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  1. Sorry Guys Not Buying FM 2017

    Sure I like hours, but if they released FM 2016 again this year, with no changes, people would still buy it, and play for many hrs. What makes a game worth full price? I think a lot of things.
  2. Sorry Guys Not Buying FM 2017

    I'm just not happy with games like fifa that change the look of the start menu, add a new song, talk about a game engine, and charge full price every year. Guess we don't yet, but from what I've seen from the video, no details released, and how the last few years have gone, lead me to think this.
  3. Sorry Guys Not Buying FM 2017

    Last year was the first time I didn't buy FM since I can remember, and I doubt I'll buy it again this year. Just not enough change. I don't agree with all these games that release every year like fifa, fm etc and charging full price. Its not three + years of work like a real new game, these are more like updates or expansions. 20 quid max.
  4. 2016 was the first manager I haven't purchased in over 10 years, hope this one is more appealing.
  5. 3d match engine graphics, something like fifa. Real looking players, time for the matchstickmen to go.
  6. Computer wont let me win?

    The computer says yes.
  7. Is instant result cheating?

    I call cheating, its on par with diving.
  8. Savolia, think he was 17, can't remember what version it was.
  9. Im ingame atm, and might uploaded them later to the bug forum. Here are two from this season (since the patch). I've seen at least two more since yesterdays patch, all in the same season. I saw so many before yesterdays patch I got tired uploading them.
  10. I've seen no less than four in half a season, since the new patch.
  11. I'm still seeing a lot of goals from the halfway line.
  12. Nah no brag, I just didn't get why my coach was calling him a good player, but it says world class. Thanks for clearing it up, I think. I'm using the scorpio skin.
  13. How can this player be world class, and considered a good player with three stars?