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  1. I've taken all the comments on board and tried different things to get the BWM role right. Unfortunately it's not working. I have a new save and I'm playing as boss of Essex Senior Side Clapton (On a lower league downloaded database). I'm 15 league games into the season and my 2 BWM have an awful discipline record. Player one Kevin Aspinal has 10 yellows and 2 reds in 16 appearances. My coach's tell me he has a competetive streak and he has 15 aggression. (Missed 4 league match's so far with bans) Player two Robin Nicholls has 4 yellows and 4 reds in 11 appearances. No problems reported by coaches and 11 aggression (Missed 6 league match's so far with bans) I just don't think a BWM role is advisable. Maybe its different at higher levels but that's not been my experience. I use 3 different tactics and formations and that makes no difference, the cards just pile up. I also have 'Stay on Feet' checked in the tactics section. I've warned them, criticised their behaviour and fined them..... None of it is having an affect. EDIT ... Also notice both players have average match ratings over 7.... It's kind of like they are being rewarded for poor discipline? I just dont get it.
  2. Ive played FM for too many years to mention and can honestly say Ive never had a son in the game. Well, Ive never noticed one anyway...... Until now. In just my second season on my first FM17 save, my son joined my non league club, Clapton, Essex Senior league (Downloaded database) He came into the club via youth intake but unfortunately I missed it. I only saw it 2 seasons later when I noticed it somewhere in my manager profile. By then it was too late to sign him and he's no longer in the game Shows what a great dad I am lol.
  3. great thread, keep em coming lads, Im bookmarking for future reference -)
  4. Thank you fro the replies, you make some interesting points. I spose I also have to consider the fact my team are in their 2nd prem league relegation battle and the oppo usually has more possesion. This means my team have more tackles to make. But my main point was that I should be able to determine and alter a players specific orders when he plays a certain role. A BW midfielder should still have the ability to adjust his aggression, timing etc. Not all BWM are Cattermole's. Take a look at the form of West Hams Obiang, look at his tackling stats and yellow card tally. If you read the discription of Ease Off Tackles in the tactics, its still an option that would make sense to a BW mid. just my oppinion.
  5. Look up Loki Doki, I find him hillarious.
  6. Has anyone noticed that ball winning midfielders get a lot of yellow cards? If you have a player with that role in your tactic, you dont get the option to make him 'Ease off tackles' Surely it should be an option to ask a ball winning midfielder to use better judgement in tackles? One player I have has just hit 15 yellows in 32 games (Aggression 9), another has 16 yellows in 29 games (Aggression 14). That seems very high to me and I should have the option to get the player to tone the tackling down. The BWM role is important to my struggling Prem side and I dont really want to change it. EDIT Neither player has any report that they are troublemakers from scouts nor coaches.
  7. I had the same problem. Signed a player, find replacement clause was greyed out. No replacement found and transfer auto cancelled at end of window. Signed the player again just after the window thinking he would join at the start of the next window. The sign replacement clause was still greyed out but i went ahead anyway. I sorted the fee and contract but as soon as a wp was granted, the deal was cancelled because no replacement was found. Now Ill probably lose him to another club. This clause needs to be eradicated from the game please.
  8. Hes 19 so Im thinking he should get the wp. Ill keep an eye on it. Thnx for the reply mate.
  9. Hi Do substitute appearances for an international game count as an appearance when applying for a work permit? I have a player who has made 7 sub appearances form the last 7 games but cant get a WP. He plays for Chile, ranked 32nd. Thanks. EDIT, sorry one other question. After waiting 120 days to make a 2nd wp application, if its refused, can you appeal? Thanks.
  10. You should be able to protest a transfer if the board accept one on your behalf. There should be a button in the bottom right corner when you get the transfer accepted message, it should simply say, *Protest Transfer* You should then get a few options to interact with the board but I dont think its too detailed. I like your ideas on things that could be said to the board with regards to expectations. However, I think their are some issues with the whole thing which I reported in the bugs forum. (Hopefully I, or someone else, will upload a save game soon for them to figure out if theres any issues)
  11. Hi This is not a Brexit complaint post -) Its just that if Brexit is going to be a long term part of FM in the future (No idea how long it will take to impliment in RL) I'd like to see us being able to specifically scout players for work permit issues. I think it would speed up a sometimes laborious task of setting up assignments only to find your scouts have looked at 99 players and 98 of them wont get a work permit. When setting up a new assignment, there is quite a lot of detail a manager can adjust to search out specifics on players, including attributes like work rate etc. I don't think it would be too difficult to add in the option *Scout players with no work permit issues* If I was sending a scout to Norway (For example) in real life, I think it would be realistic of me to ask him not to waste too much time on players with WP problems, thus saving time and money. It could also be a nice option to allow scouts to search out possible future international standard youngsters who may one day qualify for a WP. Thanks.
  12. Thanks Clyde, I should have searched that forum. Appologies.
  13. I think it was before the start of the new season. I seem to remember it took 6 months to complete. Ive put it in bugs section as Cougar advised. Thanks
  14. Just played my first home game and the attendance was 12500
  15. Hi My board agreed to upgrade the stadium after we were promoted to the prem. Just got the message below. I'm confused.... Am I missing something?
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