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  1. have you tried a advanced playmaker role on attack they also tend to look to cut inside instead of running out wide. ive recently been trying to bring my wingers into making use of the space inbetween the fullbacks and cb's so then they can either shoot or set up my striker. the advanced playmaker role has upto yet been what ive wanted he starts wide but then cuts inside to attack that space.
  2. think of it this way do you want your defensive midfielder to sit in front of your centre backs essentially taking up the space that most attacking midfielders and deep lying forwards aim to drop into to cause problems if so the anchorman will be your choice. the other option is do you want a more pressing defensive midfielder who roams the whole space between midfield and defense including the wide area's in order to close down the opposition when they have the ball if so the defensive midfielder option is what you want to play. the biggest problem of the defensive midfielder option is it can cause problems against a high tempo passing team as they can pass around the pressing player and essentially leave your centre backs on their own to defend against strikers and attacking midfielders. the anchorman wont have this problem but also can have the problem of leaving your fullbacks on their own because he doesn't roam trying to win back the ball. i feel if you already have a player who roams trying to win the ball for example a box to box or ball winning midfielder it can be more beneficial to employ a anchorman aswell since you already have that player to close down the wide play when needed.
  3. but stuff like this will happen because of regens you will start to see a shift in how players are as they tend to drop all unimportant stats and so we get less players who can do multiple roles and more specialised players. i can think of a few the biggest difference ive seen is niklas sule of hoffenheim he has 10 acceleration and 17 pace on fm 15 and i believe his acceleration is even lower on fm 14. as for acceleration itself i'm not surprised more and more players have it but don't have a high pace in real life as pace is something that in a way cant be trained. it can be honed and improved slightly but the person needs a natural speed to him while acceleration can be trained since its mostly fitness and players are having better fitness with each year.
  4. tbh the idea's here are better suited to other games and as others have pointed out already out there. FM is about management and i don't think that will ever change or have stuff like this incorporated at all.
  5. acceleration is important so they can match the burst of speed from attacking players. high pace aint needed for a CB with some of the best in the world actually having low Pace. they dont need to have a high max speed to do their jobs. also having good anticipation and concentration will mean they shouldnt ever have to rely on high pace as they will be reacting quick to whatever is happening.
  6. never had any of those problems but then i only play with friends. as for online nobody knows until launch as multiplayer ain't enabled in the beta.
  7. you do realise c1/b is about skrill maybe even lower got to remember league 2 players would most likely be of same level as some seria b players thats how higher rated english teams are even in the lower leagues. actually no not every bpl team could just become a pressing team without changes to that team for example i tried to turn hull into a high pressing team and while they had brilliant fitness their workrate was 2nd worse in the league and so i suffered big time and had a better time playing a standoff game. 3k a week is fine if u look for specific attributes a high pressing team would need stamina and workrate so prioritise those 2, maybe add even a bit of pace if u can accross your whole team(pref acceleration rather then pace) you most likely would do well, although dont expect the silky smooth passing abilities of a top side aswell although you should still be able to do a decent passing game.
  8. different expectations and how teams are setting up against you could be causing them to not get the chances they was taking the season before. its also a known problem with the ME that strikers are not taking chances.
  9. not sure if it will affect scouting roles as we dont have alot of information on how our scouts work in fm. would love for more information on how our scouts are doing their job. for example when clicking on a scout that is scouting the bundesliga it could state he plans to scout this specific game happening at the weekend, especially if that game had players on your shortlist. i think as of right now it just means he will refuse to coach.
  10. i think fm tries to represent how long that could possibly take in real life. sometimes gaining citizenship can take months after the application has been sent as you have to remember its government that has to view everything and so fm tries to represent that. it could take a few weeks but could also take a few months so just wait.
  11. im not sure he will ever become outstanding but the less needed stats do tend to drop if u set him to a role and keep him on it which may allow a few of his other stats to increase. i do feel the whole potential and training is one of the biggest changes fm needs in order to bring it fully up to date as weve been using this system for about 10 years now and it has severe limitations. things like the arteta situation rarely happen in fm mainly due to the potential system. it also cant comprehend things like scholes' role change at united from essentially a shadow striker to a very deep lying playmaker.
