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  1. Why the ban guys for emildebski2014 ? Can you say?
  2. FM15 Scoreboad By DazS8

    Brilliant Michael thanks for answering the question I cant believe how easy that was to move. :o
  3. FM15 Scoreboad By DazS8

    Sorry to anyone else who has downloaded the scoreboard.....I forgot to put the fonts folder in as the scoreboard is set up to use those fonts......Sorry once again One other issue of note is the box/container of the scoreboard is this year controlled by the settings file of any skin you are using. This means the scoreboard may never look like the one in the pics(unless you use my skin too)
  4. FM15 Scoreboad By DazS8

    SCOREBOARD NOW UPDATED Please see OP for new link & preview
  5. DazS8 FM15 TV LOGO PACK

    Pleasure m8....thanks for the support
  6. HAHA...you answered my question before I wrote it...SPOOOOKY i am OFF now lads.....hope it gets sorted
  7. No need m8....its just you have put the exactly same post on different forums...why not stick to one...contact the maker and sort it out. You have to admit ....as Tom Dixon said on another forum...it does seem very unlikely...but I will let you sort that out with the panel makers As the OP of this skin states I am not the panel maker I did other parts.So please do me a favor and contact the relevant person Thanks.
  8. OK thats fine m8 but this as I have been told is a known issue with copied games.....contact wannachupbrew personally I am sure he will help you out
  9. Or is it the fact that you are using a PIRATED GAME?....if not then as I have said on every other site you have said exactly the same thing on I apologize. As if it was linked to a panel would it not be that everyone would have the same problem? PIRATED OR NOT?
  10. DazS8 FM15 TV LOGO PACK

    Shakhtar TV v2..... http://www.mediafire.com/download/ad92cpxmtvrvq8d/SHAKHTAR_TV_2.rar
  11. DazS8 FM15 TV LOGO PACK

    Only one I could find sorry...need a good logo or cant make it properly m8...got one now
  12. I have said this before.....how can a skin have a name bug?......names of players are not linked to skin as far as I am aware. The panels in the skin are not made by me personally but even still I am lost for words on this. Just do not see how this is even possible. Out of interest are you using an original copy of the game? I am sorry but this whole question baffles me...need help with this one as I have never heard of anything like this before or experienced it either. Technically I have not even made the skin just put it together the only thing I can think of is that its a panel in the skin. I call on Mr Michael Murray for help with this topic..:confused:
  13. DazS8 FM15 TV LOGO PACK

  14. DazS8 FM15 TV LOGO PACK

    Yes I will do all these for an update guys
  15. Did you change anything when or after installing? .....if you changed the client object browser file then that would revert it back to the default. Found that out myself when installing an older skin. As you can see in all the preview pictures the sidebar is thin m8.....hope this helps you out.