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  1. 10 minutes ago, oakesypvfc said:

    What's the Pearson approach haha? Yeah I reckon so, I think he could be one to sell on for a profit, will probably be a backup option if I sign well in the summer.

    Pearson (you may be younger and don't remember him as a decent centre-back for The Owls) is a bit of a character. Quite scary and abrupt, and he does not mince his words. I've experienced a Press Conference with him way back when he was Assistant Manager to Bryan Robson at West Brom. They had lost a home FA Cup tie to an inferior team, Robson refused to come out for the media and Pearson did it. My word was he intimidating. More recently, at Leicester, he launched in to a head in the sand and ostrich analogy in another media outburst (google is your friend). But as a manager and motivator, he has some really impressive qualities. Let's just say, he doesn't stand for any nonsense :lol:

  2. Great news on Luisinho at last. So it was waiting 5 years of living in KSA that was delaying his availability? After that length of time living in The Magic Kingdom, he really deserves it ;)

    I managed Mueanta at APOEL in Cyprus last year. If you can get him alongside Panya that would be a good thing. Do you have any special allowance for Asian players not from KSA?

    Your actual Saudi players are doing well (club and country).

    Can I ask where you got the Saudi league edited database file from?

  3. 4 minutes ago, oakesypvfc said:

    He has had a few games so far, not a goal yet but hoping he can get firing soon.

    Yeah it was rough and now the morale of the squad is through the floor. I'm praying a couple of friendlies might be able to get us firing again as fallen into a slump. You'd think players would be happy to be top of the league :lol:

    Good luck, take the Nigel Pearson approach. I think what Warlock was trying to say :kriss: is that Elijah is best used in a pairing (he was for me). 

  4. @StePrattGoing very well with Clitheroe, good luck in the National North! You seem to have some good Northern talents there, although strange to read about the guy who left to a lower league side.

    @oakesypvfcThat was a very tough transfer window. You must feel a bit miffed at your star man being sold at the last minute against your wishes. I really hope Elijah justifies his fee but blame @warlockif he doesn't :lol:. Good luck for the new season!

  5. 26 minutes ago, goonergez said:

    You’re not far wrong although haven’t listed them just yet 😉😉😉 

    I did give it my all, but the summer and work permit issues (that you yourself will understand) really drained my love for the team. We didn’t add enough quality and I couldn’t see us avoiding the drop if I’m honest. Wick ham had looked the best option for scoring goals, but he’s so unfit and constantly picked up little injuries to miss a game here and a game there. Adebayo was a terrible signing too. He grabbed 1 goal in 30 league appearances last season (albeit the majority from the bench), and having taken the mantle up top for us had managed only a solitary goal again. I could smell the end coming and to be honest it was a jump before I was pushed kind of move. I’m excited by my new club though, and there is a lot of potential there. I’m going to crack on for a bit and see what I can do. 

    It's a shame Adebayo couldn't help you more, although I never tried him as a lone striker. He did well at Walsall and Oxford for me in a pair. Wickham was always going to be a punt.

    Anyway, good luck wherever you turn up at next.

  6. 18 minutes ago, goonergez said:

    And so after a little over three seasons in charge at Blackpool I have departed and into a new challenge. We had a simply woeful start to the season, unable to find goals after losing Ricky Jade-Jones to the end of his loan spell. Connor Wickham had grabbed 3 goals, but after the first 14 games we sat one place outside of the relegation zone with just 13 points. My last game in charge was particularly sour, as we were thumped 0-5 away at rivals Blackburn. That increased our winless run to nine matches and with no end in sight.

    For me it was the lack of finance that was killing my morale here. We had done really well last season to avoid dropping straight back down to League One, but we simply weren't able to improve the squad over the summer. I lacked confidence going into the campaign, and so it proved to be right after that start.

    I'll withhold who I have departed for just for now, and return with a takeover report once I have written it. I've loved my time at Blackpool, but now the time has come for me to embark upon a new challenge. I am hoping that my replacement manages to solve the issues at Bloomfield Road though, as I would be gutted if they ended up being relegated after my departure.

