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  1. Those who think they've been charged twice, actually read the email. I thought hat at first, but read it... Total Amount of your Order : 24.25 ShopTo.Net Account Balance : 24.25 Credit Card Account Charge : 0.00 Although the email said account charge, the actual email said that nothing had gone from my card...
  2. Offered a Job

    An interview situation surely wouldn't be that difficult. All you have to do is, like a previous poster said, have a screen similar to that of the start of season expectations. But mixed with the job offer screen too. Say a screen with a few statements from the board and corresponding drop down menus such as... - Statement on what they expect you to achieve/Drop down box on what you feel you can achieve - Statement on how much money they feel you need to achieve this/Drop down menu on how much money you feel you need to achieve this Maybe a few other options, then the board come back in a couple of days with an offer outlining what they're prepared to give you based on what you selected/they want. You accept, reject, or try to negotiate again, as is usual. I'm not sure it'd get that repetitive, as it's a pretty important part of the game that doesn't exactly happen every week like press conferences. Plus it'd change from job offer to job offer depending on expectations/finances/your ability.
  3. take a look

    LOL, brilliant. Brightened up my day has this.
  4. Man Utd come knocking..... what do i say!

    Ahh yes, Guardiola the sunday league footballer.
  5. Release date moved up?

    Don't they release games early so that you can download them in time for the day of release, which is when you can activate it?
  6. Can I play game early?

    Yeah i'm also wondering about the activation, as if activation can't be done until friday it penalises people wanting to use Steam instead of permanently having their CD in their drive. Surely using Steam should be encouraged? Mine copy's also been dispatched from shopto, but my DVD drive hasn't been working for a while now. I managed to install FM09 by transferring the files from the CD to my external harddrive and installing off of that. I presume by doing this though FM (whilst playing) won't recognise the external harddrive as the FM disc like it probably will during installation, meaning that Steam will be my only option?
  7. What about the Tesco up Goldington Road? I know it's not 24 hours, but it's open until around 11 isn't it? Last year I managed to get it a day early from there by blagging it (Though an hour of so after that it was announced that the game was free to be released).
  8. Jerky matches graphics.

    I've got a similar problem. It's jerky in pre season without crowds, but then when i get the big crowds in the league it's absolutely unplayable. I'm going to upgrade, but i'm not sure what to do. My current specs are... Processor: Intel® Core Duo CPU T2350 @ 1.86GHz (2 CPUs), ~1.9GHz Memory: 1024MB RAM Card name: Mobile Intel® 945 Express Chipset Family Manufacturer: Intel Corporation Chip type: Intel® GMA 950 Would another GB of RAM help me significantly? Or should i be looking at sorting the processor out? Anything i can do about the graphics card? I've got all the latest drivers installed. I'm running this on Windows 7.
  9. FM WeeGiE Update 04/09/09

    Or swap the team with another team in another division, save the database, and swap the teams back. Points deduction gone. Much easier.
  10. The reason I love this game so much.....

    I thought you were talking about real life for a second...
  11. Demo sound different from box game?

    i've been thinking this, with lower attendances it's very annoying. any way to tone it down? don't want to get rid of it totally.
  12. FM Superstitions

    i always conceed when i'm doing tactics, so i have to pause the game before i click the tactics icon now.
  13. My gameplay order has been stuck at 'preparing for despatch' for about a day now, just spoke to some guy on their live chat thing, and he says there's a large backlog there, and it 'should' be posted out today
  14. Probably in a lecture, wouldn't call it that weird though.