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  1. Would be really useful to be able to see clear cut chances by player and their conversion rates for those CCC. I know I can go into match analysis and collate this myself but having the data available to add to certain screens would be great.
  2. But ChelseaFan's mate Chris who definitely works for SI and definitely isn't fake said it was definitely going to be today and I believe him....
  3. I'll write him a letter of apology if you're right
  4. Neil Brock said earlier it wasn't going to happen today....
  5. Episode 3 of my Arsenal save is now live! Check it out here
  6. Please check out my FM Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/curtyfm I warn you though - the early videos are rubbish - but the last few are loads better! Cheers
  7. Hey guys, I'd really appreciate any feedback on the latest episode of my West Ham series on YouTube. Whilst you're there, why not watch the others as well?! Thanks in advance!
  8. Not really featured for me yet as he's still only 16, but his stats are impressive, especially at his age.
  9. These are my cash transfers for season 1 & 2. I sold Sturridge when I was drunk the other night but replaced him with Barbosa, and to be honest, Origi has been superb since he joined at the start of season 2. I also ended up keeping Glen Johnson, he is now on almost half of his previous contract.
  10. Ah ok - got the renewal in early. To be fair, on my save he's not requested a new contract yet (Nov 15).
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