    Well you gave it a good go, and I can understand your decision to walk away. My guess it will be a 'better' team struggling in the same league as you (Swansea, Preston etc.), or a  'better' team in League 1 already. 

  7. 5 minutes ago, warlock said:

    Some things are beyond the ken of mortal man :lol:. I can't begin to explain our form at Darlington - we can go from brilliant to abysmal in the space of 15 minutes!

    You're not wrong. But you'll work it out at Darlington.

    I'm going to try York for sure this year now that I set up last season's retro kits in to this version.

    5 minutes ago, stephen.mcconnell1 said:

    Im just starting my Swansea City save trying to replicate the tiki taka under the Rodgers days

    That will be fun. And they have a really strong squad to start with too. 

  8. 4 minutes ago, warlock said:

    @Jogo Bonito Going well in the cup, and you seem to be in one of those weird spells where your league form is better away than at home. Still looking good for a playoff spot :thup:

    In contention, yes. It's probably the counter-attacking 4231 making us quite good away and a bit more laboured at home. Although that doesn't explain results like Fulham (and the first half against Leicester where we took it to them).

  9. 396528988_RFCheader.jpg.6b363afefffc63147a5a8b698ee83e82.jpg

    Part 8



    After the New Year got off to a losing start in the league with defeat at Huddersfield (2nd) it was time to focus on the FA Cup

    But with his side in really poor form for the last month, a trip to League 1 side Burton Albion presented a potential banana skin for Veljko's boys in Round 3

    Lacking fluidity and confidence, it was left to Michael Olise to score the only goal of the game to steer the club through to the next round in unconvincing fashion

    However after Yakou Meite secured a late point against promotion candidates Brentford, Coventry were dispatched for a long overdue league win

    This set the team up nicely for another difficult FA Cup date as Premier League side Fulham rocked in to town for Round 4

    However the team impressed and goals from Meite and a brace from Lucas Joao sealed a tremendous 3-0 win that was by no means flattering for The Royals


    This seemed to suggest that the spell of poor form had been left behind, but two more league defeats rounded off January in frustrating fashion

    March started better with a hard-fought 1-0 win in atrocious weather conditions at Stoke thanks to the in-form Olise again

    It was a timely result in more ways than one, because it was FA Cup Round 5 time next and Leicester were welcomed to Berkshire 

    Two superb goals from Joao put the hosts in command before Jamie Vardy grabbed a goal back on the stroke of half time for the cunning Foxes

    With 15 minutes to go it was still 2-1 though, and the 4231 was ditched for this somewhat more conservative 4-3-2-1 with nine men just blocking the path to goal

    As you can see from the shot totals, corners and possession it was backs to the wall stuff - but it worked and booked a spot in the next round   


    The league form has been a bit hit and miss since then with plenty of points dropped - but a further five unbeaten games have got the side back to the brink of the top-six

    Most of the last two months has seen the side sat 8th-10th, but with 13 league games to go it is certainly not over with 5th and 6th still looking up for grabs


    The transfer window was a quiet affair, with only a winger and striker being considered as possible additions

    The three prime striker targets were still all impossible (Lowe, Moore, Riis) and there was no deal concluded for a winger either

    However, for a while it looked like the Joao understudy striker had been found - and at a bargain price too

    All efforts were put in to securing the signature of Orlando City starlet Daryl Dike who had taken his prolific youth goals record in to their senior MLS side

    The young American was loan-listed but for some reason a loan offer was not allowed to be made when the window was open

    Instead a derogatory offer of just £500,000 was tabled for the £1.7 million-rated striker - one which was amazingly accepted

    However after agreeing personal terms, the disappointed youngster learned that his WP had been rejected



    As the window closed, it looked like that was that - but remarkably a few days later a loan deal suddenly did become possible   

    No time was wasted in going back in, although there was no willingness from them to accept a future fee clause (mandatory or optional) even way above £500,000

    The loan would have to start in the next transfer window (Summer 2021) and would only be for six months, but that still seemed like a fantastic opportunity for Veljko


