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  1. The "experience" exist in FM? If two players has the same CA but one of them played more matches in carrier, he could be better because of it?
  2. So if I set defensive mentality with low block formation and TI - I am not taking advantage of created space as good as with attacking mentality ... Maybe the game is working well but the way we are thinking about mentalities and their link to playing styles are wrong.
  3. I think that this topic is still relevant in FM2020. I have tried all styles with Burnley. And I was surprised that all counter styles were disaster. But when you use Gegenpressing, it suddenly works like plug and play tactic. But I wanted play on counter-attacks so I checked Tactics Sharing Centre. Almost all tactics were using "attacking" or "very attacking" mentality. I am sure that it is possible to play on counters and I will find a way. But attacking is far more easy, so there is no change in FM19 vs 20 in this issue
  4. Hi, I have been playing Football Manager for about 15 years and there was always Czech language in the game but not anymore in FM20. So I have to play in English. It is ok, but one thing makes me crazy and that is different sorting of player attributes. It is just impossible to get used to it. What can I do about it? Is it possible to change position of each attributes? Or do I have to translate attributes to Czech language? How can I do it? Thank you.
  5. FM 2019 v19.3.5.1225655 (2019.07.21 22.37.54).dmpHi, I am not able to continue in my game because the game always crash in the same day
  6. Why is there no warning in the game that this player will be block to register before I signed him?? It ruined my save probably..
  7. Hi, i have only 2 nonEU players in my Fiorentina. But I am unable to register one of them - Shoya Nakajima. Why? I had one more nonEU player before but I already sold him. Is it a bug or weird italian rule? What should I do? He will be the whole season out of squad because of this ? Thanks for explanation ...
  8. Hi, what does "drastic changes" means? They are unhappy because of changes in intensity? I am not sure, if I undestand, what it is. Like too much sesions in a row a then a lot of breaks? Or what? This is my schedule
  9. Sorry I meant attributes of players. The transition is fluid with short passing length. I want improve it by buying players with right attributes and right training.
  10. Hi, I have a great tactic playing beautiful football (like Atletico Madrid). I want minimize as much as possible my biggest weakness. Making mistakes (sometimes very stupid passes) during transition (counter attack). Advantage: great counter-attacks and effective utilization of space when overloading both flanks. Disadvantage: vulnerable on flanks especially during transition What attributes and what training I should prefer? Thank you.
  11. shaikhrahib: thank you, i have already tried similar aproach, it works :-) ... it is more close to Mourinho's football as it is high posession. It is far from Leicester style (title season) where counter attacks were fast and direct.... But from my experience both these styles are harder to maintain long term succesfull than attacking strategy.
  12. shaikhrahib: very impressive screenshot :-) could you share more details about your philoshophy/tactic? :-)
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