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  1. I got Ryan Gravenberch from Ajax for 2m! He has huge potential and has the 'wonderkid' description for me. They had transfer listed him, I think he was running his contract down.
  2. It's been out for like 2 hours lol. Sure your data set is extensive.
  3. Really enjoying my save with AZ. You have plently of great youngsters, good finances and some fair challenges in trying to break the triopoly of the Eredivisie. I traditionally find it very difficult to stick to a save, I'm 4 and a half seasons in with AZ and having tons of fun though!
  4. Tuen Koopmeiners Matias Zaracho Thiago Almada (Can be retrained to be a very good AP/Mezz) Into my 4th Season with AZ Alkmaar and Chelsea just bid 76m for Almada, so that shows you how good he is. Zaracho has had lots of interest from Bayern.
  5. I've always had an interest in starting at Brentford at some point, however how is the fact they have no academy reflected in the game? If they have no academy then this puts me off managing them.
  6. Peer Koopmeiners must have random PA, he is 4.5 stars rated for potential in my 3rd season. Must have been hard to lose Teun! He is rock solid, I've moved him to BPD and he's done great.
  7. Robbe Quirynen, unsure if his PA is random or not, but he usually has 4+ in my experience. Jeremie Frimpong at Celtic is worth a look too, not particularly cheap however.
  8. Wow, some great talent here! I'm into my 2nd second with AZ and enjoying it. I was wondering if you had any of the original 'real' AZ Alkmaar young-guns still about? Like Tuen and Peer Koopmeiners, Goudmijn, Oositing, Wijnald, Gullit etc?
  9. Won't get him cheap, so probably not a bargain.
  10. Great thread, I have aways been fascinated with Bielsa's tactics so this is making for an interesting read. What skin is it you are using? It reminds me of older FM/later CM skins!
  11. Gutted these can't be accessed, why did Cleon delete his website?
  12. Considering a Toon game, trying to replicate Sir Bobby's style of footy, how long does it take to be taken over usually?
  13. I was thinking this! I have a very busy few days ahead so it seems the ideal time to have a few days away from the game (After playing pretty much every evening since release!) and come back to it during the few days I have off next week for Christmas.
  14. Any else think this was going to be about Son Hueng-min?
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