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  1. 13 hours ago, John Joe O'toole said:


    Joris Gnagnon was released very late by Sevilla (in September) and is pretty much a dream pick in FM terms for a free defender. His reputation might rule him out for lots of clubs, but top level teams should be fine and he is a perfect transfer target. Ex-Lyon defender Jemerson was looking like another (signed by Metz on 8th October) but it looks like his transfer was caught in time by the BETA.

    My favourite free agent for FM22 is still free though. By 9th November he will definitely have a new club - mine :lol:

  2. Breaking-News-Barcelona-Latest.thumb.jpg.f716780dd152e79df91fe5dc109320b1.jpg

    After months of trying, I finally got a bite from PSG on Pjanic (current value £35 million)

    It was 27th August 2021 - just four days before the transfer window would close, and i was happy with this news

    Unfortunately the board thought otherwise and wanted to block the transfer


    But we had a chat and they agreed to support my decision

    It was time to say, Pjanic over :lol:


    Which left our weekly wage bill at £2.2 million - a massive £1.4 million per week inside the weekly wage budget of just over £3.6 million 

    And considerably less than both Madrid clubs were spending as the transfer window closed (as at 1st September 2021)


  3. 3 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

    Think you may have to take a bit of a hit to Pjanic. Goes to show how nonsensical this transfer was IRL, among with the others.

    Alcacer I have never really rated on FM due to his poor physicals. You need either the pace or the strength - ideally both. Darwin should do well enough. 

    I didn't spot that about Alcacer, but am sure you are right. I noticed his finishing was around 17 (Nunez is 13), but Nunez ticks all the right boxes and will be a good rotation option with Belotti.

    As deadline day draws nearer it might be time to panic on Pjanic, and do something extraordinary to get him out.

  4. 2 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

    Excellent transfers - I am surprised Sevilla could afford to take Umtiti on! I guess you are still trying to move Pjanic.

    As you may know, Nunez was the player who recently dismantled Barca in the UCL.

    Thanks I hope it works out that way.

    You are right about Sevilla and Umtiti, he was probably the hardest to shift of them all due to wage and ability balance.

    Pjanic is even more of a problem as he doesn't want to leave despite being unregistered. Chelsea have been keen for months, and Juventus sometimes show interest - but neither seem to be able to do the wages. I offered him on loan with and without a future fee option, and on a straight transfer at £10m but no luck yet. I guess in FM22 this is where transfer deadline day might work better.

    Yes I had the choice of ex-Barca man Alcacer for £40m or Nunez for much less (fee and wages). Given that Nunez was (and is) an actual transfer target and did well against them IRL,  it was a logical pick in the end. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, warlock said:

    That's the way to do it! :cool: That loan deal for Griezemann is excellent.

    Trincao's wage has been a shocker for me all year - tried to loan him a number of times but that wage is always a deal-breaker.

    Cheers, I think we are in decent shape but only results will prove if that is true. Trincao was away on loan last year (as was Pjanic) so I am currently spending £400k p/w on the pair that I would prefer not to. 

    Below shows I am currently £1m p/w under the wage budget, but the board want to go from Quarter Final to Semi Final in the Champions League. Their La Liga expectations are fine though, and pre-season results went well considering we only had 14 or 15 players available for the summer training camp in Portugal.




    That's it for this update, it's (past) time to sleep and then we will see how the season starts tomorrow evening...

  6. mercado-fichajes-21-22_4_641x361.jpeg.fbfccc894775d3650a5e1f09439c158a.jpeg

    FC Barcelona (Transfer) Market 2021-22 

    Leaving the club this summer were Dembele (£210k p/w), Coutinho (£400k p/w), Wague (£9.75k p/w), Alba (£210k p/w), Umtiti (£210k p/w) and Aguero (£145k p/w)

    I certainly had no performance complaints on Dembele (24), Coutinho (29), Alba (32) or Aguero (33) - but all four were on big money and only the former had age on his side

    I ensured I made no wage contributions on any of them and felt I could replace them with younger, cheaper (and more Spanish) - and that's pretty much what I did

    This exercise saved me around £1m in weekly wages, and I don't think the squad will be any weaker for it



    Jordan (£15m & £36k p/w), Galan (£12m & £35k p/w), Oyarzabal (£69m & £190k p/w) and Nunez (£24m & £42k p/w) were the four replacements





    Some of the B-Team players were sold for about £3m combined, and loan extensions for Dest & Griezmann were also valuable sources of income

    As you can see below, the latter was incredibly important - saving £600k p/w from my wage bill and paying us £761k per month loan fee on top of that

    The loan extension for Dest sees FC Porto continue to pay 50% of his £70k p/w wages and a £100k per month loan fee on top of that


    In fact, apart from my two senior goalkeepers (happy to sacrifice either one of them, but no takers) it's only returning loan man Pjanic (£275k p/w) who is now surplus stock

    I've promoted a few more Spanish youngsters in to the main squad, but Pjanic is not registered as I try to force him out

    Here is the 24-man registered squad that will start the 2021-22 season (Trincao could be allowed to go if a suitable bid came in)




  7. 5 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

    Absolutely agree. I definitely look forward to seeing you across a number of threads during FM22 season :)

    Thank you, likewise :)

    It looks like I will at least start the second season, just one more friendly to go and only two or three players remain that I would like to move on. One outfield player who came back from loan and is on massive wages considering he won't even be registered by me, plus either of the two main goalkeepers. Other than that, I think I am sorted.

