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  1. Thanks Michael. I did start as Sunday League (normal reflex), but I have presumed that's not an issue as the rep side of things seems fairly OK. Save 2 (Now in Wales) So if I look at the Dynamics screen of the players, I don't see anything other than "poor dressing room atmosphere", which as I said doesn't help me all that much. In terms of Club Dynamics, I see the following: I presume from what you are saying that the yellow is the cause - though that would suggest to me that signing a few new players (11 in 4 months) could be the issue. That's new to me from previous incarnations of FM. Am I signing too many players, or am I signing the wrong players? Save 1 (Youth only) What puzzles me is that I would have expected my youth-only save to generate top quality dressing room atmosphere, yet it isn't the case. But then suddenly I'm not really clear on why these factors, which seem fairly minor when the players have known each other for a long time and there are no disruptive players, would cause such a big collapse. Any insights are greatly appreciated.
  2. It's a while since I played FM a lot (challenges and the like), but decided to give FM18 a go. I've previously been quite successful, if not a tactical expert. However, FM18 feels unplayable for me right now and I just can't figure it out. I am into my second save, and my third team, and every single one has had massive issues with dressing room atmosphere. And in every case, when I discuss with the captain, he always cites "Low morale", which I have no idea how to respond to. First attempt - youth players only in England. Did not sign any players at all. Got a shock promotion in first season, and managed to hold our own against far better sides to hold a mid-table position after a few games. Then some poor results happened, and the dressing room collapsed. Match cohesion was amazing, only one social group, and generally good managerial support but it just fell to bits. We couldn't string a pass together. Not played that one since. I would have assumed this set up would be the best for morale, but apparently not. Second attempt - started managing in China, which in theory should have been much harder. Generally went OK, and when dressing room started to falter I decided to get rid of the players who had concerns, which did help temporarily. But it was always a touchy subject and would sway rapidly from positive to negative without me seeing what I was doing. Every job interview they asked me about my terrible handling of the dressing room. Third attempt - moved from China to Wales, signed a bunch of players, but generally kept squad happy and moved on players who were unhappy. Board generally happy with performance in top-half of table, but had a few bad results and morale collapsed again. I've looked at a few guides on the web but nothing is really indicating to me what I'm doing wrong. I do delegate a lot of responsibilities, e.g. training, pre-match briefing etc, but then doing it myself on the odd occasion I've tried doesn't seem to help and I don't enjoy them much anyway. Am I missing something obvious? This feature is driving me up the wall at the moment.
  3. Just browsing through the forum after a long time away! Congrats on the mod-ship delta!
  4. Cheers for that SRL88, appreciate I left a pretty big list Just noticed, you've changed my striker's name from Howard to Henry in the top goalscorer, league goalscorer and fastest goal categories? I know Howard's a bit of an unfortunate name at times, but, it's a bit harsh.
  5. Screenshot: http://img560.imageshack.us/img560/8620/yj4p.png Team managed: Gloucester By my reckoning: Lowest Average Attendance Avg: 1207 (2023/24) Lowest Attendance Attendance: 112 Opponents: Farnborough Competition: Skrill South Biggest Defeat Opponents: Tottenham Hotspur Final Score: 7-0 Highest Scoring Game Opponents: Alfreton Final Score: 6-3 Top League Goalscorer Player: Howard Goodwin League Goals: 37 Highest Average Rating Player: Jake Brewer Avg Rating: 8.13 (32 appearances) Fastest Goal Player: Howard Goodwin Time: 9 seconds Most Assists Player: Andrew Threlfall Assists: 22 Youngest Goalscorer Player: Javan Ritchie Age: 15 years 215 days Oldest Goalscorer Player: Matt Coupe Age: 37 years 24 days Most Games Lost in a Row Sequence: 6 Most Games Without Winning Sequence: 12 And on another screen: Most Goals in a Season Player: Howard Goodwin Goals: 41 Screenshot: http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/6513/r970.png
