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  1. That absolutely should be the case. In real life 1 on 1s are about 35% to score.
  2. You're hardly going to see the issue with wingers if you don't use wingers are you mate.
  3. Does anyone know if the issue with wingbacks in a back 3 not closing down is fixed?
  4. I'm talking about wingbacks in a 3 at the back system. They absolutely did not press anything like a real 3 at the back system in FM19. 3 at the back is built around the ball side wingback pressing very aggressively while the weak side wingback slots into a back 4. This wasn't happening nearly enough in FM19, often leaving the central midfielders to come out and press the wings. Does anyone know if this is better in 20?
  5. Can someone tell me if wingbacks in the WBR/WBL position actually come out and press now? Or do they still sit back in a narrow back 5?
  6. You can save a tactic within a match the exact same way as you do it outside a match.
  7. I just hope theres something in the new game for playing back three systems as they're currently nowhere near how a back 3 works in real life. Here are some things that are literally the foundation of playing with a back 3 that currently do not work in FM: - Ball side wingback needs to be way more aggressive in closing down. The key of any back 3/5 system is the ball side wingback closes down aggressively whilst the weak side wingback falls back and makes a flat 4 with the central defenders. Currently the wingbacks are so passive we usually see central midfielders going out and closing down the wings which destroys the whole structure of the tactics, and 5 flat defenders have nothing to do. Needs changing . - The center of the 3 centerbacks needs to stay behind his two partners in build up a play. This keeps him available for a pass from his partners and allows him to see all his options. Any coach who plays a back 3 will tell you the central defender should always be behind the two outer ones in buildup. In the match engine we currently see them straight across in a line. Needs changing. - Related, there needs to be a new role (or just an option specifically for a 3) that you can give the outer central defenders that encourages them to dribble. In a back 3 there will always be a free man in buildup play as no one presses high with 5 players. A lot of teams defend this by leaving one or both of the outer central defenders free. The response to this is for said central defenders to simply carry the ball up the pitch until something comes available. Watch Wolves play, or Inter, or Conte's Chelsea and you will see the outer central defenders carrying the ball as much as anyone else on the team. Way more than you see any defender to in a back 4, and way more than you can get out of the BPD role in FM19. There either needs to be totally different roles for central defenders in back threes, or the behaviour needs to be hard coded in for back threes, but either way it needs to be fixed in a big way. Especially the wingbacks closing down.
  8. Why would the layout of the stadium have anything to do with the manager?
  9. It's not up to the manager to decide the vision though, it's the club's vision and the managers job is to fit that vision. Very true to life.
  10. Absolutely. Chelsea just used a 3-4-3 against Wolves and Tomori was all over the pitch, regularly getting ahead of the central midfielders. It should also be possible without using the BPD role as well, because these players aren't necessarily more creative, they're just using the space they're given while their teammates are marked.
  11. Yeah, I don't think too many people play three at the back so it probably flies under the radar quite a bit.
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