  8. 2 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

    Looks like this is developing into a fun save at Barca. I hope you can get another season out of it.

    I am in a similar boat to you I think with work finally picking up - next few months may be busier than indeed all of the last year has been. I'm almost already getting "worried" I won't have as much time for FM22 as I did for FM21, which is a really silly thing to even worry about of course. But I am sure it will continue to be a good escape as it always has been.

    Yes it's been a nice break from the norm in charge of Barcelona, quite unexpectedly pleasant in fact. I'm not sure I'll get another season out of it, that's lots of action for me in such a short space of time!

    I think I agree. FM should be an escape from 'real life'. It served a very good purpose during lockdown(s) but some of us will probably become less reliant on it. Perhaps play is going to be more rare, but it could even be a more enjoyable experience when those moments actually allow it.

    Hopefully the world will tick along with people staying more safe than when FM21 launched, despite the ongoing health situation. 

  9. 1 hour ago, warlock said:

    Not bad at all - looks like you comfortably met the board requirements, and a touch unlucky not to progress in the Champions League.

    Another season on the cards? Will you try to fix the finances completely, or just leave them better off than you found them?

    Thanks, yes it was nice to win something and manage some good players.

    I'm not sure if there will be another season, but I vowed to sort them financially as best I could with a player cull ahead of the 21/22 season. I'll see what the squad is ahead of the start and decide from there.

    Lots of other stuff going on away from FM recently and sensibly I should give myself a week or two break so that FM22 meets me with a fresh mind. I'm expecting some big (positive) lifestyle changes will interfere with that plan a little, as I'll have lots of other things to focus on soon enough. But even then, free time is mine to dive in to FM when I can.

  10. wp3641205.thumb.jpg.2a84df08a459931a3ced610fc54e336d.jpg

    Entering February 2021 with all to play for domestically and in Europe, this was how it panned out

    La Liga was fairly routine with a string of good victories and the occasional blip (losses away from home)

    You will note a pivotal week in April which saw the CL Quarter Final second leg against Borussia Dortmund, the Copa del Rey Final and El Clasico against Real Madrid 

    Dortmund edged us out as a result of their late goal in our home leg, had we finished 3-1 in that then we probably would not have been eliminated in the second leg

    The Copa del Rey Final was very tight too, and only penalty drama saw us lifting the trophy in Seville

    And finally, a late equaliser was gifted to Real Madrid as they kept the pressure on at the top of the table with a 2-2 draw

    However, after that things got back on track quickly with Real and then Atletico cracking under the pressure that had seen them within 4 points of us in April



    The final table sees an eight point gap to Real Madrid by the season end - Atletico only managed one win in their final five games to drop to 3rd

    100 goals for the season was brought up thanks to a fine final flourish in the Catalan derby against Espanyol


    The performance graph shows dominance and stability, the financial graph shows completely the opposite despite doing my best to be pragmatic

    That's been further addressed in the summer transfer window as some difficult economic decisions have been made already


    Despite the Champions League Quarter Final disappointment, three trophies headed to Camp Nou


    1914819407_FCBleaguereview1.0.png.b2676ce63e5ebd22849323fcf2e48e4b.png 1910033987_FCBCLreview1.0.png.9ccfc048cf3ed9195c55539f1472c81d.png

    And here are the player stats across all competitions

    I took a firm stance on Umtiti not to use him at all after his failed transfer, poor training and attitude

    In 56 games, you will see how Aguero and Belotti shared the lone striker role - I started 4231 in every single match in all competitions so their 56 starts combined reflects that

    Fati gave great returns from an inverted winger role on the left, and special mention to Balde who played well after being promoted from the youth team in pre-season



  11. 12 hours ago, warlock said:

    Cheers mate! I think the Petterssen situation has been resolved - no sooner had I posted that update than he suffered a groin injury and will be out until after the window closes. In the circumstances, I don't think anyone will be making a move for him :)

    A stroke of luck, assuming your deputy is capable and the main man will not be out too long.

  12. You are right again @warlock. Two sensible but effective signings.

    I had the chance to acquire Martinez again in January for only £42m (even with clauses it was less than £50m) but it would have been hard to rotate three strikers in to just one slot. He went to Man City in the end.

    I nearly got the £210k weekly wage of Umtiti off the books but he failed to get a WP on a £20m move to Chelsea. And I could have sold Coutinho to Man City but with no suitable replacement it made no sense even for a fee of £25m and saving £400k wages per week.

    I've only ever managed one of these players before in FM, which was Lenglet when he was breaking through in France.

    @karanhsinghYes it does seem a popular destination at the end of the FM21 cycle. Great for me to finish the term off managing good players though.