  6. Congrats Crouchy! So, now that's all over and done with, you can get your career thread going.
  7. 2024/25 Season Review Competitions League 2 (22nd) Still stuck at the bottom of the table, but the league was much, much stronger this year and a huge number of teams were in the mix for relegation. We always looked like we would be safe, but still no signs of any major improvement in form. Cups - Unlucky to draw quality opposition in the League Cup and JPT, but more fortunate in the FA Cup, drawing Gateshead from the Conference Premier and League 2 Tranmere, and even more so playing Tranmere at home. We got a decent tie away at Cardiff, but the small stadium meant we didn't really get much for our efforts other than a thorough stuffing. Youth Players Marc Halliday (YP1) - I wish someone would take him on a free transfer or loan. They won't. Howard Goodwin (YP11) - Back on form, and hugely appreciated! Exactly what I've come to expect. Nathan Tubbs (YP13) - Decent as ever, and his stats keep improving, but his form isn't. Lewis Langdown (YP14) - Another average season - I frequently dropped him, but it made little difference. Pete Butler (YP16) - Appalling. I'll try to get him out on loan next season. Karl Pym (YP19) - Slowly improving, but I need him to pick up the pace a bit. Colin Chenoweth (YP21) - Stagnated a bit, but hoping he will pick things up again next season - attributes are improving. Dominic Kellaway (YP22) - Really poor - dropped in favour of younger talents, but no obvious alternatives yet. John Thomson (YP23) - Would probably make a great CB, but that's not what I need. He's not a great LB. Marc Richards (YP24) - After a brilliant debut season, I kept giving him opportunities, and he was useless. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Junior Matthews (YP25) - Now first choice RB, but needs to improve significantly as he's not a natural. Geoff Paddock (YP26) - The biggest threat to Langdown (YP14)'s position, really strong debut season. Stuart Hoskins (YP27) - The most talented player at the club, according to my assistant. Could be special. Keiran Langdown (YP28) - With Richards (YP24) in poor form, I gave Langdown a few chances, and he really impressed. Great partnership with Goodwin (YP11). Former Youth Players Brendan Clinton (YP2) - New club, same dross. Paul Fisher (YP3) - Struggled after Woking's promotion. At least he's got a steady contract. Leon Rae (YP4) - Free transferred to Linfield, which is much more his level. Ashan Perry (YP5) - Really not worth the money I invested in him. I paid him to leave, and no-one wants him. John Lindsay (YP6) - Another rubbish season, this time for Bath. Bob Walton (YP7) - After a dreadful season at Woking, his contract was terminated. Oh dear. Roy Slocombe (YP8) - Really poor season for Maidenhead. I'd be surprised if they kept him. Neil Megson (YP9) - Much better season now he's settled in at King's Lynn, could do alright here. George Wilson (YP10) - Lost his place in my squad, and dropped by Forest Green as well. Moses Makin (YP12) - Decided to stay at Farnborough, and has found his level in the Conference South. Carl Cunnington (YP15) - Capable, but dropped in favour of youngsters - but no-one wants him. Richard Hayward (YP17) - Finally got rid of him. Dreadful for Woking and wants a new challenge. I would suggest football is a challenge. Andrew Threlfall (YP18) - Really, really awful season for one of my high hopes. And he's been offered another extension! Rhys Ricketts (YP20) - Already overtaken by new youth intakes - and few offers coming in. Club Facilities - Much the same as last season. Finances - JUst about holding things together. Might need a boardroom bailout soon, but the cuts to the youth coaching do seem to have helped. Hopefully our expenditure on that side of things should stabilise next season - it accounted for over 40% of our expenditure.
  8. 2025 Youth Overview Sean Gardner Not such a great one this year. Gardner will probably be useful and certainly has the quality to make it long-term in this league, but the overall quality of the intake has dropped really significantly. I would be very surprised if any of the guys with 3* potential become first team fixtures, but then there's no position that I need to strengthen in particular right now. The problem is that even players with 4.5* in my current squad aren't necessarily achieving decent average ratings, and the squad is appalling compared to the rest of the league, so a few more 4.5* potentials won't help much - we need some blisteringly good kids, but we don't have the money to invest. Hard to know what the solution is, really.
  9. It's manageable now I've got the drop in youth coaching, but it's still a very precarious position. Question is, do I invest heavily in youth to earn a promotion, or cut back to ensure our financial survival? Right now I'm hovering between the two, but it's hard to know exactly where to draw the line. Yeah, and the weird thing is that the cost of our youth coaching is absolutely all over the place right now. It seems to bear very little resemblance to the level of investment shown on the facilities page.