  12. i would say yes he has good dribbling but lacks the technique,composure,creativity,anticipation and decisions to do it on a regular basis. Technique would determine hugely on how good he is able to execute that dribble he attempts. decisions would determine if he makes the right choice on trying to dribble past the right of a player or attack his left or when to knock it past him or attempt to slow down and let the player come closer then attempt the dribble (has such a huge impact on the engine that many often overlook). composure helps the player make the better decisions when under pressure. anticipation would help his decisions on allowing him to anticipate when the defender will attempt the tackle etc. creativity will combine with his flair and dribbling so he can make the more creative attacking runs that attempt to go past players. mental stats are way more important then just having the 1 amazing technical stat if you wish to have players that are consistent. if it was me at his age i would look to train decisions & anticipation the most those 2 will have the biggest impact and focus less on technical abilities.
  13. im not so sure on reputation, but one of the best ways of signing players in LLM ive found is by bringing in staff of the same nation as intended player as ive found it helped make the odd foreign player more interested in coming to lower league teams especially if that staff is on the players favoured personel.
  14. there is alot to take into account. usually it will be tactics as that player may never work out in your current style no matter how good he is. technical & physical attributes ive noticed are a lot less important at times then the mental attributes in getting players to be consistent(kinda makes sense). as for goalkeepers are you buying youngsters if so then yes they will make mistakes and will continue to do so until they are experienced and even then will make the odd mistake. If the mistake of them coming out too much then start looking for decisions to me that is one of the most important stats for every position in the game as it doesn't matter how good you are if your making the wrong choices.
  15. this was due to colony situation while colonies don't have any influence anymore there seems to still be a number of the laws still in place like this. its the same in france with french speaking africans etc.
  16. well of course your not going to be able to create a new account and use fm on it. once you use your code its forever linked to 1 and only 1 account, the disc is there just to speed up install times pretty much after that. i have to ask why do you need outlook anyway just go on the email website(if you dont know your password you can get it sent to your email so your able to see it on the outlook you have already logged in) all you have to do is insteall steam on mr's laptop then nip on the email to allow you to access your account through the code given then go to your library and begin the installation theres no need for the disc unless you dont have fast download speeds as you can put in the disc and it cuts about half of the needed download due to getting that off the disc. the code that is sent to your email is a security measure that people asked for due to increase of people hacking accounts not just on steam but everywhere. that code is there to stop people who dont own the account not being able to access it on any computer that isnt authorised.
  17. tbh i think its more down to the league your playing in. english leagues have rules in place to limit the amount of loans.(something which alot of clubs weren't happy that watford found a loophole in those rules) not sure about other leagues but generally ive found it harder to get good loans for 0% on fm 13 compared to previous FM's when down in LLM of England.
  18. ah sorry tbh i had spelt it correctly in my head must of been too tired to realise yeah i read up on that after wondering what was happening and saw that it was shut for renovations due to safety concerns just shame that due to the nature of how FM see's the stadium transfer you cant just build a new stadium
  19. i thought that may be the case. its kinda annoying since they do actually have their own stadium just i dont think SI have included a return date
  20. if your having that kind of success how are you struggling to compete. one thing is to stop going after big names and go get the youngsters who will become big names. also look at luke shaw if your in need of a LB hes english and a very good talent(can easily become better then Evra) also never blow your budget on one player its never worth it as there is always cheaper options who can be just as good. as for transfer leaks its usually agents or the club thats selling leaking the information to try and get better deals.
  21. hi everyone, my latest game is a Cagliara which im enjoying hugely. ive just started the 4th season after winning the Seria A by a point last season. now Cagliara's stadium is 16k having moved here due to safety concerns of their usual stadium(that stadium is expected to be renovated for the 2013/14 season irl) now on FM you are stuck in the 16k stadium with no options at all to change stadiums. when i hover over the expand stadium option i get the "club does not own stadium" while if i wish to buy it i get the "another club owns the stadium" popup. also due to recent move you cannot make ask for a new stadium due to the rules on new stadiums every 20 years. was just wondering if anybody has had a similar experience and anything i could do. While my finances are fine due to me running the club with a small budget i can see this only lasting so long with players wanting higher and higher wages.
  22. dont give a reply like that. tbh companies and developers need to start being punished for releasing games in such a state and with what clearly has been no in house testing at all(blatent bugs were all over place at the start of beta which could have easily been found within minutes of a developer loading the game up themselves. yes patches are useful but it shouldnt give developers a reason to just release something which is clearly no where near finished and expect to charge people for it. This type of business would be shut down quickly in any other market so why do we as video game consumers put up with it so much in video games.
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