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  1. only briefly tested it but liked what I saw! Best thing is the striker seems to have lots of chances to go one on one with the keeper which is something I failed to achieve in FM13 so far. I dont have great wingbacks but I can see their tactical importance here, they're vital for good spacing and movement of other midfielders. Only thing I could say is AMC doesnt seem to be that effective, mostly playing simple passes and recyling possession but I guess I should wait players to fully learn tactic before saying this! all in all very promising tactic, thanks mr hough
  2. you're right, I tend to stick with some tactical concepts (eg back four defence, short passing, inside forwards) because I like them irl and want to replicate them in FM but I should be more open-minded I guess 3-man defence for example is something I wouldn't even try to implement normally
  3. well my offensive strategies often rely on wrong-footed AMR/L being my main playmakers, which is actually not working great for me in FM13. Always tend to favor lone striker formations and like the idea of a superstar AMC playmaker so looking forward to learn from your tactic I also guess the side MC's will be box-to-box type of midfielders making the occasional forward run without the ball?
  4. admit I never tried 3-man defence in FM13 but will def give this tactic a go! my experience with FM13 is I have surprisingly managed to create solid tactics defensively (despite being very offensive 4-3-2-1 or 4-2-3-1 in my mind lol), but can't seem to get the attack going. Things I had success with in previous FM - most notably inside forwards running with ball often + killer pass for quick lone striker beating offside trap - have failed big time for me! waiting for hough's tactic esp to learn more about new ME
  5. hello, still trying to figure out new ME and after raising my points in feedback thread I thought I'd ask for more advice here in tactics discussion. Big thanks to wwfan who took time giving some advice in the feedback thread, though I'm still facing pretty much same issues at the moment! a brief introduction of my football/FM background, I have been an avid and very succesful player of CM/FM since 2000 circa, and I have played 9th and 10th tier football in my country (italy) for almost 10 years now (not the highest level I know) as well as being a part-time youth coach for some kids team - I admit I'm more of a pure technical teacher than tactic expert though Not trying to boast about my great (...) football career, just want to say I do have some experience and awareness of both real and FM football. my main issue with ME is I cant get my players to do what I want them to do, even if my instructions should be quite clear I think. I understand there are still some little bugs with GK short distribution and general pressing/closing down so I'll accept that and concentrate on other things. In particular I'd like my CM's to set a slower tempo than I'm seeing now, want them to hold the ball a little and look for movement of more creative attackers (AML/R, both on roaming) or try a direct killer ball to ST if there's a chance. Have to say none of this happens despite setting those very instructions (hold up ball, more direct passing, team tempo normal), instead the CM's tend to go for one touch, high tempo short passes. Now my favourite setting would be a 4-1-2-2-1 with anchor man, overlapping FB's, hard working CM's that make occasional runs without the ball, wrong footed AML/AMR with good dribbling/passing skills and quick striker living to beat the offside line. Dont think its an unrealistic, FM12 ME exploiting setting tbh as I've seen several teams using similar formations and concepts irl. My main gameplan should be getting the ball to AML or AMR, then they need to (try to) beat their man, dribbling towards center and look for a killer ball, and actually they should have multiple targets: ST, the other winger cutting inside, at least one CM coming from deep offering a one-two combination. Unfortunately this plan can't seem to get started as the AML/R are not even trying to run with the ball (despite very clear instructions and good attributes) and beat the defender. Seems that every player on my team wants to go one touch, quick tempo and make lots of passes in the offensive half and eventually AML/R or MC's will take a long shot (and actually score sometimes). Tried a 4-2-3-1 but got similar results (brief testing tbh) My defence on the other hand has been very solid so far, only thing I dont like are CB's kicking long a bit too often but maybe that's because they have limited skills. Also I'd like to point out I'm having more than decent results (mostly close wins, most goals from midfielder long shots and not many goals allowed), it's just my players do almost opposite of what I've set in my instructions! I've read that manually tweaking players instructions can 'break' flow of the game, I admit I do some tweaking but dont understand why that should ruin a tactic: I give my AML/R and CM's more direct passing and through balls often to encourage more dangerous passing in offensive half, but they refuse to do that. Not sure why they would do that more if I leave default instructions (passing mixed?) Basically I want my best dribblers to attempt lots of runs with the ball esp going towards the centre, and see lots of killer balls while playing on a not-so-fast tempo. all my instructions point to that direction, but i'm seeing almost the opposite of that right now which isnt very rewarding! sorry for incredibly long post, any help appreciated and thanks again to wwfan for taking time to give advice in feedback thread
  6. thanks, though I actually forgot to say that my three attackers are 'wrong-footed' AML/AMR adv.playmakers to go with a lone ST poacher type who likes to beat the off-side trap, not three FC's so not really a matter of crowded/compact formation here. I'd like to see more dribbling towards the center+beat their man+through ball esp from the AML/R, or at least that they TRY to do so as they have the right attributes and the instructions to do so, but for some reason fail to even attempt that. I have players on long shots 'rarely' as I noticed they tend to take lots of long shots in any case, and actually midfielders coming from behind and shooting from outside have been my most prolific goalscorers so far which could be good as a plan C, but don't want this to be the focus of my attack. Any idea to stop my central midfielders go Barcelona-style with all those one touch, high tempo passes? I have my MC's with mixed passing (more on the direct side though) and hold up ball and my team tempo is on normal, so they shouldn't really do that tiki taka thing so often. Seems my players just refuse to follow my instructions, they do perform more than decently results wise and defence has been quite solid for me, but they don't even try to execute my orders...
