S. Jones is really good and I do like buying English but I generally dislike paying over £15m unless truly exceptional (also never buy older than 26) and for £20m you'd probably be able to get a couple of really good non-english youngsters to bolster your rather sparse defence - especially as you've just off-loaded 3 defenders. Depends on what your budget is though because he can be outstanding and if you still have enough to invest in a few other back-up defenders it may be a good investment as he'll be the bedrock of your defense for the next few seasons. I am currently 1 point behind Chelsea after a mini revival since my December slump, 10 points ahead the chasing pack who have a game over me but still really struggling with the strikers - Lukaku is now over 9 hours without a goal (although won young player of the month) - and Dawson & Corluka have more goals than my entire strike force combined!!! Modric continues to outperform VdV and is dominating the game from every position I try to play him, including a brief stint at DM. Really need my strikers to get scroing but I'm not entirely sure how I can do it. Play Defoe as poacher, Lukaku as advanced forward, Crouch as target man / advanced forward, Pav as advanced (he was excellent but is out with long-term injury) Keane in the reserves (inside forward on the right when absolutely necessary) because he has been useless all season.
  8. Following my disasterous December, January seems to be on the up. I made a slight tweak to the formation and have a few injury problems but after a month of drought the attackers are getting back into form (well some of the attacking midfielders are). Dropped one of my CMs back to DM anchor with CM now playing deep-lying-playmaker so now playing a 4-1-1-3-1. Walker was injured so moved the amazing Corluka to RB and brought Dawson to partner Bassong at CB who has performed admirably. In my last match, however, Corluka was injured and then his RB replacement (Gallas) was also injured before half-time. I ended up with a weird off-set 3-2-1-2-2 with Rodwell, Dawson & Bassong at CB, BAE and Bentley at wingback, Huddlestone holding at CM, Modric at AML & VdV AMC, Lennon up front on the right with Lukaku through the middle. Managed to score a couple of goals (Modric & VdV) and get the win but may be struggling at RB for a few weeks. Luckily the board have made another £10m available for the Jan transfer window so may look to invest in a good young CB/RB - especially as Woodgate is still injured in my game and he is insisting on £45,000 per week for contract renewal - just so he can sit around injured! Although Huddlestone & Rodwell can both perform well at CB so debating whether I invest now or drop one of them back and keeps the funds either to go for a Striker or hold on for the youngsters in the summer. Suarez seems keen on a move and there is lots of press talk (none of it initiated by me) but I'll never get him with my money so will defo have to off-load some of the excess, even if it is on loan with fee up-front - is he really worth getting though? I had looked at someone like Dzeko with Lukaku and Kane as long-term replacements. Bale is a big target for Man U and has been playing rubbish, even though I am playing him high-up focusing on the attack, normally winger or inside forward. The crossing from both sides has been absolutely dreadfull with Lennon not making a single cross passed the first man in the last game against Blackpool. That, in turn, isn't helping my strike force. Defoe managed to get two in one game but is still on the way back from injury and keeps getting niggles when put in from the start. Crouch is non-existent, Pav is still injured and Keane is useless. Lukaku has been bravely leading the line but Modric and VdV are now joint leading scorers and he cannot get a goal himself - hasn't scored since November and has played every game. I don't want to drop him because none of the other strikers except an unfit Defoe seem capable of scoring plus the team now seem to be winning and I don't want his confidence to drop, but I don't know how much longer I can afford a non-scoring strike force. Scouts have identified a potentially world-class 15yo south american I may take a look at (can't remember his name, will post it later when I have the game up) but think I may need a good in-form striker in the short-term just to get me some goals and get the other strikers moving or as a replacement so I can off-load a couple and let Lukaku/Kane out on a development loan (are they likely to develop better on loan in a lower division or playing regularly in my team?)
  9. Just about to hit the Jan window in my first season and after a promising start things are starting to stall. Having led the league by 12 points at the end of November, I now sit 4 points behind Chelsea with the Mans C and U only a win away from ovetaking me after a series of draws and staggeringly mediocre performances. I am still unbeaten in the league, and in all cups with my single loss coming away to Lyon in the CL group stages which very nearly cost me qualification - instead I scrapped a draw at home to Schalke and have Inter in the next round. In: Rodwell Lukaku Out: Hutton Jenas (Loan) Been playing in a 4-2-3-1 since the start of the season and got off to a good start winning all but 3 games (draws) until mid-November but since then I have 4 draws in the league, a loss the Lyon and taken to extra time by N Forrest in the cup. GK - Gomes RB - Kaboul & Corluka made good starts but Walker has made the role his own RCB - Corluka moved in after Dawson suspension and has been immense LCB - Gallas has performed admirably with Bassong the best alternative LB - BAE has also been immense but lost his place to Bassong after injury - BAE just hasn't been the same player since. CM - Rodwell has performed well as defensive midfielder - Sandro has been a perfect back-up and is pushing for a start CM - Huddlestone has a good partnership with Rodwell and is keeping out Palacios AMR - Lennon has been a bit up & down - a couple of amazing performances - and 2 hat-tricks amongst some average 7s. AMC - VdV has only been so-so and is regularly being outperformed by Modric AML - Bale has struggled to show his real-life form and even Bentley has been better on the left St - Defoe and Crouch had good starts but fell away. Pav really came into his own before a 4 week injury at the start of December Now heading into the Jan transfer window with injuries to Bale, Pav, Kranjcar, Dawson, BAE. King & VdV both suspended for two matches and none of my strikers able to score, to the point where Lukaku is fast becoming my first choice backed up by Kane. After a bright start I am really struggling to get the best from the attacking midfield whilst the defense has started to leak goals - 9 conceded in the league and 5 of those in December - although I am sure the injury/suspension forced rotations haven't helped matters. I have been quite impressed with some of the youth players - Kane and the Kyles in particular who have done admirable jobs filling in for injury, and in Walker's case, actually holding a first team place with him and Corluka easily being the best players over the last few games. Only have £1m left for Jan after buying Rodwell & Lukaku in July but hoping a bit of spring cleaning may free up some more funds - probably get rid of a CB as Rodwell and Huddlestone have both been trained up as adequate cover and that may also free up a midfield playmaker role for Modric. Also looking to offload Keane who has been useless in front of goal and has spent more time covering for Lennon on the right than as a striker.
  10. I think you should be able to direct the scouting more. For a start you should be able to ask scouts to file more specific reports according to what you are looking for. If you want a goalie as a long-term replacement you don't care about current ability so more emphasis should be given to potential etc. Sure it could be done in a menu form for each scout. It should also be possible to share scout information with affiliated clubs. If they are experts in one country why can't you use their expertise more? Also when you hire new coaches you should have the option to ask about player/staff at their previous club, like you can do with the players. Coach reports should also be a bit more like scout ones rather then simple one liners that you can see on the training section. Also rather then the AM merely saying the squad needs strengthening he should say where. I would also love to see the option to engage in some less legal activities like tapping up. It should be an option when you're a manager. Just like when making comments about other players, there should be player reaction and if you are too pesistent, do it too frequently, or just unlucky you should be caught and sanctions brought either by FA, club or both. But you should be able to get away with it sometimes. Also when requesting feeder clubs, you should be able to give some direction about the type of feeder club. I am always offered the same local clubs when I really want one abroad for work permits.
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