  10. Yeah the speed is really nice, especially since I only have the one league loaded - it processes in no time at all. Last year I did an all-nations save and it was ridiculous, took forever for anything to happen and I turned off all the full detail processing that I could as well. It's certainly a challenge doing this kind of save, but that's why I appreciate it. Good luck with your career
  11. Thanks very much As for your question - not really, no. Turning pro has made a tremendous difference, because I've been handing players 5 year contracts whenever possible, and frankly if they decide to go after that length of time then I don't mind - I've got some decent service from them. With the old contracts, where they only lasted 2 years, it was hard to keep anyone for very long - and obviously I couldn't compete with the salaries on offer at other clubs. And most of my players wanted non-contract terms, which meant I hadn't got a hope in hell of holding onto them. In previous seasons, I lost Ashan Perry (YP5) and, as you mentioned, Threlfall (YP18) to contract refusals, but they were the only big ones. Generally with the other ones they were players I could accept losing. And honestly, even with the two major ones, I barely noticed their loss - Perry was immediately outshone by Goodwin (YP11), and Threlfall's departure allowed Richards (YP24) to have a terrific debut season. The one tip I would give with these saves is that you really, really have to look at it as a long-term project. Effectively, you're working on permanent 17-18 year cycles, so even if you make no progress for 10 years, it's not necessarily over, and if you're not very good with tactics (I'm inept) that can happen. The reason I say ~18 years is because if you upgrade your youth recruitment, you might get a really good youth intake that year. Now in order for your squad as a whole to reach its full potential, you need to wait for that youth player to develop, mature and tutor the youngsters - say from 16 years old to 34 years. If you then get another youth recruitment upgrade, the cycle goes back to the beginning again. In the lower leagues, that doesn't make too much difference - I did this in an older version of the game and made it to the Championship (IIRC) before I had to let my YP1 go, and I think he had just turned 30 - but it is always worth bearing in mind when the short-term frustrations begin to set in. Obviously later on, in the Premiership/CL, trying to compete with City and the like, it's definitely the case. Without 20 years of top quality intakes, you haven't got a hope in hell. And a big slice of luck is helpful as well! Actually, my other tip should probably be to watch yourself with the junior coaching. I've been seriously screwed over by that in this game, and SI have confirmed that it's a bug in the finances/board requests module that I managed to get so far so quickly, and wasn't paying too much in expenses, before it suddenly exploded in League 2.
  12. Yeah it's probably what we needed really, as the only position we're particularly weak in is DL. Having strength in depth can be really important at the more busy parts of the season.
  13. 2023/24 Season Review Competitions League 2 (21st) Same league position again, despite bringing in some much more talented players. Not sure we've got the quality to make a major breakthrough next season either, but you never know. This team does tend to surprise me at times. Cups - Did pretty badly in the League Cup and the JPT, but had a cracking run in the FA Cup. It was brilliant to draw rivals Cheltenham, giving us a record capacity crowd, and even better to draw Spurs in the next round, but the stuffing was fully expected, and really not as lucrative as you'd expect either. Youth Players Marc Halliday (YP1) - Not great, and has asked to leave. I'm inclined to let him go and pass his place to younger lads. Leon Rae (YP4) - Overtaken now by younger rivals, not expecting him to make many appearances next season. Ashan Perry (YP5) - Useless, and complaining about wanting to leave - I'm happy to let him go. George Wilson (YP10) - Another bad start to the season, so I dropped him in favour of youngster Kellaway (YP22). Howard Goodwin (YP11) - I've always been worried he might have a bad season - it has now happened, but thankfully others stepped up. Nathan Tubbs (YP13) - Another good season, though injuries set him back. We now have alternatives, which helps a lot. Lewis Langdown (YP14) - The most appearances of any player, but still not as impressive as he should be. Carl Cunnington (YP15) - Still capable, but dropped in favour of youngsters with more potential. Pete Butler (YP16) - Another bad season, but now we have deputies which will spell the end of his time at the club I suspect. Karl Pym (YP19) - Slightly better - definitely needs to improve further but still very young for a CB. Rhys Ricketts (YP20) - Already overtaken by new youth intakes - doesn't look good for him. Colin Chenoweth (YP21) - Pym (YP19)'s standard partner at CB, only 16 years old and doing alright. Dominic Kellaway (YP22) - Pretty poor, but no worse than Wilson (YP10) and lots of room to grow. John Thomson (YP23) - Suffered when I pushed him out to LB, but still learning the position so I'm not too worried. Marc Richards (YP24) - What a revelation! Really pushed Goodwin (YP11) out of the limelight, fantastic debut season. Former Youth Players Brendan Clinton (YP2) - Now transfer listed by the Isthmian's Bury Town. Apparently it can get worse. Paul Fisher (YP3) - Much better season for Woking after they were relegated to the Conference South. I think he's found his level, finally. John Lindsay (YP6) - Poor for Nuneaton, and keen to leave. Bob Walton (YP7) - Wasn't getting games, so left on free transfer to Woking in Conference South. Did alright for them, should be a useful player. Roy Slocombe (YP8) - Still at Maidenhead, and much more at home after their relegation to the Conference South. Neil Megson (YP9) - Very dodgy for King's Lynn. His career is really on a downer right now. Moses Makin (YP12) - One appalling season for Farnborough, and he wants a new challenge. Sure. Richard Hayward (YP17) - Away on loan at Tamworth, dreadful. No way he's staying at the club. Andrew Threlfall (YP18) - Another poor season for Gateshead. If he doesn't leave, I can't see any decent future for him sadly. Club Facilities - No changes here as far as I know. Finances - Finally got the junior coaching dropped, which helped a bit, but we're still losing money hand over fist - only the Spurs game kept us in the black. We might need another reduction in junior coaching by the end of this season to stay afloat.
