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  1. @grungeandgaze when i see you, i feel like lazy myself
  2. Our first match that has 4 digit attendance.
  3. Merthyr Town F.C. Season 2 (2020/2021) League / Squad / Fixture 1-2-3-4 / Cups / Transfers / Finance / Youth Candidate Another inconsistent season.I could not understand this team.We started too bad in the season.We did not win first 7 game and we had just 3 pts.Then,we had very good performance until December and we climbed up till 9th.After that,we dropped the our form against.In February,we did not score even a single goal.Finally,we did not lose last 9 games of the season and finished 12th. In Cups -both of them- we were eliminated in the first round. In transfer market,we sold first player that we earn money.Conor Lawless went to AFC Telford for 2.1K €.Also,this is a record sale for Merthyr Town. Personally,I was second in the manager of the season. Zane Banton - Pacey striker is our top goalscorer(20).But his performance is undulate(i am not sure this is correct word if it isn't,correct me please) Wayne Clarke - His performance is average but his progress is admirable.He is best player in our squad according to my assistant manager.On the other hand,he doesn't want to sign a new contract.I hope,i can hold him. Luke Purnell - Outstanding performance from our goalkeeper.He has best average point in our squad. Myles Sohna - He is very good player for this level but he did not want to sign new contract.
  4. Player Name: Oğuz Ellialtıoğlu Date of Birth: 11th December Position: WBL Anywhere in the World Nation to Start: Turkey European Nation to Play for: Turkey
  5. Not good results but we have 215K € of profits.
  6. Merthyr Town F.C. Season 1 (2019/2020) League Table / Fixture 1-2-3 / Finance / Squad / Transfers We left behind inconstant season.First half of season,we struggled for top 10 but second half our form decrease and strolled between 12th -16th.My centre backs,goalkeeper and strikers' performance satisfied me but i could not say same things about rest of team.I didn't get efficiency from centre midfielder and wingers.Next year,i must find quality midfielder and winger.Otherwise,we will make no progress. Tom Meechan - He is best player for us.He scored 20 goals in league. Conor Lawless - Meechan's partner.Young striker has ver solid performance. Regan Upton - Leadership of defance. Sam Naylor - Young goalkeeper was top of the shoots hold and perry statistic in the league. Youth Candidate is very good for first season.Four 4* and three 3.5* is very unexpected.Especially Wayne Clarke can be our best player in the 2 or 3 seasons.He will probably take lots of time even next season.
  7. Reset date for Turkey is 20 June. When i finish dafuge challenge i'll come here
  8. After 4 hours i gave up for Wimbourne FC and start with Merthyr Town.
  9. I guess he'll be one of the best striker in the world
  10. Willem Geubbels is definitely one of the best strikers in game.
  11. I really don't recommend him.He is still good.In my career he has 16 app 10 goals 5 asist and 7.17 av but he is injury prone.He could play 16 league match in full season and i sold him to Vigo for 6 M €.
  12. I agree his progress is not enough but still he is very good player.I played him BPD-Defend with 2 DC-Stopper and he was very efficent for playmaking.Also his profit is very variable for short-term.
  13. Rivaldo Coetzee - I discover him half of the second season i don't know how much they want for him at the beginning of the game.Right now his price is between 600k-800k.He has low tackling and concentration but if he play with old school defender like Terry, he sholud be verry effective defender.
  14. Wooow..What a performance from Davies.Total team goal is 11.
  15. In my opinion,best PPM for SS is "plays one-twos".It is very useful if you have good passer striker.
  16. Weymouth FC | Vanarama South | 2017-2018 I think for first season we had very good performance.Until February we fight for play-off but then our performance dropped and we moved away from top of the league. League Table Past Positions Fixture Fixture 2 Squad - In my opinion this team did their best.Especially my full backs and central midfielders not suitable for this league.Hopefully i can strenghten this positions before the next season. Finances - In dept as usual Key Players Nicke Kabamba - Top goalscorer with 12 goals and he had 13 asists.His physicals is monstrously. Stephane Zubar / Moritz Jenz - Solid defenders.Their partnership is very well. Season League League Finish Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2017/18 Vanarama South 11th
  17. Hi everyone.I started with Weymouth FC but English is not my mother language and my writing skill is terrible. I'll try to writing clearly.I hope i succeed in.
  18. When i played Fenerbahçe chairman sold Ozan Tufan for dept. I bought Gedson Fernandes from Benfica.He is just 18 yo,very cheap and he has great potential.
  19. After 1st season he is free.Also his improvement is good enough.
  20. We think same but instructions say he have to do more dribbling.I think there has a oppositeness.If instruction of SS role force us about more dribbling,dribbling should be important attributes.If not,dribbling should be changeable. For me,it's not a primary attribute for SS.My player-Davy Klaassen(33 yo)- is very good for this role.In my tactic; my AF move into spaces and he open spaces for Davy and my AP create chances for Davy.He has 27 app 22 goals 13 assists.
  21. I know primary and secondary attributes for dribbling or something else.Just when I didn't see dribbling in key attributes, my mind confused. Thank you for attention.
  22. So I can select a player having less dribbling attribute but having good acceleration,agility and also balance.And he can do good dribbling.
  23. Firstly, I'm sorry for my English. When I start new season, i decide to new formation and i use Shadow Striker.But I looked its important attributes and instructions, i recognised something. In this role, this player have to do more dribbling but dribbling is not important attributes for this role.I could not understand this situation. Do you have any idea about this? Is my players dribbling attribute important or not?
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