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  1. klopp, maximum pressing and maximum tempo...also has a player chasing the ball. one player presses on whoever has the ball with the one that hunts down the ball too presses whoever is on the ball
  2. O, I've been through the search option and notice reactions are that the AI became far more conservative in their tactical approach to a team that has developed a reputation apparently...going to do some tinkering and testing
  3. Had a great season then the new one not so...what do you do to your tactics when it does not seem to be effective come the second season? I'm using a customized version of Sir Goallot's 4-2-3-1 for 15.3.2. Returning to the original did not work so well. Any takers? Btw, think the last FM I played was 2005. After I get the hang of 2015, I'm going FM2016....its been a while and no more sliders!!
  4. both my MC stay back, one DLP and the other ball winner. my full-backs attack instead to assist midfeld build up. the MC are pretty good at getting balls that are cleared by the opposing team. they also work very well with the DC's to cramp up the opposition strikers and win the ball. it does weaken our final surge for goal lacking slightly in overloading players near or in the opposition box but the two MC's sitting back provides and nice shape overall. attack into box is by AMC and wingers as the full-backs cross late into the opposition area which have at least 3 finishers.
  5. for years playing cm/fm, this has always been an area of complete importance and needs to be comprehensive. Cleon, as brilliant as this post may be, how about, instead of just looking at where weaknesses are on our own tactic, trying to read what the opposition team had strategized. the whole idea of sports interactive evolving the game towards to visual status is actually to look at the game and have an idea of whats going on.