  13. wp3641205.thumb.jpg.c8e06fba03c648871f2f3e8ccf5f13c6.jpg

    A one-season 'Farewell to FM21' save and a rare opportunity for me to manage a big club 

    I've taken over at FC Barcelona, a club I have never managed before despite previously living in the city

    I've got a database updated which sees me inherit the 2021/22 squad for the start of season 1 in 2020/21

    I sold Braithwaite (£10m), Araujo (£21.5m) and Memphis (£28m) and terminated the loan of Luuk De Jong immediately

    Two new players joined - Carlos Soler from Valencia on 20th August 2020, and Andrea Belotti from Torino on 6th September 2020 



    The inherited squad had a long-term injury to Marc-Andre ter Stegen, whilst both Sergio Aguero and Samuel Umtii were also out until well beyond pre-season

    Iñaki Peña was called upon in goal for most of the friendlies, and left-back Alejandro Balde (17) was promoted from the U19 squad


    Pre-season went well with some difficult opponents seen off, the draw against Deportivo was when only seven senior players were available due to international calls


    The official opener was at home to Atletico Madrid, not the easiest of starts for new manager Lorenzo Cabanes 


    But the league form got off to a blistering start with Belotti (who had not been on the pitch at all in pre-season) scoring six in his first two La Liga games

    The form both domestically and in Europe was excellent until the end of November, with only a handful of draws and everything else being victorious 


    December started a bit more modestly, and Real Madrid dished out a 3-0 hammering in La Liga

    Next up was Manchester City away and a 3-3 draw after being 3-0 down after 36 minutes was a fantastic recovery

    That game also saw Sergio Aguero score his first goal for the club against his former side

    Until then he had made 10 cameo appearances from the bench without a goal, but this time he came on and made a difference

    He repeated the trick next time out against Celta Vigo in a game that saw Belotti go off injured, and from then on he had the starting role as the only fit striker at the club

    During this spell he was a changed man, and kept up a prolific run of scoring which was only ended in the Super Copa de Espana final in Saudi Arabia

    Luckily that was also the day that Belotti came back - and he scored a 96th minute winner from the bench to see the trophy lifted  

    Since that day the form has continued to be impressive, although Atletico Madrid just served up a second La Liga defeat with a narrow 1-0 win last time out


    La Liga is close, with Real Madrid just three points adrift and Athletic Bilbao having a good run too

    There were no more new signings in the winter transfer window, and no permanent sales made (Serginho Dest went on loan to FC Porto for 50% wages and £20k per month)

    Jordi Alba has been ruled out for some weeks (with a number more to come) so Balde has been starting games and he trains and plays very well

    Financially the club isn't in the best shape, but competition money should balance that out by the end of the season



  14. 42 minutes ago, jackripper said:

    Finally broke the PSG domination, won the last 2 league titles now after 3 years of building for it. The problem with Monaco is the small stadium i had a new one built and the stadium isnt that much bigger than there current one. Built a young squad but about to raid them as i have taken ovre man utd. 

    Job done. Good time to move on :thup:

    8 hours ago, warlock said:

    Title won with 4 games to go. The lads done good. The board, not so much:


    Not sure how competitive we'll be with that transfer budget. But we'll do our best.

    That should be a nice challenge, but you can definitely do it in France.

  15. 57 minutes ago, warlock said:

    Not good news - no-one is buying an injured player, and if he's still out in January you'll be stuck with him for the year. If I remember correctly, Coutinho is on an eye-watering pay deal - shipping him out for nothing would free up something like £20m in wages for the first season alone. I know you know these things... I'm just mumbling out loud :kriss:

    You're right. Coutinho is on £400k per week. Umtiti also earns over £200k per week. And Dest is on £70k per week, hence Wague on less than £5k can be back up to Sergi Roberto at right-back. Both keepers earn over £100k per week so i could have saved a fortune there too. But overall its still a decent squad and finances are not so important being a one season spell only.

  16. I've completed pre-season and played the first two games of La Liga.

    Out of the four possible signings mentioned above, there was just one completed (making two in total for the summer). That was due to not being able to sell or loan out Ter Stegen, Neto, Dest, Umtiti or Coutinho. The summer 2020 transfer window is still open, but it's unlikely there will be any more incoming.

    I've had a bit of an issue with squad size actually. It's 23 men including a 3rd kepper and some youngsters, but Ter Stegen, Umtiti and Aguero were all injured when I arrived and have not yet been close to appearing. Ter Stegen is out for several more months in fact. A number of the others have never been fit, and then there was international calls that really hit hard for one friendly.

    However pre-season results have been good, and the first two league games ended well even though both of them saw us go behind before overpowering the opponents. I'll hopefully get a reasonable amount of games done over the course of this evening and the weekend.

  17. 2 hours ago, warlock said:

    I expected to suffer but, with the exception of the cup defeat on penalties to Montpellier, we kept up our strong league form

    I was going to say well done, but in fact I should say very well done after seeing this!

    Looking very strong and I have no doubt you can hold off Le Havre. They're a really good outfit usually, but your squad has the edge.

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