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  1. He's back!! I remember the fun I had with your 4312 on my Palermo save, and really wanted to try it again this year with Inter and the supertalent Kovacic as Trequartista... I did get good results with Porto,Monaco and Rangers by tweaking the "442 The Iron Ones" from FMBase into a 4312... Is there any chance you might still have that tactic and could you upload it again so I can develop it further for FM13? -FranklinMT-
  2. Can someone please re-upload this tactic!?? Or can someone at least tell me if there was made changes to the players individual settings? Going to try to re-create this tactic for FM13.
  3. Not shure actually.. but ut`s the one that came after the game was released.. 12.1.1? I think I scored 24 goals from corners in 42 matches with Torino in Serie B... By the way... I have won all my matches in my second season so far.. League , cup and Europa League.. Haven`t lost since I started the savegame with Torino! between 65 and 70 matches so far.
  4. Tried the 4-4-2 v1 on a new game with Torino in Serie B and I can only say that this is the best tactic on FM12!! Went through the league unbeaten (39-3-0) and won the italian cup in my first season beating AC Milan,Roma,Chievo and Lazio (in the final) in the final. At the start of my second season I`ve already won the Italian Super Cup against AC Milan (4-2) , beat Trabzonspor 8-1 agg. in the Europa league qual. and won my first two league games against Cesena (5-0 away) and Bologna (4-0 home) and beating Pergocrema 8-0 in the cup! The one thing I`ve changed is that the MR and ML is moved to striker positions (RS and LS) so that I`m playing a 4-2-4 and it has worked like a charm for me!! Great work Vodu!!
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