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  1. Nice to see a few fresh faces around Good luck with your save!
  2. Im approaching half way in the 3rd season... Markovic was awesome for me in the first season, got injured a couple of times in the second season and is on fire for me currently in the 3rd. Usually play him as an AMR winger attack.
  3. Not good. Never had a player pick up an injury/illness like that before in all the FM's/CM's i've played over the years...
  4. I really feel sorry for Suso on my save. He consistently plays well for me in the AMC role and is pivotal in my side creating chances and keeping possession rolling. His goals/assists ratio is shocking however. He creates so many chances for my other attackers but if Suso gives them the ball, they miss. He hardly ever gives possession away. If Sterling/Markovic or Henderson give them the ball, they score... He averaged 7.3 for me in 39 appearances but got 4 goals and 3 assists.
  5. Liverpool Second Season End of Season Summary: Summer 2015 Transfers In: Jeronimo Rulli - Free Zakaria Bakalli - Free Patrick Roberts - 9 million (Loaned back to Fulham until 1st January) Joe Cartwright - 950k (Regen from Crewe) Javi Manquillo - 5 million Sergi Samper - Barca - Extended Loan (15 million) Transfers Out: Mignolet - Benfica - 17 million Borini - Valencia - 9.5 million + 6 million add ons Allen - Newcastle - 8.5 million + 2 million add ons Ilori - Newcastle - 7 million + 3 million add ons Assaidi - Villareal - 5.25 million Coates - West Brom - 4.8 million + 2 million add ons Enrique - Elche - 4.4 million (have to pay 10k wages until the summer) Wisdom - Sunderland - 1.6 million Lambert - Southampton - 1 million Luis Alberto - Fulham - Loan (100k per month) (63 million) January 2016 Transfers In: Jose Carlos Vieira - Sporting - 4 million (Regen) January 2016 Transfers Out: Skrtel - Roma - 2 million (Approaching end of contract) End of Season Confirmed Transfers In: Xabi Alonso - Bayern - Free (End of Contract) Daniele Marino - Lazio - 5.25 million Sergi Samper - Barca - Extended Loan - 3rd year running now. He's a solid backup player. Will be trying to snap him up on a free as his contract runs out at the end of the season. With Stevie G retiring at the end of the season, i felt there wasn't a star player ready to take over his responsibilties at the club. Alonso being the legend he is, i couldn't resist. Had to fight with Chelsea for him but he couldn't resist returning to Anfield! Looking forward to getting him back and tutoring some of these regens. Team Instructions: Same as last year, no changes from the system we used the previous year. When Roberts arrived in January after his loan at Fulham, when he played i switched him to a Winger (support) role on the left hand side. Competition Performance: After going 27 home games in all competitions last year unbeaten, we managed to extend it 29 games before Sunderland beat us 2-1 in the league, scoring from both of their shots in the game and us hitting the post/bar 6 times... Community Shield A decent start to the campaign, and an unfortunate debut for Rulli with his own goal. He was the only new signing who made his debut in the game. English Premier Division: Won the league with 3 games to spare. This was a lot more comfortable for us than last year. The disappointing defeat to Sunderland at home was our only loss at home, with disappointing defeats away to Stoke, Spurs and 4-0 thumping away to Everton... No european football for United or Arsenal this year, while Everton get champions league as do City. Sunderland, West Ham and Forest were relegated... Watford was the surprise package finishing 12th and now have a Tycoon chairman. Middlesbrough stayed up, just. Cardiff, Huddersfield and Hull (Sami Hyypia) coming up. Carling Cup: We went one better this year! All premiership ties this year, except the final. Timo Horn kept clean sheets in every Carling Cup game this year, missing out on the chelsea game with injury. FA Cup: With an 8 game clean sheet record in the FA Cup can Timo Horn extend it this year?!?! Simply, no. He got 10 games though! Winner! Pretty straight forward this year, no extra time needed except the final. The chelsea game was the highlight though, 2 own goals from Cahill and Onazi, Hazard missing a 90th minute penalty and Balotelli scoring from the spot in the 93rd minute! Champions League Much improved performance here. Our biggest problem was keeping clean sheets here this year. Big away loss to Barca and a thumping win at home against them too! Finished 5 points behind Barca