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  1. DDRickyDD@hotmail.com

    Best team in League One?

    Southampton but it'll be Preston Nroth End next season.
  2. DDRickyDD@hotmail.com


    Now you know what it's like to be a Preston North End supporter.
  3. So if Bayern Munich had won the Champions League last season Bayer Leverkusen (4th placed team in the Bundesliga) would have been in the Champions League this season?
  4. DDRickyDD@hotmail.com

    Your Most Memorable Match Which Meant Nothing...

    Losing 6-4 at home to Seville at Stamford Bridge in a CL Group Stage game when I had already qualified.
  5. DDRickyDD@hotmail.com

    Best Season Ever!

    The current season is my best ever season. It's April and my Chelsea team are 2nd in the Premier League (2 points behind Arsenal, 10 points ahead of Man United), i'm in the CL Semi Finals against Internazionale and will play Man United in the FA Cup Final.
  6. DDRickyDD@hotmail.com

    How would you manage it?

    I would sympathise and go all out attack. Getting angry doesn't work.
  7. Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Porto have been relegated. Sheffield United, Hercules (Spain) have won the league title. I can't think of any outsider winning the Champions League but Cardiff, Maccabi Haifa and Karlslure hav got to the final, all lost though.
  8. DDRickyDD@hotmail.com

    Overrated and underrated players

    Overrated; Rooney: He does nothing and regulary gets sent off. I've dropped him to the bench.
  9. DDRickyDD@hotmail.com

    How many leagues do YOU run??

    England (Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two) France (Ligue One) Germany (1. Bundesliga) Spain (La Liga) Italy (Serie A)
  10. DDRickyDD@hotmail.com

    Who have/do you manage in the game?

    Sorry. I made a mistake and thought I couldn't log into the site using this username. The Admin can delete the other username if they want. I'm currently managing Swindon in League One. After 6 or 7 games, i'm 11th placed. I'm aiming to get into the the Play-Offs.
  11. DDRickyDD@hotmail.com

    Who won the 2010 world cup in your game?

    Brazil beat Italy on penalties.
  12. DDRickyDD@hotmail.com

    Who have/do you manage in the game?

    In my third season at Chelsea the only thing I won was the Premierhsip. I lost to Everton in the League Cup Semi-Final, lost to Manchester United in the 3rd round and got beatan by Real Madrid 2-0 in the Champions League Final. Champions League Last 16 AC Milan 1-3 Chelsea Chelsea 3-2 AC Milan (6-3) Q-F Chelsea 2-1 Valencia Valencia 1-1 Chelsea (2-3) S-F Chelsea 2-1 Barcelona Barcelona 0-2 Chelsea (1-4) F Chelsea 0-2 Real Madrid
  13. DDRickyDD@hotmail.com

    Who have/do you manage in the game?

    Just won the quadruple with Chelsea. I beat Arsenal on penalties in the League Cup Final, Man United 2-1 in the FA Cup Final, Bayern 3-2 in the Champions League Final and won the league by 6 points. Champions League Last 16 Bayer Leverkusen 1-1 Chelsea Chelsea 2et-1 Bayer Leverkusen (3-2) Q-F Barcelona 0-2 Chelsea Chelsea 2-0 Barcelona (4-0) S-F Chelsea 3-1 Manchester United Manchester United 0-0 Chelsea (1-3) F Chelsea 3-2 Bayern Munich
  14. DDRickyDD@hotmail.com

    english team with no/minimal history

    Preston North End would be a good team for you to choose.
  15. DDRickyDD@hotmail.com

    Has anybody seen any of the Big 4 relegated?

    Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal have been relegated but all bounced back at the first attempt