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  1. Not so sure about it. I remenber what happen when Atletico made the double with Radomir Antic. Madrid won both league matches even though they were lost in the middle of the table. Of course it was not the last game of the schedule.
  2. You are not taking a small thing into consideration, they hate Atletico Madrid as much as Barcelona. It's not as they are playing Betis or Osasuna.
  3. Ok, you win you have to be happy no matters what. Luckily we are not machines.
  4. It's not just about the scoreline is more about how you play. Your could have a good feeling winning 1-0 or a bad feeling, even though, you won 3-0. Barcelona won 3-0 Liverpool last year, Liverpool was much better... I remenber Kloop being happy with his players' performances.
  5. In the first part you wrote about three new sessions added to FM20: - Attacking overlap. - Play from the back - Play out from defence. I think there's a mistake, isn't it?
  6. Hi guys, I have an issue I don't how to deal with. One of my captains, so an influential player, is moaning about his training additional focus. The problem is, I can't not change it because he is in a coaching course. I think it could be a bug because when you try to change it, it is blocked (which I think is ok) but a message pops up saying he can't undertake any individual training. So I understand he is taking none.
  7. Everyone should blame Nigel Farage. Not speaking about Brexit.
  8. In strengths 4 of 11 goals ... have been scored... But in spanish says... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1919015451 First I was mad with my DT, It didn't make sense at all.
  9. Come on, man! They are doing a twitter poll every day, now hidding some info about the feature.
  10. @Cleon, Would you mind if I translate this guide and I post it to Fmsite with a mention and a link to this post??
  11. *Although I agree that some roles are not working as I expect them to, I am not sure whether they don't work as SI wants them to. I think I have different ideas(concepts) about those roles. For instance the wingers "debate". ** I always felt the same and a bit frustrated of not being able to apply deeply some kind of football.
  12. I would say what makes it unrealistyc is the keeper's reaction. Although own goals like that happened, happens and will happen in real life, you'd expect him to react in some way.
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