    But alas it wasn't to be, and the WP was again rejected and the entire move had to be cancelled off


    The only incoming business done in the window then came a few days later, and ironically it was also a Stateside move

    Leeds-born striker Jackson Conway was available after his contract expired, and with dual American-English nationality there would be no WP issues to worry about

    With some concerns over the youth strikers coming through the ranks, he was added to the Under 23 squad as one for the future on very low wages



    A couple of youngsters were sent out on loan at their own request, including central midfielder Dejan Tetek to Barrow

    He was already getting first team minutes, but after Veljko rejected permanent transfer offers from Fulham, Aston Villa and Millwall he agitated for a temporary move away

    The only other noteworthy story came in the form of another new contract, this one dished out to a deserving Josh Laurent who has really had a great first season 


  10. 2 hours ago, CityAndColour said:

    Is anyone else experiencing ridiculous amounts of goals in their own division? I'm currently in a title race against two teams whose front two have scored 34, 30, 25 and 24 goals respectively, and we haven't even hit 30 league games - they've combined for eight goals against me in two games as well!

    No other division has this issue (the highest scorer anywhere else has 15) - hoping it's not just because I'm using an edited database because it's a little bit game-breaking. Maybe just a freak one-off?

    I've not seen anything like that myself. Hard to tell if it's a one-off or the edited database playing up. Sorry, not much help there. Thanks for info on Taunton Town too.

    @goonergezThanks for the images, no worries on the format - especially at 4am!  A little light in some places (numbers and quality) but hopefully that can be addressed in time. No transfer clauses to cash in now or potentially in the future? I'd say just keep looking for players in England whose contracts are expiring within six months and check on expired contract players too. As the game goes on there are probably some reasonable and affordable (wages) players unassigned to any club.

  11. 18 minutes ago, nyg said:

    After I got tired of my Sunderland game and nothing really seemed to catch my attention more than a few months in-game, I've read through almost every page in this thread today. My hope was to find some inspiration for a long term save (new lockdown here in Norway started yesterday...). I've looked at every team that some of you guys have mentioned here, and after a lot of back and forth I've landed on Wigan. It seems like one of the toughest challenges in league one at the moment, but at the same time they have some similarites to Sunderland.

    Anyone played with Wigan this year? It was quite easy to get out of the transfer embargo, but while under administration I can't hire any new staff. The club only has an assistant manager and head of youth development to start with, not even a physio.. Hopefully a takeover won't take too long.. 

    Welcome and good luck with Wigan. I'm surprised you're still awake having read every page of this thread today :lol:

  12. @oakesypvfcGoing really well there, good job. The WP issues are a massive problem now when managing in England. It is real though, clubs are really having to change their ideas in this window and so we can't moan about this in FM. If any of you voted for Brexit you only have yourselves to blame :lol:

    2 minutes ago, Ronaldo Beckham said:

    Yeah I am hoping to get another central defender with good heading and maybe Moore will become back up as I didn't like his lack of heading. Just curious did you try train Moore up to have better heading and how much better did you get him ?
    I never realized the Red Star shirt was similar to Stoke's until you pointed it out. Maybe red and white stripes is a lucky omen for him lol.


    I trained him all season (players always moan about extra focus) and it didn't even go up from 7. It doesn't mean he can't jump and clear or get on the end of things, it just means the success rate at both ends won't be too helpful. Stoke and Belgrade are probably quite similar places, no?

  13. @Ronaldo Beckham Good to see you even got Richmond to take his photo in his new Stoke shirt too ;) Kidding of course, but he has never scored goals anywhere except Belgrade before so he must like The Potteries. Amazing that I recommended him and you already had him. I don't suppose I can claim any credit for that tip :lol:

    I had Moore with me at Oxford. I see his heading ability is fixed (low). It was 7 for me and for you when you last showed him, and although it has gone to 8 in that last image you might need to be careful on that in the PL. I just played Stoke away in my last game and the weather was awful - just really Stokey!