and 3 ahead of Shakhtar. They destroyed us basically. Errors all over the place and could quite have easily finished 10-7 as both teams hit the post/bar 4 times each. We were awesome here. 3 assists for Hendo and 2 for Sterling. Suarez barely touched the ball on his return to Anfield. Next up was Bayern in the knockout rounds, 2 very close games with us winning 3-2 on aggregate. Zenit were much easier opposition, 4-1 on aggregate. Roma in the semi's was always going to be tough. A 1-0 defeat at Anfield despite near total domination was frustrating. And a 1-1 draw in Rome meant there was no place in the final for us. A much better performance in this competition this year however. Squad Peformances: Goalkeeper: Rulli - 40 games, 39 conceded, 14 clean sheets Horn - 23 games, 15 conceded, 12 clean sheets. 14 of the 23 were cup/champs league appearances - 5 conceded, 10 clean sheets. His 9 league appearances he conceded 10 however. Both keepers happy with their playing time, no worries about this position for next year with Rulli improving all the time and Horn close to his potential. Defenders: Last years partnership was Lovren and Balanta. This year it was Sakho and Balanta. Lovren was really inconsistent so lost his place and began to moan about lack of opportunities. I think he might be sold this summer. Sakho also notched 8 goals. Skrtel left in January, so Joe Gomez got a lot of playing time in cup and lesser league opposition. Joe Gomez: High ratings in every competition he played in. Arsenal are starting to sniff around him, but he's been solid for me and won't be leaving any time soon. Jonny Forde: 10 appearances for Forde this year, mainly in the cups and end of season league games. Nice improvements everywhere stat wise compared to the screenshot of him from last years youth intake. Solid ratings too. Big future this guy i think. Joe Cartwright: Promising left back signed from Crewe at the beginning of the season. Working on getting his composure up as it's the only stat im really worried about with him. Made 7 appearances and fairly solid performances, a straight red in the second last game of the season meant he missed the chance to play in the FA Cup final. Midfielders: Stand out performer here was Henderson. He relished being captain for most of the season as Gerrard was mainly limited to sub appearances and went assist crazy. 19 assists and 12 MoM's. Sterling was great this year as was Coutinho who had a much better campaign than last. Im glad i didn't sell him to Juve now. Markovic had a couple of injuries this year so wasn't as good as last year but solid nonetheless. Roberts arrived in January after his loan at Fulham and was very impressive. He also made his England debut and got called up for the European Championships. Alli had a season long loan at Leicester in the premier league, playing 29 games, averaging 6.86 Rossiter had a season long loan at Rangers, playing 30 times, averaging 7.02. His stats seem to have a shot up from what i remember them being. Looks promising. Sterling - 16 goals, 18 assists Coutinho - 15 goals, 4 assists Markovic - 12 goals, 10 assists Roberts - 8 goals, 6 assists in 16 appearances Strikers: A tale of 2 halves of the season here really. Sturridge started most of the games up until January, Balotelli started most of the games after January. Origi had an injury hit campaign but played well when he started. Sturridge - 42 appearances (37 starts) - 24 goals, 8 assists Balotelli - 31 appearances (17 starts) - 20 goals, 7 assists Origi - 24 appearances (12 starts) - 8 goals, 1 assist Star Performers: Henderson, Sterling, Balotelli, Sakho Surprise of the Season: Coutinho's big improvement this year was surprising, but Henderson's assists and 7.65 average rating for the season gets him the nod. Youth Intake: Completely pointless this year, no prospects whatsoever, hence the signings of 2 potentially world class regen foreign midfielders. Third Season Targets: - A similar champions league run. - With the squad we have now, the league should be the target once again. - A decent cup run in both cups again would be nice, to let youngsters get as much first team as possible. Last Year's Future Plans: Lucas Romero to take over as a Regista for Gerrard - Done! Tielemans to take over from Hendo in the middle as roaming playmaker - Ongoing - Tutoring between the two of them resulted in a fall out, but Tielemans is progressing nicely. Origi to force his way into reckoning ahead of Sturridge and Mario - Still a little way to go here but he's well on his way. Joe Gomez backup CB - Done! He had a