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  1. None of these things contradict each other in the least. He wants the defenders to be patient, for the rest of the team to be aggressive with long passing when the chance arrives, and the center forward to hold up the ball and look for onrushing attackers. It makes perfect sense and it's really odd to start facepalming something just because you don't understand it.
  2. The thing you have to remember is that you have three central defenders. Prevailing opinion dictates if you don't have a DM, that one CM has to be defensive. This theory assumes a back four, so the idea is the two CBs and the defensive midfielder make a solid three man defense. When you have a back three though you can ignore that logic, so it is safe to have your two central mids be a little more adventurous. Combinations like DLP/S and BBM/S can work in a three man backline which I wouldn't try if I had a back four. So overall you can afford to send a CM forward, because right now you have no one getting forward in the middle at all.
  3. I apologize. I just don't like being accused of things by strangers. Won't happen again.
  4. Gladly. But in the future, please don't throw baseless accusations at people. Thank you.
  5. You clearly stated you love that off the pitch decisions have impact on the ME and one of the examples you used was a bad press conference resulting in your striker hitting the post 6 times. If that's not what you meant, great. But don't pretend it's not what you said. Also, you don't know anything about me. I asked you a simple question. The only person looking for a fight is you. As I said.
  6. Right and you're praising the fact that our press conferences can lead to hitting the woodwork over and over or conceding set pieces. That's literally what you said.
  7. You sure lost me here. Have we resorted to pretending that our press conferences being able to make our strikers hit the woodwork is a good thing?
  8. Not a tactics issue as there is nothing you can do to change how it works. It's an issue with the match engine. If that were an option I would.
  9. Can anyone tell me how 3 at the back plays this year? Do the wide CBs push up in possession to recycle the ball and act as psuedo-fullbacks in attack? Do they defend the wide spaces to cover their marauding wingbacks? Do the wingbacks push out to close down the wings or do they sit in a narrow 5 across which no team actually does in reality? Related to that, do the central mids have to close down the wings because the wingbacks refuse to? Would love to know if any of these issues have been looked at this year, as 3 at the back has played nothing like reality for quite some time now.
  10. That absolutely should be the case. In real life 1 on 1s are about 35% to score.
  11. You're hardly going to see the issue with wingers if you don't use wingers are you mate.
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