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  1. I don't have any save from that period, the only one I have after moving to Jean Bouin is my most recent one in 2024, but it is also after moving to my new stadium. I uploaded that one. After checking that save, here's where I played : 2018/19 : League : Pierre Brisson Domestic Cup : Bauer 2019/20 : League : Pierre Brisson Domestic Cup : Bauer 2020/21 : League : Pierre Brisson Domestic Cup : Bauer European Cup : Jean Bouin 2021/22 : League : Pierre Brisson Domestic Cup : Jean Bouin 2022/23 : League : Pierre Brisson Domestic Cup : Jean Bouin European Cup : Jean Bouin 2023/24 : League : Pierre Brisson Domestic Cup : New stadium European Cup : New stadium
  2. Thanks for the reply. I actually got the timeline wrong in my first message : I asked for the new stadium before moving to Jean Bouin, not after. I uploaded two saves I could find : one before asking for the stadium, and one after. I do not have any save before/after moving to Jean Bouin sadly.
  3. Hello, I am playing with Red Star FC (the french one). At the beginning of the game, they are in a special situation because their stadium (Stade Bauer) isn't approved for league games, so they are playing in a different one (Stade Pierre Brisson). However all friendlies and cup games take place in their own stadium (Bauer). After about one year in game, I got a message saying I got a deal to move to another stadium (Jean Bouin). However, I was still only playing there for cup games, all my leagues games were still in Pierre Brisson. After that, I asked my direction to build a new stadium, which they did, but the same problem is still there : I play in my new stadium for cup games (domestic and european), but I still play in Pierre Brisson for all my league games. I even purchased the in-game editor thinking it could help me solve this problem, but it didn't ...
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