great campaign this year. 3rd choice CB atm ahead of Lovren who should be leaving in the summer. Develop Sterling/Suso/Markovic to become my first choice starters, with Odegaard to contest Suso for that AMC role - Sterling and Markovic are both starters, Roberts and Coutinho are vying for Suso's position though. Disappointing campaign for him. Forde to become my first choice RB - He's vying with Flanno and Manquillo at the moment. A repeat of Flanagan's disciplinary record this year will probably mean Forde will be first choice at the end of next season. Limit myself to one first team signing from outside UK every season, with the idea of bringing through talent from within/UK. - Done - Alonso coming in. 1 regen also came in January. This Season's Future Plan's: Give Tielemans and Origi more game time Forde and Cartwright to develop into second choice full backs rather than third or fourth choice Keep more clean sheets in league/champions league Keep up our impressive home record (2 home defeats in 2 seasons in all competitions) Regens Signed: Jose Carlos Vieira: Daniele Marino: Proposed Second Season Squad Depth: Goalkeeper: Jeronimo Rulli Timo Horn Right Backs: Flanagan Manquillo Forde (Regen) Centre Backs: Balanta Sakho Gomez (New Signing needed) Left Backs: Moreno Flanagan Can Cartwright (Regen) Defensive Midfield: Alonso Romero Can Samper Rossiter Central Midfielders: Hendo Tielemans Romero Can Alli? - May go out on loan again Rossiter - May go out on loan again Vieira (Regen) Right Wingers: Markovic Sterling Suso Attacking Midfield Central: Coutinho Suso Roberts Odegaard Left Wingers: Sterling Roberts Bakkali Strikers: Sturridge Balotelli Origi Areas to Improve: Probably gonna let Lallana and Lovren go. A replacement for Lovren is the only position i'm going to be short on. Lots of youngsters will be leaving if i can sell them too. I'll leave it at that for now, if any of you want screenshots of anything else let me know!
  6. He was awesome for me in the BETA. I've not signed him in this save, i'm in my second season... He's still at PSV and scoring regularly from them. I may go in for him at the end of the season. Apologies for a lack of updates on my save recently. Truth be told i've not managed to get on it much (been playing Destiny when i've been home). Will throw up an update once i've got through January window.
  7. Not had a chance to get on my save today... Will do my next update after the Transfer Window closes.
  8. Im still not sure whether i want to accept that bid for Coutinho on my save, i've stalled on the offer for now but im reluctant to go too far ahead just yet. I forgot i had Bakalli joining too so i have him for cover for Sterling on the left. If i do sell Coutinho i'll bring in Roberts from Fulham or Ward-Prowse... I've had bids for Mignolet, Borini, Enrique, Wisdom and Lambert which have been accepted. Trying to sell Allen but no takers so far. Edit: Need a LB to replace Enrique. I'd prefer Moreno to be my number one LB, anyone have any recommendations? I'm looking at Gaya from Valencia but they're reluctant to sell to me anything below his 25.5 million release clause...
  9. Retraining Sterling as a False 9, looking forward to see how that turns out Try swapping Balotelli's role to a Complete Forward or Advanced Forward. As a Target Man your team will look to give him the ball, and he's being asked to hold the ball up and lay it off to Sterling or Sturridge or create chances for himself. His personality is a selfish one though so he's going to try to score himself 9 times out of 10, often from distance. Also, how is the ball entering the box most during games when you've been watching? Sturridge and Sterling are poor in the air, so if you've noticed they're crossing the ball in high maybe add low and whipped crosses to your instructions, as Sterling and Sturridge are both quick and will try to get to the ball before defenders.
  10. Congrats on going unbeaten till January, long may it continue As for getting your strikers to score, what formation are you playing and what mentality? What roles have you given them? It seems from the stats, they're struggling to hit the target mainly. I see you've training them to not shoot from distance, what are your training focuses for Sturridge and Balotelli? Personally i got them both doing Off The Ball so that they found themselves in better positions inside the box when they receive the ball. Composure could be good to get them more focused when one on one, too. Morale plays a big part too, try giving them a lift or telling them you expect better...
