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  1. I installed the 4.5 but the game became so slow, that's frustrating. The previous version was OK but Silifkeli found an error though. I know the bigger the data, the game becomes slow. This version was only a fix and it should not be so much slow. The game continue time is about 15 minutes. Sorry Mentese for the trouble.
  2. Just before your response; I verified the leagues one by one and it did verified. As you say it must be bug. It is Ok now. Thanks, Ellerine saglik
  3. Sorry Mentese, it shows error "Ordu 2. Amator lig" warninig!!
  4. File Factory is giving download error! Can you put please different directory.
  5. Well done Torskus, it is an interesting challenge. After playing FM17 with 3 ST and now FM18; I was fed up a bit 3 upfront which I find that ME struggles to co-op hence possibly winning majority games and many promotions. I am a bit old fashioned person and like 442. I was felt that I needed to go back my favorite setup of 442. I started to play my new save as 442 no matter happens at the of the season . I picked up Gateshead for that as a challenge and 2 games left to finish the first season and got promoted already by using 442. Next season your idea inspired me in a different aspect. Now, you are giving another thought on that and keenly waiting your input.
  6. This is last four games with tweaked version. Still early days, I can see a bit improvement but not that I expect. This is the changes: Since a lower league team, I believe 2CMid will do; 1x Support and 1x Defensive and looks like a bit fixed. On attacks my CM defender stays a bit deeper hence gives a bit cover if we loose the ball. I just changed the roles of L/Right mid roles since my MR is pacer than the left. The defenders set as 1x cover and 1x stoper combination. This way; I am hoping 1 defender stays a bit deeper to recover or prevent opponent ST go thorough. The main challenge here is avoiding leaking goals. I will try to tweak "Team Instruction" in due course to see if it will improve.
  7. I know I started middle of the season with your tactic; although I was playing another 442 with 2xDMid (slightly dropped); so the the team was not strange to it, having said that any another new tactic drops your fluidity. But I was fed up with three defenders versions and started with 442 as I like the format and wanted a new challenge; so went for a lower league. Since FM17, there is a huge demand for 3 defenders and they are all doing fine. I have been there and done it. FM18, until recently, yes I was playing with 3 at the back and I was getting promotion(s), cups etc... Last couple of games I started to tweak the defence. I need to try and see and will give you update.
  8. I am trying with Gateshead last four games. Media prediction 11th at Nationwide, England. It is an attacking tactic that's sure, but I conceded a lot too. The conceded goals came all through balls... I do not have a great defenders; Away game I went "Balanced" to "Fairly narrow" as team shape and "Control" if I am front. At home game, I left as attacking. Away game: It is an attacking tactic definitely. 2x CM (Support) joins the attack higher the pitch, although 2x Central Defenders push high the center circle on attacks. Then if we loose the ball, guess what! a long overhead ball (as always) thorough the middle to their ST to punish us. As you see 1xST from opponent and they are 2-1 up against me at this stage. OK, I am underdog, I am not a strong team but look at my team shape it was not exposed badly apart from the quality of players I have... Suggestions (I did not tried): 1x Stoper, 1x cover Defender ---or really pacey and high tackler defender possibly might do! Or 2x Ball Playing Defender (Stopper)... There are 2x CM with support; 1 might be Box to Box or Ball Winning or Defensive Mid to give an extra cover in case if you loose the ball up high the pitch. Sorry it took a long shot to give you a feed back. Definitely there is a potential to improve. (Istedigin gibi taktik cagrina cevap verdim)
  9. I enjoy your commnetary Seafire. It is great job. Thanks. It is more enjoyable game after your update.
  10. Thanks Seafire for your great work. I enjoy the games now mutch better. Brilliant commentary.
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