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  1. 2012-13 Man City GK - Akinfeev DR - Corchia DL - Ansaldi DRC - Otamendi DLC - Chieillini MC (B2B) - Hamsik MC (BW-D) - Barry AMR (Winger-A) - Sanchez AML (IF-A) - Jovetic or Ribery ST (TM-A) - Lukaku ST (Treq) - Tevez Into January now, and still only lost 3 games since the start of the save
  2. I'd like that as well. There has to be some hideous combos thrown in, like Newcastle's yellow disaster from the season just gone.
  3. This is one of the reasons i changed my wireless mouse for a normal one, as its far less tempting to throw it if its hooked up to my PC I havent lost stupidly badly from a good position for quite a while (touch wood) so I havent done much damage to stuff yet, although the PC does get a lot of verbal abuse. I find taking FM Rage out on L4D2 zombies is a great way to get rid of it
  4. Hi guys its been a while since i was in this part of the forum after realising im no good that the club hopping career thread i was planning and failed at last time. however, as Im currently in exams, i've been playing an international game and i was wondering whether a purely International career is allowed to be documented here?
  5. Sorry, too much time with Man City millions where i can sign players just to tutor the regens i bring in to develop. Although i can see the advantages to bringing in a few older guys as back up to the first team as i'm fed up of having at least 3 of my attacking players injured and having to let the remaining few rest instead of train so they're at 95+% for a match
  6. rather pleased with this result. all goals came from open play Lacazette scored his 2nd in 2 games from the right wing, since Feghouli is injured. any suggestions on a Tutor for Lacazette? i was thinking Pedro Munitis if i can get him, but is there anyone else? none of the attacking players here apart from Lisandro seem to have anything other than reasonable mental stats, and Lisandro is busy tutoring Tafer
  7. Gourcuff. not for any helpful reason other than i like him more than Hamsik. other than that he would count as a grown in france player for the CL that Hamsik wouldnt, and can also cover on the right if you player a formation that uses wingers.
  8. right, 10 games down each of Kallstrom's braces has been 1 from a corner and 1 from open play, and he and Pjanic have been my best players so far (9 and 5 assists in 10 for Kallstrom and 2 and 9 assists in 9 for Pjanic). Lisandro has had a relatively small impact so far, and Cris is really worrying me. I play my games with the Motivation tabs up, and each and every game, next to Cris there is either "Playing Nervously", "Mistake led to goal" or "having a poor game". not exactly encouraging stuff from the captain. Gomis when he's played has been poor, although he did nab a goal on his debut. whilst Feghouli was injured, i gave Lacazette a few games on the right, and he got a couple of assists on his debut and was generally lively, which says more about him than his stats do at the moment.
  9. listen, it doesnt work every time, I only get a goal from it every few games, and my goals from freekicks of any sort (at least on my man city save) have been 0 for the last 2 years. i havent read about this years corner exploit, all i know is that if i stick a guy with good long shots on the edge of the area and have the corner delivered to him or Lisandro in the box, i'm more likely to get a goal than if i let Cris head it over the bar whlist challenging the keeper.
  10. Purefun - Juve wouldnt let me within a dozen miles of Giovinco (either of them). however, i do have these ins and outs finished before the start of the league campaign In Sergi - £24K Adil Rami - £6.5M Sofiane Feghouli - £6M Javier Garrido - loan fee £275K Angel Di Maria - £10M and out Govou - £6.5M - Real Madrid Fourtier - £140K + sell on clauses - FC Metz Court - £825K + sell on clauses - Sunderland there might be a few more out, but i doubt it. Lisandro has scored 2 in pre-season, whilst Kallstrom has 3 and a new contract as i love his 17 for long shots thanks to my corner routine (still needs a little tweaking at the moment) that got Jovetic a hat-trick in the CL final for my Man City side in 2010-11. Gomis looks hopelessly lost all of the time up front, so i think i'm going to have to rely on my midfield quite a bit edit: first game of the season - a 3-1 away win at Le Mans. 2 from Kallstrom from corners and one from Lisandro. all 3 Pjanic assists
  11. cheers HoPeY and Purefun just had an offer of £3M and Govou accepted for Van der Vaart after a bit of haggling, but he says he has no interest in coming, so i've offered a contract and i'm hoping. if that goes through i'll need a right winger though. but for now i'm looking at the CB spot, and i've had a look at 2 younger players - Vertonghen and Tasci. both look alright with space to develp. Vertonghen looks better alround and would cover DL as well as play DC, whilst Tasi seems like he could become a good DC if his positioning went up a bit. so, potentially still looking for a DL and an AMR if Govou leaves, and if he doesnt an AMC to cover Pjanic. keepers i think i'll leave alone this season. edit: VdV rejected the contract i'll see if he is more welcome to a loan move. probably not but its worth a shot
  12. Well, after spending some time last night going through the first 8 pages in here for some reason (i did the same last year but didnt get this far), i've started up a Lyon save. after looking through the first team, i'm guessing there were some changes made to the Lyon squad from the original OP (which is very good btw HoPeY), but although Boumsong and Louvren look alright (if it wasnt for Louvren's decisions i would start with him) its clear that a good CB is needed, partly due to the 2 above, and partly because Cris is currently playing past the age i like my players to be playing at (I prefer my players under 22 when bought to play till about 31 before they move on again if not before). Cris looks good, so he can stay for the season at least. The centre of midfield seems to be fine, (I plan on 2 MCs, 1 AMC and AMR/AML) and a younger right winger still needs to be brought in. left wing seems covered for now, although if i get a good offer for Delgado he can leave. I might loan in an AMC to rotate with Pjanic for the first season so he doesnt over tire himself. Lisandro will play up front on his own, although in what role i havent decided yet, as i feel poacher suits his stats the best, but poachers on their own up front for me tend to fail epically. if another forward comes along during the season for a reasonable price i'll sign them, but its not an area i'm looking at improving straight away. that turned into a bit of a ramble, but if anyone can make anything of it and tell me what i missed, any helps great
  13. yep, all of them i usually commentate as well, just quietly. have done since Fifa 2003 when i started playing football games. only now i have started yelling occasionally when an important goal is scored, so there been a few shouts of "DZEKO!" and "TEVEZ!" over the past couple of days. also a regular occurrence is me swearing repeatedly at the game, until either i score and start yelling the scorer's name, or the ME freezes (also far too regular occurrence) and i swear for a bit longer as i start the game up again. according to Xfire, i spent 1500 hours on FM09 between January and the release of FM10. even not playing the game for 2/3 of it, that is still far too much.
  14. I thought i would post this in here as well as my other thread in the hope of getting this thing working. basically, i have created a club that has replaced a club in the BSN and saved the XML. this is what the editor data folder looks like: i then try loading up the game, and i get the option to add the file to the game and select leagues. after clicking create game, this happens: this has happened before and after removing the config file from the editor data folder as has been mentioned in this thread. i have also tried to delete all my cache files. after going through 1. Open 'My Computer' 2. Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\Application Data\ 3. Go into the 'Sports Interactive' folder 4. Delete any 'Football Manager' folder does any 'Football Manager' folder cover a file called Editor 2010 or just the file called Football Manager 2010. I tried to get the file to work before and after clearing the cache and it has done no good, still wont work edit: sorry for rubbish screenshots, they're JPGs so arent the best quality in the world edit: even not selecting to change the file to include it, i cant start a new game as it crashes at the same point
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