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  1. This happened to me yesterday. Unfortunately the game crashed after it finished. The only possible explanation I can see from the older save I've reloaded is that the opposition have a Caretaker Manager (although whether they were still in place at the time of the crash, I'm not sure). If it's still of interest or under investigation, happy to upload a savefile.
  2. I had it in my save >10 years in. He got a bit upset about how I'd treated another player, and then started the whole nightclub thing. It never ended. I fined him on at least 15 separate occasions over 6 months, some of which he accepted and others he got angry. There was nothing in his profile or coach report to indicate that he would be a problem. I sold him to Newcastle for around £40m, and then noticed that despite a news item talking up how much me and him hate each other, he wasn't even in the squad. Checked his profile... he was absent. And he's now handed in a tr
  3. Noticed no 4-2-3-1 in the list - I was expecting Parisienne to be there but not sure if you've left it out for another reason?
  4. So I decided to make one tweak to the tactic - to remove the team-wide "get stuck in" to try to reduce the number of red cards I was receiving. My team has the highest aggression in the league so perhaps that is causing more than I might have expected otherwise (even micro-managing individual players on yellow cards to ease off). Anyway, over the course of the season results did pick up and I've gone up from 20th to a comfortable 15th. The only conclusion I can draw is that the tactical familiarity being slightly less than 100% was causing a lot of problems. I definitely perform be
  5. Used this tactic to great success in a couple of countries, but now with Sunderland in the Premiership and getting utterly decimated (i.e. losing by >5 goals to teams in bottom half of table). I feel like there must be something I'm missing. My squad is poor by premiership standards, but not terrible (i.e. my attack is rated ~5th for pace and acceleration). I have OIs disabled, have tried both giving a quick briefing myself and letting the AM do it, have now adopted your training schedules as well but just haven't been able to stop the rot. I have noticed that the vast majority
  6. Thanks Michael. I did start as Sunday League (normal reflex), but I have presumed that's not an issue as the rep side of things seems fairly OK. Save 2 (Now in Wales) So if I look at the Dynamics screen of the players, I don't see anything other than "poor dressing room atmosphere", which as I said doesn't help me all that much. In terms of Club Dynamics, I see the following: I presume from what you are saying that the yellow is the cause - though that would suggest to me that signing a few new players (11 in 4 months) could be the issue. That's new to me from
  7. It's a while since I played FM a lot (challenges and the like), but decided to give FM18 a go. I've previously been quite successful, if not a tactical expert. However, FM18 feels unplayable for me right now and I just can't figure it out. I am into my second save, and my third team, and every single one has had massive issues with dressing room atmosphere. And in every case, when I discuss with the captain, he always cites "Low morale", which I have no idea how to respond to. First attempt - youth players only in England. Did not sign any players at all. Got a shock promotion i
  8. Could I request the following: Please sticky this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/324445-FMCU-s-FM13-Hall-of-Fame And rename this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/297468-FMCU-s-Hall-of-Fame-(and-Shame!) to "FMCU's All-Time Hall of Fame (and Shame!)" Thanks
  9. I was just wondering what people might think of this idea I've always been fascinated by the way that the chairmen act with managers in FM, they always seem very ready to throw away their old managers and replace them with the usual suspects, Javier Aguirre and so on, like in my dafuge game where Man Utd decided not to offer Ferguson a new contract. I was thinking of basically testing relationships between chairmen and managers, and how that leads onto success. For example, if every team in a league was equal, same quality players, same financial situation, same reputation, how do the skill
  10. yeah that screenshot which i posted (but has died) shows my lincoln team with him scoring a hat trick inside the first 5 minutes of the game as i said a very good start
  11. Well it appears that the tactic isn't too bad... That was one hell of a start
  12. downloaded from rapidshare f**king hacking c***s anyway... thanks for the update fuss - have been using my adapted V3 quite successfully so far but these tweaks sound interesting, and not stuff I've tried before so should be good thanks again
  13. I've been using this tactic with Man Utd with a new game after patching Early on it was pretty shockingly bad - drew 3-3 with Newcastle away, beat Tottenham 5-4 at home (!), then lost 2-0 to Reading at home. Also got some really nasty injuries in that time - van der Sar slipped disc (3months), Rooney broken collarbone (on top of two sendings off in the tottenham match - scored winning goal with 8 players) and also lost Scholes, Giggs, and Kuszczak over shorter periods (I had to sign Niemi as GK cover) However, after those really bad 3 games, it's turned around and the tactic is really worki
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