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  1. @grungeandgaze when i see you, i feel like lazy myself
  2. Our first match that has 4 digit attendance.
  3. Merthyr Town F.C. Season 2 (2020/2021) League / Squad / Fixture 1-2-3-4 / Cups / Transfers / Finance / Youth Candidate Another inconsistent season.I could not understand this team.We started too bad in the season.We did not win first 7 game and we had just 3 pts.Then,we had very good performance until December and we climbed up till 9th.After that,we dropped the our form against.In February,we did not score even a single goal.Finally,we did not lose last 9 games of the season and finished 12th. In Cups -both of them- we were eliminated in the first round. In transfer market,we sold first player that we earn money.Conor Lawless went to AFC Telford for 2.1K €.Also,this is a record sale for Merthyr Town. Personally,I was second in the manager of the season. Zane Banton - Pacey striker is our top goalscorer(20).But his performance is undulate(i am not sure this is correct word if it isn't,correct me please) Wayne Clarke - His performance is average but his progress is admirable.He is best player in our squad according to my assistant manager.On the other hand,he doesn't want to sign a new contract.I hope,i can hold him. Luke Purnell - Outstanding performance from our goalkeeper.He has best average point in our squad. Myles Sohna - He is very good player for this level but he did not want to sign new contract.
  4. Player Name: Oğuz Ellialtıoğlu Date of Birth: 11th December Position: WBL Anywhere in the World Nation to Start: Turkey European Nation to Play for: Turkey
  5. Not good results but we have 215K € of profits.
  6. Merthyr Town F.C. Season 1 (2019/2020) League Table / Fixture 1-2-3 / Finance / Squad / Transfers We left behind inconstant season.First half of season,we struggled for top 10 but second half our form decrease and strolled between 12th -16th.My centre backs,goalkeeper and strikers' performance satisfied me but i could not say same things about rest of team.I didn't get efficiency from centre midfielder and wingers.Next year,i must find quality midfielder and winger.Otherwise,we will make no progress. Tom Meechan - He is best player for us.He scored 20 goals in league. Conor Lawless - Meechan's partner.Young striker has ver solid performance. Regan Upton - Leadership of defance. Sam Naylor - Young goalkeeper was top of the shoots hold and perry statistic in the league. Youth Candidate is very good for first season.Four 4* and three 3.5* is very unexpected.Especially Wayne Clarke can be our best player in the 2 or 3 seasons.He will probably take lots of time even next season.
  7. Reset date for Turkey is 20 June. When i finish dafuge challenge i'll come here
  8. After 4 hours i gave up for Wimbourne FC and start with Merthyr Town.
  9. I guess he'll be one of the best striker in the world
  10. Willem Geubbels is definitely one of the best strikers in game.
  11. I really don't recommend him.He is still good.In my career he has 16 app 10 goals 5 asist and 7.17 av but he is injury prone.He could play 16 league match in full season and i sold him to Vigo for 6 M €.
  12. I agree his progress is not enough but still he is very good player.I played him BPD-Defend with 2 DC-Stopper and he was very efficent for playmaking.Also his profit is very variable for short-term.
  13. Rivaldo Coetzee - I discover him half of the second season i don't know how much they want for him at the beginning of the game.Right now his price is between 600k-800k.He has low tackling and concentration but if he play with old school defender like Terry, he sholud be verry effective defender.
  14. Wooow..What a performance from Davies.Total team goal is 11.
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