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  1. Yes! This files let you to play to the 9th level of english football (we have unlocked lower leagues); but this file is using advanced rules for creating fixtures from championship and below (they are made by default, and they can only be updated in advanced rules) You have to choose one file for each nation (i can't work anyway) What do you have in your editor data folder? So I will try to help you with the parsing ,)
  2. We have updated the file to version 1.3, with transfers updated on 26/7
  3. We have updated to version 1.3 and now the real results of the 13/14 SkyBet League Two are available!
  4. Yes, this file is intended to be only for real fixtures and real results
  5. Yes, they are still random because they can't be reproduce like reality This file recreate real fixtures and results of the 13/14 season for the championship written in the first post. If you start your game on the default date of FM, you'll only have the fixtures but if you download our other file, the Transfers Update, you will find a file named "FarOer 1430" and if is loaded, allow you to start on May 2014 and you'll get also the real results
  6. The version 1.2 of the Transfers Update has been released! Transfers updated on 16/7! Enjoy!
  7. Is not possibile to star on 15/7; the game can start on May 2014 In a hour or so the update will be released
  8. Released the update 1.1. It has no new files, but it fix some errors with the Denmark, Netherlands and England files
  9. Released the update 1.1 of the Transfers Update. It contains transfers updated on 28/6, as well as new players, staff and new youngsters You have to edit the championship dates with the editor if you want to edit the files. If you are using the FarOer file, you have to choose the editor data file when you create the game and you have to choose it as a playable (or watch only) nation
  10. If there are, for example for Italy, two national rules files you can load only one of them
  11. Playoffs results can't be reproduced, so they may be different from reality
  12. You can download the file directly from the link in the first post now
  13. I saw you've registered and presented to the forum, so you can now download the file
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