  11. I had someone, i think Hull, come in for Allen in January for 9 million but it failed as they couldnt raise enough funds... I offer Lucas out immediately with very low up front payment and high 24 month payment and Monaco and a few others come in for him. I've had bids ranging from 12 million to 29 million for him in the first window in different saves. Usually for me Johnson, Lucas and Toure are the only players i try to sell straight away. As for keeping Balotelli happy, as in real life, he is such a confidence player. Keep his morale high and he will always perform. Also one thing is keep an eye on his disciplinary record during games. In my current save, i praised his conduct towards the end of the season, as he eventually went an entire season without getting booked (so unlike him, i know) and he now lists me as one of his favored personnel. When bringing him on as a sub, i used to have a personal team talk with him saying "I have faith i know you can make a difference" or whatever it is and he reacted positively every time, eventually saying he felt he had a good relationship with the manager... I've never tried to sell him, although if i remember correctly somebody earlier posted that they sold him for loads to Bayern i think after the first season. As for his instructions when playing instead of Sturridge, i kept him as an Advanced Forward as he stayed forward and kept the two Centre backs busy and with his strength he's great at holding the ball up for Sterling and Markovic and laying it out wide for them. Credit where credit's due though, SI have nailed his movement in the game when in the middle of the pitch, he's so slow at getting into the box when the two wingers break forward.
  12. Mentality is Control, Team Shape is flexible. When ahead and i've switched formations, i'll switch to Defensive and add Waste time and Shorter Passing instructions. I tend to score quite often when setup like this when the other team are trying to get the ball off us and space opens up as they press, and with the pace of Sterling, Markovic and Sturridge we'd naturally counter. Instructions: Goalkeeper - Pass It Shorter, Fewer Risky Passes, Take Short Kicks, Distribute Quickly RB - None CB - None CB - None LB - Cross Aim Centre, Run Wide With Ball Regista - Shoot Less Often, Dribble Less, Hold Position, More Direct Passes - Less running for Gerrard, can last the occasional 90 minutes more and dictate play, while keeping cover when Henderson and Moreno go forward... Box To Box (Hendo) - Get Further Forward, Pass It Shorter (You'll notice he lays it off a lot to your CAM and bombs on past him) , Close Down Much More Right Wing - None CAM - None Left Wing (Sterling) - Sit Narrower (Important if you want to give Moreno room to get forward down the left) Striker - None
  13. Got a big decision to make now with Coutinho... I know i can get more for him in a few seasons time, but he was regularly injured for me last season and wasn't as good as others... The 25% from future fee is very tempting though. Hmmmm. What do you guys think?
  14. Thanks cezar. rywilson, I do have specific defending/attacking set piece instructions. I also have instructions for the keeper, Moreno, Gerrard or whoever plays in the Regista role, Henderson and Sterling. I can post them up too for you if you want.
  15. Liverpool First season End of Season Summary: Transfers In: Joe Gomez - Charlton - 2.6million - Sent back on loan Delle Alli - MK Dons - 2.6 million - Sent back on loan Timo Horn - Koln - 3.8 million Eder Alvarez Balanta - River - 6.5 million Sergi Samper - Barca - Loan Transfers Out: Lucas Johnson Toure Ward January Transfers In: Lucas Romero - Velez - 5 million Youri Tielemans - 9.25 million Martin Odegaard - Compensation January Transfers Out: Iago Aspas End of Season Confirmed Transfers In: Jeronimo Rulli - Soceidad - Free (End of Contract) Zakaria Bakkali - PSV - Free (End of Contract) The System: This is the formation and most used squad i used throughout the season (in the league) consistently. Team Instructions: Once we had a 2 goal advantage, or were trying to hold onto a slender 1 goal lead, the formation was changed to this. The usual substitions shown, or Henderson kept on and one of the wingers subbed instead: With Markovic allowed to Attack and concentrate on going forward, Flanagan was told to stay back in position and rarely push forward. W hile on the opposite wing, Moreno was encouraged to attack with Sterling sitting slightly narrower in a support role, with Gerrard positioned on the left hand side to cover when Moreno pushed forward. Suso was the link between midfield and attack playing lots of short passes forward and back to help keep possession and create chances, with Hendo running box to box to support attacks and help defend. Hendo missed 2 months after