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  1. I've implemented a similar tactic with Preston after gaining promotion to the premiership (FM 16.2) . I find it difficult to create clear cut chances from open play, usually by the time the ball gets into the opposition half the box is already congested. My players in the attacking strata aren't creating enough space with their movement for chances to open up. I removed the pass into space shout because some players in my defensive line try Hollywood passes at times that result in a quick interception from the opposition and lightening speed counters that usually results in goals over the top balls to strikers. Also when the opposition play with two strikers i realize sometimes both defenders will press the auxiliary striker that has dropped deep to receive a pass, resulting in the auxiliary striker picking up his striker partner who has drifted into the space vacated by the second center back vacating his position to participate in the press. My Squad from your reading this post it appears the tactic was successful for you. I struggle with this tactic usually have better possession than opposition but end up losing matches. Also I'm mostly scoring from crosses. Thanks
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