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  1. Sorry I’m a bit naive in editing terms, does that mean you can’t edit that part at all? And also is it only Liechtenstein that’s the case for?
  2. I’ve created a league system using Liechtenstein as the base nation as they have no playable leagues, but the qualification places for European competitions seems to be fixed at just 1 team entering the europa league. I thought the club and nation coefficients affected the amount of places each nation gets allocated in these competitions, but I simulated 10 years and despite the league being recognised as the best league in Europe, it still only gives 1 qualification spot for the Europa league and none at all for the champions league. Is there any way to edit this because I haven’t found it so far?
  3. Aldershot 2-0 Burton Solid win in my quest for promotion from the Conference in my first season (FM07)
  4. sorry i meant the FMRTE comes up with the 'appplication not found', not my actual game.
  5. yes but i havent used it before so i dont know how you get it to work. i click on it and it comes up with 'application not found', do i hve to do something else before i can load it up?
  6. Im gonna seem like an absolute noob here, but how does it actually work? ive downloaded the FMRTE and try to run it but it just says application not found.
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