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  1. Surely this already exists to a degree in the player descriptions? Examples include "Midfield playmaker", "Explosive striker", "Commanding centre-back" etc. I think if these were to be more formalised so that every player had one, it would be important that they were dynamic, and that the role be determined by player attributes and positions, rather than the other way round. The one exception being that the assignment of random stats at the start of the game could be based on a defined player role, as suggested in the original post. Going back to the point about the roles being dynamic. As pointed out by Rejected Bid, some player's roles change significantly throughout their career, and it's important that this would also happen in FM, based on both the natural development/decline of player's stats, and also any specific training you might give the players. So the likes of a Ryan Giggs could have their role change from winger to midfield playmaker for example. It would also be a nice touch if these changes cold be hinted at in coach/ass man reports. maybe something like "Due to a decrease in player X's stamina levels, they are not as effective a box-to-box midfielder as they once were and could be better used as a holding midfield player."
  2. I'd say Rangers' Champions' League run played a big part in Striker 3 finally getting noticed by Capello. Possibly a flaw within the AI being highlighted there, as the main factor that prevented him getting a call up before was almost certainly the lower reputation of the Scottish league, and the geographical proximity of the two nations probably doesn't play any part. Therefore the only way to get noticed was by performing in a higher rep competition, whereas in real life any player doing so well for either Old Firm club would be noticed a lot sooner in England.
  3. I thought i remembered kip saying after most of them retired last time that the positions were just nicknames that he'd set, I could be wrong.
  4. Hi kipfizh, long time fan of the original experiment here, just wanted to join in with saying how much I'm looking forward to this new version. Also had a small suggestion/request to make. Rather than just calling the original superstars by their position (Goalkeeper 1 etc.) do think it would be possible to let us know what they are all called and maybe refer to them by their name and position during the updates? e.g. Michael Jones (Goalkeeper 1). It just strikes me that the biggest stars of the original experiment were people like Ryan Morley and Danny Gamble and Carlo Lupo, and it might be easier to get attached to the original stars if we knew their names (also true of the idiots; we could hate them as much as we hated Maia).
  5. FM Editor on Boxed Version

    If you're running Vista, you should be able to access the editor by going to the games folder from the start menu. If you right-click the FM09 icon in there, there should be a "Run Data Editor" option. It's a bit easier than navigating to your install folder.
  6. Beckham 100 caps?

    I assume by C. Cole he means Cashley, not Carlton. He's on over 103 caps in my game, Rio's got 104. I'm in 2011. Beckham's on 102 and doesn't feature any more. hasn't announced his retirement though. Gary Neville oddly retired from int'l football on 97 caps. Owen is on 107 caps and 59 goals but doesn't get called up any more. Rooney and Micah Richards both look set to break the 100 cap mark, being on 82 caps aged 25 and 41 caps aged 22 respectively.
  7. You know in MattUK's defence, he did put Dundee Utd in the thread title...
  8. In principle, I'm not opposed to the idea of having an unsackable option in the game, the only problem I see is that, in practice, it might not be as straight-forward as simply putting in a tick-box option. There are various in-game factors that count towards the board's confidence in your management, and therefore various factors which determine whether or not you get sacked. If this option were to be implemented would it mean disabling the entire board confidence module? If so, would this have a knock on effect on other aspects of the game? For example, if the code that is used to determine board confidence for the player also determines confidence in AI managers, would this mean that none of them either got sacked either? The other option is to leave everything as it is but never have the board actually sack you. Although if everything else is the same this could lead to unrealistic rumours in the press of someone being lined up for your job if the board do pull the trigger etc. It may not be as complicated as I'm making it out to be, only the developers can answer that, but if it is that complicated I don't see SI ever implementing it, as there wouldn't be enough demand (and therefore enough extra customers) to justify the effort. Because even though a lot of people in the thread support the idea in theory (myself included) most of them have said they wouldn't actually use it themselves. So you have to ask if it would really generate that many extra customers for FM09 or whatever version it's implemented for.
  9. Pretty sure Hargreaves would get round it though, given that he actually has a UK passport and plays for England...
  10. The other day, I was losing a match 3-1 and for my last substitution I had it set up to take my striker off for another striker. Before the change I decided I wanted to take a midfielder off instead (but still bringing the same person on). So I clicked my team name to get into the tactics screen and hit cancel. It reversed my pending substitution. So far so good I thought. I made the revised substitution and continued play. The next break in play came when the striker who I was originally going to take off scored a goal, making me feel very pleased with my decision and thinking I might have a chance to come back into the game at 3-2 down. However, after it made the substitution I noticed he wasn't on the pitch any more. The game had taken both him and the midfielder I'd subbed off and only put the sub striker on, so I was down to 10 men! Needless to say I didn't get my equaliser...