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  1. Harry Kane has now got 36 goals in 31 games, all he needed was his ego massaged.
  2. I’m currently in season 5 having had good league finishes with Newcastle I currently find myself with a 29 year old harry Kane playing as a CF, Sane on the left playing as a W sup, an excellent regent playing CAM (am) another worldie regent playing W att on the right with Horta and goretzka playing RPM and Cm respectively. ive just beat steaua 2-0 with a massive 26/11 shots/on target. before that I drew 1-1 away to WBA last minute equaliser for them, with 19/8 shots/on target the previous game 1-0 win away to Huddersfield 25/9 and Soton at home first game of the season 18/9. thats just this season last season was the same, I do tinker with the formation but generally it’s a 4321 with Lirola as FB and another regen on the left FB, with de Vrij BPD And Zouma CD. the lack of goals is costing me winning trophies anyone assist? I’m making the chances but time and time again sitters are being missed and my CF generally gets a crap avg rating, last season I had Mayoral to the same effect. Help tia
  3. DxDiag.txt No crashes thus far without graphics, is there a fix to have custom graphics without the crashes? @Felix Wilkie
  4. Game frequently crashing with this same error message, generally crashes before “teams warming up” before a game, also has crashed during a game or immediately after a continue after a save. I have graphics and a different skin (essential to my game) other than that my laptop is the same I used for FM17 with minimal crashes. any assistance as it’s becoming a little tedious. TIA Lee
  5. Good point, although they are probably the best players in my team, Victor Fischer who is in his 4th season for me has flattered to deceive and has 4 and a bit stars, and what about the value of the player as well?
  6. Good point, although they are probably the best players in my team, Victor Fischer who is in his 4th season for me has flattered to deceive and has 4 and a bit stars, and what about the value of the player as well?
  7. I'm currently managing NUFC in season 17-18 and have won the league on the last 3 occasions with this in mind my players coach reports are getting less and less desirable (the stars on the player profile screen), lets take Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa for instance, still only 28 has an avg rating of 7.75 yet his report states he's only worth 2 and a half stars?? Sissoko again only 28 a rating of 7.86 and 18 league goals (a midfielder) and again only 2 and a bit stars and falling, my scouts and coaches are top end as are my facilities, I just don't understand it. So Im not saying this is spoiling my game but if I was seeing these players who are undoubtedly at the top of their game and in their prime with the 4-5 stars making them world class which they should have would no doubt give me more satisfaction and sense of achievement at getting the best out of my players, also if this was as real life as the game declares itself to be surely MS or MYM would be worth much more than the £12.25m the game states. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. Ha cheers mate, that is exactly the case, I nearly restarted there.
  9. So I'm just starting season 2019/20 and I noticed that on the international call ups England u19's have only 5 players, the rest are all shaded unsignable players. Has anyone else encountered similar starvation of homegrown talent? Or does anyone know how i can increase it? I have a large database with 13 playable leagues including EPL-npower league 2 Even Scotland has a full list of u19's.
  10. I won the World Cup in my first season with Whitley bay. Beat that.
  11. Went on a run of 7 games with a disallowed goal, haven't went that long without one thus far in my 3 seasons, they always seem to be for me and generally if I get one early on 9 out of 10 times il go on to loose the game, pretty frustrating to say the least.
  12. I'm aware there was an issue with disallowed goals in the beta, but I've had 1 in each of the last 7 games, now I know this isn't IRL beyond impossible, it is however improbable, even before this run I was getting a fair few, a lot more than the other team was any way. Is this a case of me doing something wrong? Ps It's not all offsides it's fouls also.
  13. No no nothing wing with dos box just wondering if there was a way around it without it, I've tried some of the later versions in Xp compatibility mode but I've had no joy, it's a shame when Microsoft brings out new platforms you can't use products from the whole range, but I guess it's like playing a ps one game on a ps3.
  14. I have a whole host of old champ manager games but I can't play them on my vista PC, do any of you fine people know a way to get round this that doesn't involve dos box? Cheers.
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