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  1. Taken an olanzapene so cant articulate anyhthing of what been done, not that i can when sober. Basically i have cut my nose off to spite my face as ths saying goes. Just going to have to get over it, feels like a bereavement not having them anymore but i'll get over it eventually. Have made contact with a friend ive neglected for past 2 years who known since school and see them lots again now so thats one plus, although their successful career and family makes me a little green eyed monster sometimes. I know i am over worst of it now Night and take care all.
  2. I know it's just words from a stranger on the net but hope it works out for you butts. Its Cliché i know but love really does hurt at times my heads been messed up all year.
  3. I play fm14 when i visit family, they did a system restore after their laptop cocked up and i lost 10+seasons, had to start a new save my world class winger who i was starting to look for people to phase him out in the coming seasons was back to being a 17 year old and i couldn't face doing it all again. Should of used the cloud save but i find it takes ages uploading on their interner.
  4. I'll be honest i didn't even read it. I was looking just for a a basic list or bullet points of what the game called each personality without any opinion added but that was the only thing that came up on my google search. I just skimmed through the titles for ones i hadnt seen.
  5. Never seen a slack personality before, it made me google personalities in fm. A few more i've never encountered listed on this site such as easily discouraged and spineless. http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/players/player-personalities I'm encoraged its the negative ones i haven't seen before, i must be doing something right although i haven't had a charismatic leader off the positive list. I think it was your San Marino thread that made me start paying attention to personalities and started me getting the pros to tutor.
  6. What about Teitur for LB, it says thats his best position on that pic or do you need him at CB?
  7. I would have booked a flight too, good man. Enjoy your family time.
  8. Just been reading up what happened at TNA Bound for Glory. The write up for the hardys match is interesting. Might watch it when its on Challenge tv. My favourite bit is "Broken Matt throws a fire ball onto Janice" Spoilers obviously but link here if anyone interested. http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/760367-tna-bound-for-glory-result-the-hardys-vs-the-decay-for-the-tna-tag-team-titles
  9. If they put the series on Now tv when its over you could get the free trial (14 days i think) and watch them all. Or if you know anyone with it ask for their passwors.
  10. I'll keep an eye out for them. They sound nice.
  11. What flavour where they? I dont remember them.
  12. I was just thinking about the headines if all this was real life. Decades of not spending then bam, the footballing world would be in shock. No one could fault you either as its money you've made the club, actually you literally made the club, haha. I am on some powerful medication tonight so sorry if im not making too much sense. I love getting ex players as staff, hope Miller does well for you.
  13. If you still haven't won the champions league right before FM 17 is due out i think you should go out in a blaze of glory and blow all the money you've stockpiled and have one last crack of it and retire at the end of that season. If i remember right you have like £600m cash and £300m budget so if the game actually carried on after you move on to the new game you would be leaving your replacement with £300m in the bank still which isn't too shabby. Hope you do it the youth way though, still time for it to happen.
  14. I ha ent watched Raw or Smackdown properly in ages but always catch up with the pre show. Lita makes me put up with Lawler.
  15. Somewhere Shane forde is sitting with a beer in hand and a tear in his eye.
  16. Royal Rumble Sign Up Form Confused Clarity IWWROCKS Astafjevs RickyButton Andrew_ Glenn Wakeford PaulHartman71 darren1983 HopOnBaby bazaod Icelander83 craigcwwe roykela Bamazeus SounessTash
  17. I know, she just pushes all my buttons and before i know whats going on i'm saying stupid things. I'll go back later with my tail between my legs and say sorry. Knowing my luck it will be me who ends up getting booted out of my own house. To clarify she was only meant to be staying with me for a few weeks before she got a place of her own and she has now been months, thats why i've said my house in the last few posts. Thats the root of the arguments too.
  18. Told lady to gtf out of my house by the time i get home tonight (8-9pm). Feel terrible and regret it but feel like i can't back down now, it was a really serious argument before i left. Any advice?
  19. Do not believe in all this friend zone crap, however my recent correspondence has become rather friend like with the lady i like, i have a good opportunity to change this this weekend, any tips? Other that drunkenly saying i love you that is.
  20. My prediction: Triple H will win by some underhand tactic, Hulkamainia will intervene and still put Bryan in the main event.
  21. Yeah, it was alright anyway in the end, she texted me quite a bit over the weekend, will try to do something next weekend if i have the finances for it.
  22. While i am in the mood, this was my favourite tale of this thread, what happened in the end?
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