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  1. Penalty Accuracy

    Had one on the side of post, and then gone to goal kick. The problem I have, is that my team miss about 50-60% of the p.kicks. Dybala 1 of 6 this season. Put him on due Neymar missed 3 in a row.
  2. also the online versus mode is an option... or?
  3. At home I am missing some points againt smaller teams (West Brom, Stoke & Watford). Playing with Arsenal and have a strong team - playing with key highlight but i all 3 matches there where 2-3 highlights and the game was over before you could snap your fingers. A lot of long shots - but mayby 1 big chance in each game. Did talks with the ("get more creative" - and "demand more" in the end) - but no effect. Any advice?
  4. Yes - why Raw Sienna - i stead of "knaps 3412" :-) Was just wondering :-)
  5. Knap -> at bit off topic, but why are most of your tactics called "rawsienna...." Just wondering
  6. Hi fuss - is the only difference between Standard vs. control the mentality? all other settings is the same?
  7. Match prep is on tactics, and macth prep is 50% (all the way left) - May try again :-/
  8. When you say "training day" - Is this for General training og match prep? I am playing 10-11 matches, and the familiarity is aonly a little higher than competent...? Playing with Arsenal.
  9. Marcelo - very nice tweak. Tried the original tactic for 3 seasons with Fiorentina. Good results. Shifted to the tweaked version in 4 season. 15 games in... 13-1-1 and only conceded 7 goals. I have a strong team - but still better results than the original one. Thanks :-)
  10. Steaton - seems like a very good tactic. Could you try it against this tactic? http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/387460-14.3-Chrissy-s-P-amp-C
  11. FM14 Under Pressure

    I been using the tactic with Arsenal... Great succes. 26 games using the tactic... 21-5-0. Two draws at home - one agianst a poor CSKA??!?). Özil is rocking the AMR with 8,21 in avg rating and Pogba and JW is ruling the midfield. Great work GlesgaKillie
  12. FM14 Under Pressure

    Thanks - will try it! Btw - the under pressure tactic in this thread - do you rate taht better than the old one? Like a tactic with 2 strikers :-)