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  1. I've been using this for a few games now and it's amazing at home (regularly creating at leave 6 or 7 CCCs), but its absolutely horrendous away from home. Are there any changes you'd make away from home? I've just played Liverpool and I had 32% possession and they had 42 shots, only 14 from distance.
  2. Wide playmaker might work well. Make sure you have a more defensive minded centre mid next to him if on attack duty.
  3. Any tips on a 4-1-4-1 this year? I've had some luck with the below, with the focus on keeping the ball and passing it around the opposition box waiting for an opening, but can't seem to get players forward quickly enough, and my defenders often clear forward to my lone striker, who loses it. GK: FB: S CB: D CB: D WB: S DLP: D WM: A CM: S CM: A WP: S CF: S Control, Flexible, Get Stuck In, Retain Posession, Work Ball Into box, Run At Defence, Whipped Crosses, Slightly Narrow. I thought about going fluid, due to only really having one specialist role. My CM:A doesn't seem to get forw
  4. In all previous years I've had one main tactic, which just changed between counter and attacking depending on who I was playing, or how well I was doing. This year though, i've got two main tactics, home and away. A 3-3-2-2 counter attacking away from home, focusing on early crosses from fullbacks to the two men up front. A 4-1-4-1 control for home games or against weaker sides, focusing on holding the ball, spreading it from side to side and getting players forwards and into the box. The combination seems to work quite well for the players I've got, everyone gets plenty of game time.
  5. Echo most of these comments really. The ME has started much better than previous years, but the defensive positioning/closing down/tackling is appalling. Full backs often end up more central than centre halves, and opposition wingers can often have a nap before crossing.
  6. I think a lot of it comes with ME problems. It's widely known that theres serious problems with regards to defenders leaving their position/ball-chasing/generally being headless chickens.
  7. Anyone else having a problem with players holding on to the ball for far too long around the box? More often than not, my wingers will burst down the wing, wait a second until some other players get into the box, but then still not do anything, wait for the opposition full-back/defender to come, jostle him for a couple of seconds, and then win the ball. It's not a problem of options in the box, as I often have two or three players to aim at. Just don't seem to want to cross, or even turn and pass it backwards. Just stand there until they get tackled.
  8. Acceleration - Ronaldo is fast, but it takes him a bit to get started. 12 seems about right. Positioning - This is defensive positioning. Off The Ball is what you want to look at for his attacking movement. Teamwork - Bloke is greedy, always has been. Me me me. Work Rate - Again, this is about right. Rarely tracks back or does defensive work.
  9. Does anyone else get the problem with attacking corners that anyone set to 'go forward' just stands on the edge of the box and never actually goes forward once the ball is played in? There's only so many commands to get players into the six yard box but when the opposition has seven defenders in it, I never EVER win a header. In three seasons I've scored four headed goals from a corner. I tried to counter it by setting distribution to 'penalty spot', but then nope, every single corner was being hit ten yards outside the box. Whats going on?
  10. Anyone else seem to be having a problem converting clear cut chances? It doesn't happen every game, but quite often I can have anywhere from 6 to 10 clear cut chances in a game, but maybe convert one or two. I've got world class strikers up front, all three managed 20+ a season but could easily have had double that if they were converting more than a quarter of all CCCs.
  11. Just wondering what determines the stats for ex-players who take up staff roles after they retire? I've had a couple who have been awful, and then some who have been fantastic straight away (Michel Vorm and Joe Cole for starters). I've also had some with brilliant mental stats (15+ across the board) who have had really bad stats after retiring. Is there something that determines how good an ex-player becomes or is it just random?
  12. Happened to me too, and when I move it back it just swaps back around again next time I'm on it. Very annoying.
  13. I've set up six different affiliate clubs on my current save, two of them as financial benefit partnerships and the other four as feeder clubs to recruit foreign youngsters. However, once all six have been set up, they're all national partnerships where players are loaned, as opposed to the ones I actually asked for. Anyone else having this problem or is it a bug?
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