January, with Lucas Romero filling in for him either as a box to box midfielder or roaming playmaker depending on opposition. Competition Performance: Anfield fortress restored! Won the league with the average youngest, shortest and lightest squad in the league! English Premier Division: Won the league with a game to spare. An incredible undefeated Home record(albeit Chelsea equalled us), conceding just 9 goals in 19 league games and averaging 2.68 goals a game, helped us immensely. No european football for City, while United are stuck with Europa League! Hull (now managed by big Sami Hyypia) QPR (Martin Jol) and Palace were relegated... Forest, Watford and Middlesbrough coming up. Derby finished 1 point out of the relegation zone... Was hoping they'd go down to get Hughes in for cheap Carling Cup: Getting to the final wasn't easy, being forced into extra time against Leicester and Leeds. A good comeback in the second leg against United helped us get to the final, but Flanagan's early sending off after Mario put us ahead meant it was disappointment for the reds this time. FA Cup: Timo Horn take a bow son! Winner! What should've been a pretty straightforward cup run for us was actually quite hard work, with replays required against Blackburn and Leicester. A massive shout out to Timo Horn, who played in each of the FA Cup ties, keeping clean sheets in a record 8 consecutive cup matches! Balotelli got 12 goals in the competition, needless to say he finished top scorer in it. Champions League The biggest disappointment of our season was by far our champions league form. Despite dominating every game except the defeat away to Madrid, we just couldn't find the goal needed to get all 3 points against Steaua and Madrid at home. We scraped through the group, 2 points ahead of Steaua and 2 behind Madrid. Next was Napoli in the knockout rounds, but Rafa's return to Anfield saw him go through on away goals. All 3 goals scored by Napoli were from long throw in's (and Higuain headers)... Squad Peformances: Goalkeeper: The stats definitely favor Timo Horn. Out of those stats, he played: 8 league games, keeping 5 clean sheets and conceding 4. 13 Cup games, keeping 9 clean sheets and conceding 8. 2 Champions league games, 0 clean sheets and conceding 2. With Rulli coming soon, Mignolet will be leaving, with Roma currently interested in him. Defenders: My defensive partnership for the first half of the season was Lovren and Balanta and was pretty solid, but Balanta got injured for a few months so Skrtel came in and played regularly until Balanta came back(before he got injured again). Really shocked at the amount of mistakes Skrtel and Lovren made together compared to Sakho and Balanta, thankfully only 2 led to goals. I may let Skrtel leave in order to give Gomez more chance of getting games as he's coming back from his loan. 10 mistakes in 39 appearances for nearly relegated Charlton (compared to Skrtel's 105 in 36!), he seems consistent enough and his stats if i can develop them nicely he should be a solid rotatation defender over the next few years, hopefully i got the higher end of his potential ability. Midfielders: Just noticed the screenshot is hiding Suso's name, apologies. Stand out performer here was definitely Markovic. He was incredible, especially when played with Balotelli, as his crosses for Mario to get his head on were superb. Suso was great in the league (26 appearances) when played, he didn't get many assists or goals but his ball retention, key passes and chances created were really high. Sterling was solid as an IF on the left, getting on the scoresheet and assisting regularly. Coutinho was ok, he struggled for fitness and picked up 5 or 6 short term injuries. A very stop start campaign for him. Strikers: I felt sorry for Lambert in the end. 4 goals in 1 start and 3 sub appearances, but my tactic for this save is just 1 up front unless we're losing... Sturridge and Mario were both consistent. Sturridge picked up a few injuries during the season. The screenshot doesn't show Borini who disappointed me after his amazing performances in the BETA for me. He was mainly played as an IF when Sterling didn't play and got 2 goals and 2 assists in 16 starts and 15 sub appearances. Star Performers: Timo Horn - 23(0) -14 conceded, 14 clean sheets Mario Balotelli - 27(15) - 29 goals, 10 assists Daniel Sturridge - 31(4) - 21 goals, 11 assists Lazar Markovic - 36(5) - 11 goals, 20 assists Raheem Sterling - 43(2) - 14 goals, 12 assists Surprise of the Season: I would say managing to sign Rulli on a free and unbeaten in all competitions at home are both very high up on the list, but Lazar Markovic gets the nod here after his immense performances! Awards: Youth Intake: Meet Jonny Forde - 15 years old: Really excited about this guy. Solid physical's, with nice mental ratings