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  1. I've tried using this and couldn't get it working not sure what it seems easy enough, so I deleted it, but now my graphics are not working, facepack, logos etc. Update I deleted the config file in that directory, and my graphics are working again. Not sure if I need that config file, and tried using this again but nothing. I'm using the default skin so I just extract it in the skins folder, correct?
  2. Some parts are less laggy like the player search and some stuff in the match has got worse for me.
  3. If what you're saying held any weight we would still be using commentary. You talk about sales like it's for one game, the engine will carry on for a long time, like what we have now. One day football manager will progress past stick man, just like it did with commentary, and the 2d blobs, it is just a matter of time.
  4. This game sells for top price and makes a lot of money every year. The graphics in and out of the match probably get more work than anything else, I would say it is important.
  5. It might not be necessary for you but for a lot of people it is, and to take this game to a bigger audience it definitely is. If that was the case we would still be using commentary, and we wouldn't get graphics updates every year.
  6. We had commentary, then 2d blobs, and now stick men for a long time. The next graphics update will be more in line with FIFA, and it's about time.
  7. Taking preorders without any details and now this corny video leads me to believe there are no real improvements this year, the same as the last two years. Stop wasting money on corny videos and make something useful, IE whats in the product.
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