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  1. Just went in to check the highlights of the shootout to show the live stream - however when i clicked on match report, it showed this error.
  2. Hi Jack, penalty takers were selected by dragging players from the left to the list of takers. There were two already in the list so I dragged maybe 5 others over. I also remember trying to drag a player over before realising he was already a selected taker. As for tactical changes, it would have been a mixture. Some changes were made in the tactics screen, mentality was changed on the match view and subs were made probably with the make sub button in the match view. Sorry I can’t be more specific!
  3. Ok - the game effectively froze - however with the help of @Lucas over twitter DMs, we installed a custom skin with an instant result button. Because of that I was able to get the pkm. I'll attach it here. Thanks again to @Lucas - amazing support at 11pm at night when you didn't need to. Massive props. xx Leicester v Aldershot.pkm
  4. Worth noting that it's not auto generating pkms. I've gone to an old match and generated one, saved to the default folder and it's in there, although nothing else from this save is. Looked in various locations for where the pkms could be to no avail.
  5. Let it run and have now just got this error pop up on screen
  6. I'm currently stuck in a penalty shootout where every penalty is put over the bar and in 2D or 3D you don't actually see the penalty being taken. You only see the commentary bar. I don't know what to do - I can't save the game as it's stuck within a match. Please advise ASAP.
  7. This is the wrong photo for James Rowe the assistant manager. This picture should be attributed to the player James Rowe who is in the squad.
  8. But ChelseaFan's mate Chris who definitely works for SI and definitely isn't fake said it was definitely going to be today and I believe him....
  9. I'll write him a letter of apology if you're right
  10. Neil Brock said earlier it wasn't going to happen today....
  11. Episode 3 of my Arsenal save is now live! Check it out here
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