  14. 2024 Youth Overview Stuart Hoskins Stuart Groves Stefan Bamford Brilliant intake this year, I'm really pleased. Hoskins will be going straight into the first team squad, and Groves will provide some competition for Tubbs in the DM position. Bamford is another I'll be keeping a close eye on, along with Holcroft, because the DR position is up for grabs at the moment if anyone is able to impress. Guttridge has a great chance as well, as I've let a lot of the fringe strikers go so far this season.
  15. 2022/23 Season Review Competitions League 2 (21st) An interesting season this - it felt like a very long-term arrangement, whereby we had to survive, and hope that the board would eventually agree to reduce junior coaching before we went bankrupt. On the final day of the season, I finally achieved both, but I fear that we might need another reduction before we become solvent, but time will tell. Cups - Not great, very little to shout about this year. We drew League 1 Leyton Orient and Bristol in the FA Cup and JPT respectively, and Championship Peterborough in the League Cup, so I guess it's fair enough. Drawing Cheltenham was awesome though - our first real derby and we absolutely smashed the attendance record. Youth Players Marc Halliday (YP1) - As I predicted, he really struggled. Does not look up to the task at the moment. Leon Rae (YP4) - Not bad, but another one who has struggled to make the step up. Ashan Perry (YP5) - Managed to bring him back to the club, which was great, but he's not done very well at all. Hard decision right now as to whether I keep him in the first team or give younger players a chance. Bob Walton (YP7) - Really overtaken by younger players, expecting him to leave at the end of the season. George Wilson (YP10) - Really need a new keeper, but nothing on the way yet. Howard Goodwin (YP11) - The main man, who kept us in the league. Moses Makin (YP12) - Really bad, doing my best to drop him where possible. Nathan Tubbs (YP13) - Consistently in the team at DM, but still not quite impressing as much as I hoped he might. Lewis Langdown (YP14) - Still giving him chances, but he's not improving as I hoped he might. Not sure what more I can do really. Carl Cunnington (YP15) - Not as good as he's been in the past - some youngsters really pushing him hard now. Pete Butler (YP16) - Pushed him out to right-back, and he's seriously struggled. Not sure who else I can replace him with though. Richard Hayward (YP17) - Dodgy. I'm expecting new intake lads Thomson and Mariner to give him a run for his money. Karl Pym (YP19) - Not a great start, but he's very talented so he'll keep getting chances. Rhys Ricketts (YP20) - Not a great start, but he's very talented so he'll keep getting chances. Former Youth Players Brendan Clinton (YP2) - Really rubbish for Bury Town in the Isthmian. Oh dear. Paul Fisher (YP3) - Another year, another move. Was poor for Woking. Predictable. John Lindsay (YP6) - Let him go again, and he's moving to Nuneaton. Not predicting great things. Roy Slocombe (YP8) - Wasn't playing, so I let him go. Woeful for Maidenhead in the Conference Premier. Neil Megson (YP9) - Poor at Boston, and weirdly I think they're playing him as a striker. Andrew Threlfall (YP18) - Really lost it after having moved to Gateshead. Shame. Club Facilities - Got the junior coaching dropped, which as you can see in the following screenshot, was an absolute necessity. Finances - We lost a whacking £1.67m this season, thanks to a £1.8m spending on the youth setup. The quicker we can drop the youth spend the better, but I'm a little concerned about the effects of that in the intake. It'll be a real balancing act financially in the next few years I suspect. A cup run wouldn't go amiss either.
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