for Composure, Determination, Teamwork and Work Rate, with high tackling too. He started the last game of the season, having a solid game and also the FA Cup final, receiving an 8.5 rating in the final. Judging by player stats and Assistant opinion, the rest were all nowhere near the potential to break through into the first team in future... Second Season Targets: - Champions League was the biggest let down, so an improvement in that department is a must. - I'd settle for Top 4, obviously retaining the title would be nice - A decent cup run in both cups would also be nice, to let youngsters get as much first team as possible Future Plans: Lucas Romero to take over as a Regista for Gerrard Tielemans to take over from Hendo in the middle as roaming playmaker Origi to force his way into reckoning ahead of Sturridge and Mario Joe Gomez backup CB Develop Sterling/Suso/Markovic to become my first choice starters, with Odegaard to contest Suso for that AMC role Forde to become my first choice RB Limit myself to one first team signing from outside England every season, with the idea of bringing through talent from within/UK. Proposed Second Season Squad Depth: Goalkeeper: Jeronimo Rulli Timo Horn Right Backs: Flanagan Manquillo Forde (Regen) Centre Backs: Balanta Sakho Lovren Gomez Left Backs: Moreno Flanagan Can at a stretch Defensive Midfield: Gerrard Romero Can Central Midfielders: Hendo Tielemans Romero Can Alli? - May go out on loan again Right Wingers: Markovic Sterling Lallana Attacking Midfield Central: Suso Coutinho Odegaard Left Wingers: Sterling Suso Borini? - May sell Strikers: Sturridge Balotelli Origi Areas to Improve: Probably gonna let Mignolet, Enrique, Allen and Lambert go, maybe Skrtel and Borini if there's interest. A left back to replace Enrique would be nice, maybe a left winger too to cover for Sterling if Borini leaves (Patrick Roberts?). Goalkeeper and Defensive/Central midfield is sorted, Allen is surplus to requirements. I'll leave it at that for now, may add some screenshots of players development so far at a later date.
  16. Im finding it a lot more enjoyable since the update. I'll throw up a first season review in the next hour or so.
  17. During a tight 0-0 away at 4th placed Newcastle i noticed this... Martin Atkinson having a shocker once again. According to the post match report, he had a good game! Edit: The screenshot isn't the clearest... But yeah, he booked himself... Haha
  18. Im guessing Jerome Sinclair's free kick stat is random in that screenshot Cezar, never seen it that high before!
  19. Just lost the Carling Cup final against Newcastle 3-1, Flanagan getting sent off after 3 mins for 2 yellow's didn't help... Anyone else finding Flanno getting booked/sent off regularly? He's picked up 10 yellows and 2 reds in 32 games so far in my save at the beginning of March... Warned him after his 1st sending off then fined him after the 2nd and now he's upset with me about it. Currently top with 61 points from 27 games. Won 18, Drawn 7, Lost 2. I've been experimenting with a 4-2-3-1 formation with Gerrard as a Regista slightly deeper than Henderson in the middle. I've never been a fan of the Regista role in previous FM's as i found they didn't do enough defensively and couldn't get it to work for me. However Gerrard's been one of my best performers in the role, I've currently conceded just 19 goals in 27 games...
  20. Just got lucky... He picked up an injury ruling him out for a month. I had one of my scouts give me match reports after that for 3 months to keep an eye on his consistency, as far as i can tell they never offered him a contract.
  21. I brought in Samper on loan on my save also. He's played well coming on as a sub and playing in low key league/cup games. If his contract hasn't been renewed yet by Barca, in his contract he has a 10.25 million release clause.
  22. That's my keeper sorted for the next 10+ years then My scouts have his personality as a Model Professional so he'll be tutoring any young keepers coming from my youth intake!
  23. Coming up to the new year on my save and got a message through that one of my Transfer Targets contracts was expiring in 6 months. For some reason Soceidad haven't offered Rulli an extension yet! Just offered him a contract, hopefully i can snap him up to come in at the end of the season to take over the gloves from Mignolet!
  24. I too restarted after the match engine patch came out, 6 games in, won 3, drawn 2, lost 1. Lost away to Villa on the opening day despite dominating and drew with Arsenal and City. Wasn't expecting this however.... 9 shots on target, 7 goals scored while they didn't even have a shot. Wonder goals from Markovic, Flanagan and Kent too, who was brought on at half time due to Lallana getting injured!
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