  7. thanks for taking time to give advice to people struggling with match engine (like I do), unfortunately mi main issue with ME is I can't seem to make my players do what I tell them which is something I had no problems with in FM12. Basically this is how I like(d) to play: - Build the play from defence esp from goalkeeper distributing to fullbacks with short passes (huge amount of my goals started from goal kick actually) > in FM13 the keeper likes to kick long like an NFL kicker esp from goal kick even with instructions of shortest passing and least creative freedom. Was supposed to be solved with 13.1.1 but I don't see it honestly - My beast CM's close down and tackle everything in the center of the park, and when having the ball they would look for our more creative attackers after holding up the ball a little > in FM13 supposed BWM's simply don't press and dont tackle, and when they have the ball they often go for a series of one touch, high tempo passes a la barcelona, and they do it quite well btw! Too bad that's not what they're supposed to do in my tactic... - My offence typically relies on a trio of creative, agile attackers with good technique, dribbling and off the ball attributes. They must run with the ball, beat the defender and look for the killer ball at any occasion. That's plan A. Alternative plans would be: passing to the running full-back who is now free to cross (typically to far post to the opposite winger/inside forward); waiting for the side CM's to make a run without the ball; one of the attackers goes solo and beat 3-4 defenders to score a wonder goal (not overly frequent, but great players might do that once in a while) > not much of this is happening for me in FM13, esp attackers dribbling and beating their men when in more central positions. Most frequent pattern has been the Barcelona-like one-touch, high tempo tiki taka from CM's outside the box when opponents defend deep and then a long shot from attackers or mf's (please note all my players on long shots 'rarely') Now all this worked quite well in FM12 (at the very least players TRIED to do those things), I dont know if these were 'exploits' of a flawed ME (they did seem reasonable footbal concepts to me, and resulted in a style of footbal close to my personal liking) but cant seem to be possible in FM13. Any advice appreciated! EDIT: please note my results havent been bad so far in FM13, mostly close wins and very few goals allowed, I just feel my teams refuse to play according to my tactics and do pretty much what they want - which apparently is trying to be Barcelona esp in midfield
  8. oh that sounds nice I just have to go online with steam and the demo will update by itself then? sorry for being a noob, any help appreciated
  9. yeah I thought so, thanks for quick reply
  10. hi sorry for possibly stupid question: does the demo get the 13.1 update now? if so how? would be actually nice to see if the ME has progressed significantly from the first demo thanks
  11. at the very least he would add his personal knowledge of countries to the club's scouting knowledge, so he can be useful in some ways.
  12. liking a lot the new UI and all new staff roles & interaction, make the game more fun and entertaining. Also the whole game seems to process much faster than FM12 (my PC is the same) including the 3D match experience, very crisp and very quick indeed. Unfortunately the ME itself has been quite frustrating so far, it all feels so random and inconsistent, plus my players seem to refuse to tackle no matter what even if they're set on hard tackles and close down often and have high aggression and tackling attributes. Also the keeper always kicks long despite the defender collect setting.
  13. hi Kriss, I haven't played the beta but will surely check out the demo next week. Do you think the demo will feature same ME of beta or it will be closer to release day version?
  14. yep former DoF of Fiorentina, main responsible for the disaster of last two years - Fiorentina were seriously risking relegation last season - and truly an illiterate person. Finally was fired and new directors & scouting team put together a very promising squad for new season despite spending much less money than Corvino. could be the best DoF in the game, I would NEVER sign him
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