  14. 1 minute ago, goonergez said:

    I’m not on my laptop right now but I’ll pop a screenshot of my squad in here tomorrow. Squad is small though. For the first couple of games of the season I was only able to name four subs! A couple of pre-season injuries didn’t help.


    eagerly awaiting you’re next update by the way....... 

    Blimey, that's tough. I thought I had a lean squad at Reading with around 20 players plus youngsters. I need t get to the end of February for the next update, maybe tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for the interest though.

    @Ronaldo BeckhamMaybe just a hint of it, but genuine congrats anyway. Good to see Richmond doing the business and taking you up.

  15. @goonergezA tricky summer there, but hopefully it will turn out better when the season gets going. How many do you have in your first team squad (images welcome) and what formation will you be playing this year?

    If it's any consolation I was unable to bring any new players in during the winter window at Reading. I didn't try for many but could have done with a winger as an option on the left, and a central striker in the mould of Joao. Both would have needed to be quality but on budget terms, so as you can imagine it was slim pickings and I didn't bother in the end.

    Ironically, I did find the striker and he was listed for loan (but the make loan offer tab was not able to be hit). Valued at £1.7 million, I offered £500k for a permanent transfer and it was accepted. Wages of a nominal amount were agreed - but he was rejected a Work Permit. The day after the transfer window closed, I was able to make a loan offer but with no future fee (mandatory or optional) even if it was upped to £700k. It's now going back to appeal so will probably be rejected again, but if it is accepted it won't help for this term as he would only be joining in the summer of 2021 for a period of six months anyway.

    @Ronaldo BeckhamWell done on another promotion. Without doubt, you are the most successful manager in the history of football. 3000 clubs per year, with usually a couple of promotions and/or trophies at each on average. And they say the likes of Busby, Paisley and Ferguson are legends...:lol:

  16. Good improvement recently. Well if you are in the PL it's out of my scope of expertise so I'll bow out of that one.

    I've just had my FA Cup Round 4 game (well timed with it being that weekend in real life) and ironically my next game is Preston away, which was scheduled for next Tuesday in real life but was changed to today instead. The gods are lining up a great result for me, surely.


  17. @goonergezA very respectable finish there with Blackpool. It may have promised more at one stage but that is definitely a good effort. Great to see RJJ doing so well for you (and Lowery). Hopefully you can make a few tweaks to your squad, and edge a little higher next season.

    @Ronaldo BeckhamNo idea really. Are you playing with the Brexit files? What kind of budget? Is Wilfried Bony available and/or suitable? Richmond Boakye?

  18. 3 minutes ago, Cheez3y said:


    The message showed that he wants to play for us.

    But he isnt eligible....


    Lets hope, this is a one off.

    Or this save would be over....

    Yeah that is strange and would be a big obstacle.

    Fun fact: Possibly the best player in the Middle East was Saudi-born (in Riyadh)......but isn't eligible to play for the KSA national team.

    Reason? He has been capped by UAE (many times) - Omar Abdulrahman.

    The interesting thing about it for me is that when I was working there even my Saudi colleagues had no idea he had been born in KSA or that they had 'lost' the most talented player of an entire generation. Going with the nationalised Brazilians is definitely a smart way to improve the Saudi national team (some of the other Gulf states did it with Africans).

  19. 20 minutes ago, oakesypvfc said:

    Even in 2023?

    Well yeah he is at a prime age, why not? Check his player history in the first few years of your save and if he is doing well then it suggests he could do it. If he has been performing badly, perhaps look elsewhere. This comes with no money-back guarantee though :lol:

    Right, that's me done for a few hours to see the Preston v Reading game now. Ironically, I've just got to FA Cup 4th Round day in my game (23rd January 2020).


  20. 2 minutes ago, CityAndColour said:

    We're just about 2/3 of the way in and we're holding onto a very slender lead at the top. Playoffs look pretty secure but we're labouring a bit, still steadily picking up points however Met Police are on a run of 11 wins in 13, and have TWO players scoring better than a goal a game (their front two have scored a combined 41 goals in 38 league games).

    Good effort, no challenge from Taunton Town this year then :lol:

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