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  1. Played first game using the USA men's national team. Couple observations so far, one the fixture schedule is wrong. Also the commentators watching the match REALLY love own goals because twice when costa rican defenders headed the ball behind goal they acknowledged that fact then added "but it went behind goal" lawl
  2. What impact does your hometown have on the game? Is it just a flavor thing? I tried to look this up myself to no avail.
  3. Ok, first run through. Like quite a bit of what you've done, however... 1. I still can't log in to Twitter, was never able to do so in FM 13 and this seems to have followed me. (probably a bug or something on my end I have no idea) 2. Picking you're favorite team, it used to be that you could pick a team that was not in a playable league as your favorite team with the hopes that they would get promoted to a playable league for future coaching. 3. Are lower leagues not running because I'm looking through some series D teams and they simply have a line where their league should be. Positives: 1. Far too many to list but the implementing advice with a button, press conferences, team talks, board talks, contracts, etc... Edit: Ok I have to rescind part of number 2 as I started a new game and the other leagues are now showing up, still not sure if they're running though...
  4. Alma Juventus Fano, or maybe HinterReggio, or a new team. AS Roma eventually and LA Galaxy, even though the MLS System drives me insane.
  5. Modular Expansions, I would like FM to have a single achievement database on steam so that as new iterations are released we don't have to lose any "base" achievements we've accomplished, and can instead focus on getting the new achievements released with each new version.
  6. LOL we're still here my planned Roma game has been delayed but others are still posting their updates
  7. I've tried google searching for an answer to my question but wasn't able to find one. I'm confused by the leaderboard cause when I clicked on show me it showed me leading campobasso with 260 points...and yet I started a campobasso game when it first game out then the same day switched to HinterReggio who I'm currently still playing...so why is the Campobasso game showing up and not the HinterReggio one? I did switch the save game from my laptop to my desktop would that have affected it?
  8. Perin is easier to get as Roma and just as good if not better.
  9. Great Job I've decided to wait till they release the January transfer update till I start my Roma game, but it's nice to see we're interested in targeting the same players and that you have gotten some of them at reasonable prices!
  10. Gonna start my Roma game either today or later this week. My goal is going to try and survive with the current crop of players only bringing in Astori since I'm sure his fee will suck up any spare money I might have. I'll just keep saying nice things about Bocchetti so he remains unsettled so I can sign him in January. Long term goals will be to bring in Perin, De Sciglio, Poli, Casarini, and Prestia. Plus some others I'm thinking about.
  11. Yeah the transfer process is just mind boggling. You have to pay out the nose for some players and yet you can't even offload some players when asking for NOTHING.
  12. Cause love is brutal and February has Valentines Day...honestly I have no idea December tends to be one of the toughest months for me, I think mainly cause I'm counting down till the first and a second chance to sell dead weight
  13. Huh interesting, I tend to stick with a 4-1-2-1-2 when playing any team although I'll change up the secondary and tertiary tactics depending on what I have on the team. Nice Ranquelme I think Astori and Bocchetti in the back are essential the two of them are like a fortress together.
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