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  1. So the same issues that have been plaguing the game since 2018 then. Way too many crosses and tackling way overpowered/dribbling way underpowered.
  2. Back 3 systems need a massive overhaul for FM22. No one in real life plays like a back 3 plays in football manager. Litetally no one. 3 center backs just lined up across the center line when attacking is not how it works. The outside CBs play like hybrid CB/FB in attack and sometimes like outright FBs. That's the point of 3 at the back is to create overloads not for 3 defenders to stay back and mark 1 striker. To see how modern 3 at the back systems play have a look at Chelsea's two games under Tuchel. The RCB scored from open play which is something that can simply never happen in f
  3. Hmm, I was seeing it much more often than that when I was still playing. I play 3 at the back with wingbacks though so maybe it depends. For some reason wingbacks on attack are hard coded to run wide with the ball and cross more often which I'm sure adds to the problem. No idea why does are so locked in to certain instructions. It gets worse every year.
  4. It's hard to believe after this long we still can't drag the players along the bottom to swap positions.
  5. I've done the same and I'm thrilled how much less I'm seeing wide players cross directly into the defender In front of them.
  6. Cross % is irrelevant though. A cross that gets blocked by the defender right next to you and a cross that gets headed out of the box by a central defender both go as an incomplete cross. It isn't that crossing isn't good enough, it's that the attacker is just kicking the ball right into the guy next to him way too much. You hardly ever see this in real football, the attacker usually gets himself a yard of space and gets the cross away.
  7. It's not an anomaly. The first year intake looks great because the star ratings are compared to your team. As your team gets better the star ratings of the youth players goes down even if the players are just as good.
  8. These are great points and ones I've made here many times in the past as well. My point is mainly that PA shouldn't exist at all. Scouts cannot look at a player and tell how good he will be. "PA" is simply judged in real life by how good players are vs their age. The best players at 16 are assumed to be the ones who will be best at 20. So the entire PA system is pointless. It should simply be current ratings and age. If you have two players who are identical right now in ratings and have the same age, there is no reason anyone in the world would think one has more potential than the other
  9. Haha well be careful. PES has a whole host of other issues with it's career mode, but player development is definitely not one of them.
  10. PES has the best development system of any sports game. FIFA's dynamic potential is ok but it still falls short of PES. In PES, players have no potential rating. Every player gets assigned a "soft peak" and a "hard peak" age. Players will develop with game time, rapidly until their soft peak, the slower until their hard peak. Form and playing time impact development a lot. If a player plays often and plays well, he will develop fast. If he doesn't play much he will develop much slower. If they hit a purple patch of incredible form their development is boosted massively for a short t
  11. I have honestly never once in my life seen a wide player have a chance to cross, stop, wait for the defender to get in front of him, and then try to cross it right through him.
  12. Its a known issue thats been in the game for 3 years now. Sadly doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
  13. Has anything been done about wide players crossing directly into defenders standing in front of them?
  14. Lol, good thing I was told over and over again by certain people that this isn't a real problem.
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