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  1. Yeah OK. Just gone through the 19 matches I've played so far this season and it's happened 4 times in 19 games. That's roughly once every 5 games. Now would you suggest that is similar to the rate it happens in real life? Because I can't remember the last time I saw it happen in a real match. Before you come at me <snip> with <snip> about it happening due to my unfit players, I rotate constantly and rarely start players if their fitness is below 95%. Definitely not broken though.</snip>
  2. I know it's already been mentioned in this thread but the amount of <snip> times a player gets injured after you've made all 3 subs is ridiculous. Fix it ffs.
  3. Indeed. No offence guys but it was patently obvious after I'd played about 3 games that the defending isn't right.
  4. Ah okay, cheers for that. The defending (including keepers) is really putting me off playing at the moment though.
  5. The match engine is awful. Full backs can't tackle and centre backs simply don't mark men in the middle so almost every goal, both for and against me, is from a cross. It's incredibly boring and it also seems that the large majority of "key highlights" result in a goal. This leads to unrealistically high scoring matches and keeping a clean sheet is almost impossible. Considering cancelling my pre order if I can.
  6. Some of Newcastle's players are insanely good. Cisse has 20 for finishing!!!
  7. What exactly has Aaron Ramsey done to justify being the only -10 in the whole game?
  8. FM12 Liverpool F.C Thread - Victory is upon us.

    Suarez is underrated.
  9. games gone gold

    I'm going to be well disappointed when the demo doesn't come out at midnight now. You bastards have built up my expectations!
  10. FM11: FC Bayern Munich Thread

    How do you do screenshots? Got Inter in the quarters after beating Milan 2-1 at home (9-1 agg). Also wrapped up the league in 27 games, although my 100% winning record was ended after a 0-0 draw at Gladbach, and through to the German Cup final against Dortmund.
  11. FM11: FC Bayern Munich Thread

    Having possibly the greatest season I've ever had on FM with Bayern at the moment. I'm 23 games into the league and I've won every single game so I sit top with 69 points, 19 points clear of second placed Wolfsburg. I did cheat somewhat by healing all injuries on the squad at the start, meaning Robben has been fit for the majority of the season, although he does get injured now and again. In the semi-final of the German cup as I beat everyone I played in that too. Here's the real stand out for me though: the Champions League. Once again, I beat everyone I played in the group stages, topping the group with 18 points. Just played AC Milan in the first leg of the first knockout round. I beat them 7-0. Away. Robben set up 4 and scored a hattrick. It was amazing! Just thought I'd come on here to brag about it
  12. How long until the patch is out for non steam users?
  13. Looking for a team with expectations no higher than mid-table in a large european league. Would like them to have some promising youngsters and preferably a decent transfer budget.
  14. Into my third season with Milan and really enjoying it so far. I've won the league twice in a row and last year i won the champions league, beating Inter in the final. My Team looks like this (First choice listed first): GK: Reina RB: Azpilicueta/ Bonera LB: Evra/ Zhirkov CB: Thiago Silva/ Rodwell CB: Pique/ Agger CM: Essien/ Ambrosini CM: Gourcuff/ Seedorf AMR: Pato/ Paloschi AMC: Kaka/ Kroos AML: Ozil/ Ben Arfa ST: Torres/ Huntelaar Any suggestions on how to improve that team would be welcome, although they're doing pretty well so far. Pato works wonders on the right when you play him as an inside forward.
  15. FM10: Aaron Ramsey

    Arsenal won't loan him to me with any club and when i try to buy him they want £50m. How do you sign him in the first season?