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  1. 2nd time in a few short hours a mod has quoted me and then went on a rant about things that have nothing to do with what I said. Really makes this an uncomfortable place to be. It's a feedback thread but if they don't like you personally then your feedback isn't welcome. It's very unfortunate. I'll just go back to my FM14 save and leave the submitting PKMs to people who have more patience to deal with the unpleasantness than me. Cheers.
  2. No idea what you're on about again. Let's break this down. Someone said the shouts are giving illogical feedback. In a thread designed for pointing out exactly this type of thing. The response he got (not from you, not sure why you've assumed were talking about you but never mind that) told him his tactics were wrong. No other feedback or explanation, just "your tactics are wrong" Clearly this made no sense, so I made the logical observation that the previous poster misread the comment in question as it has nothing to do with tactics. Now you've decided you're sick of my "BS" even though I'm not talking to you, nor am I talking about you, nor is anything I said incorrect. Cool.
  3. Really just proving my point here. Nobody is reading anything. He didn't talk about any of the stuff you're mentioning. He answered this post: With "it's your tactics" So no, he isn't talking about any of that stuff at all.
  4. He didn't say he wasn't getting results by using the shouts. He said shouts that make perfect logical sense are giving him negative feedback on the feedback screen when they shouldn't. So again you have to wonder if anyone is actually reading these posts before throwing out the "it's your tactics mate" or "my AMC is blitzing the league with throughballs" then disappearing when asked for proof.
  5. I didn't say anything even relatively close to that, but carry on.
  6. So it appears that as I expected, attacking mentality is for chasing a goal gung-ho and isn't to be used as a starting mentality for long periods.
  7. I upvote positive posts because the constant moaning is tiresome. If I wanted to listen to that I'd ring my mom.
  8. He didn't say every decision is positive. He said they're all obvious just from watching the match. It seems like they're just getting obvious calls wrong on purpose just so they can go back and fix it and say oooohh look, VAR!
  9. Bingo. I've never had a player who wasn't totally red/empty in the Regista role. That hasn't stopped me from using the role in every tactic I make and the player I choose for this role always performs. Pay attention to the attributes, the role suitability can be ignored 100%
  10. Don't quite remember mate. Just had a save I was keen to continue from 14 so that's the one I went for. I'll come back and give 19 a try after the last big patch and see what its like, but for now I can't stand the same goal over and over and my wingbacks leading the league in assists.
  11. The real examples don't become public because when a club is told a kid is not for sale they just move on.
  12. Well because he's not for sale but if for whatever reason someone did offer 300 million for him then he would be for sale. Everyone has a price.
  13. Yep. This is why I went back to FM14. In two days playing that version I've seen more different types of goals than I did my whole time with FM18 and thus far in FM19 combined. Something is fundamentally wrong.
  14. I've largely gone back to FM14 as I've become more and more frustrated with this version, but I will add some PKMS next time I get the motivation to play. Cheers.
  15. I'm surprised I haven't seen this mentioned, but there is a big problem with the way wingbacks defend in a 3 at the back system. I use ML and MR in my 3 at the back systems so I'm only noticing it now, it pertains to players in the WBL and WBR spots. When you defend with a back 3 and the ball ends up out in the flanks, the ball side wingback is supposed to pressure the ball carrier while the weak side wingback tucks in to make a back 4. This leaves you with 4 at the back while allowing the wingbacks to be very aggressive in the press. This worked perfectly in FM18 and every iteration before. In FM19 what's happening is the wingbacks are staying deep and sticking in a flat back 5 while usually a central midfielder gets dragged wide to pressure the ball carrier. Th is disrupts the entire shape of the midfield, while also leaving you with a flat back 5 which is totally unnecessary and overkill. Its happening for me regardless of pressing instructions.
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