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  1. Probably Inter Milan for the Beta. Some great players in that squad, will be tough to topple Juve though. Further down the line quite fancy trying to crack the La Liga duopoly with Sevilla and dominating Bundesliga with Dortmund.
  2. no denial from social channels.... but if its not out by much past 8pm I would call it a night.
  3. Couldn't care less. Not really sure why so many people do either, why not just sign some other really fast player with poor technical ability? Same impact.
  4. Sporting Lisbon in Portugal. Tons of great youth prospects, healthy finances, not won a title since 2002. Pretty easy to raise some decent money too by selling off Coates and Bas Dost. Offers a decent challenge with Benfica and Porto and Champions League challenges.
  5. Seems to be working fine now! Will keep you updated if it crashes again. Thanks
  6. Some good deals there, particularly Aaron and Alcacer. Whenever I try to buy Gumny from Lech Poznan they always quote me a ridiculous price!
  7. Funny you should mention them! I just loaded up FM and had a muck around and seen that they have a really good domestic based squad. Only issue was not much money to spend/not much to sell. And Carlos Vela going to LAFC when they form in 2018. Definitely tempted still to be them!
  8. I'm also looking to perhaps start a new save since my main save keeps crashing since the 18.2.0 update... Looking for a team with a good, young backbone of domestic based players with a decent amount of money to play around with. Not a huge team, maybe a team just on the verge of breaking into Europa/Champions League places. Preferably not England or Italy as I have kind of done these before.
  9. Here is the link provided by Filedropper. http://www.filedropper.com/italianstallionbeforecrash Thanks.
  10. Have a look at HSV's in the Bundesliga. His name escapes me but he is great in all the important areas.
  11. For some reason the save won't fully upload to the FTP. Any ideas?
  12. Hi, My game keeps crashing on the same date (31st March). I have already tried clearing the game cache, preferences and revalidating steam files. Custom graphics removed too and also the only anti-virus I have running is Windows Defender with FM18 given permissions to run. One only manager running. Not multiple. Very frustrating. Happened since new update. Any help would be great. EDIT 2: Game file uploaded to FTP in game saves as italian stallion before crash Also seems to be no crash dumps in the FM 18 folder!? Help. Thanks
  13. In my Italy save the AI has managed to hang onto Belotti well into the second season (with no european football) so would say you have a great chance. the man is an absolute goal machine too.
  14. Nicolas Tagliafico. Picked up for less than a million and has been consistently great for my Sassuolo team, averaging a 7 on average across two seasons. Not the best at running with the ball but has every other attribute needed for the ideal wing/full back. Now club capatain and first choice LB for Argentina national team. Despite his high injury susceptibility he has managed 60 games in two seasons for me.
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