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  1. Try verifying the game cache, it's an option when you right click in Steam. It tends to fix a lot of problems.
  2. The Stopper/Cover combo leaves a huge space in the middle, where one defender sits higher up and the other deeper. A safer alternative is to play C/D or X/D - never C/X. This, paired with the Attack duty for the left back, leaves a big space behind the DCL, i.e. (exagerrated somewhat for illustration) WB-------------------------- ----------DC---------------- --------------------------FB -----------------DC--------- The tactic on the right will also leave a gap between the central midfield and the defence, since neither midfielder is looking to sit particularly deep. This will lead to a disconnect between defence and attack, lots of misplaced passes from defenders to midfielders, and so extra pressure on a defence that is already shaky ground. Looking at the team instructions, you're telling your defence to push higher up, which is only going to make things worse - more stretched on the left hand side. You'd probably be better of playing something like: ------------MC(D)------MC(S)----------- WB(A)------DC(D)------DC(X)------FB(S) Of course the MCs could be replaced with DMs if you still find your defence exposed. Have a look at the analysis from your Schalke game - look at where their chances were coming from. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority were from runs behind your LWB.
  3. That's an interesting read, and a good analysis of a lot of different styles. My approach to using 3 creative attackers (with Tottenham) is to play them all as AMCs, as follows: GK (D) CWB (A) CD (D) CD (D) CWB (A) MC (D) MC (D) AM (A) AP (S) AM (A) DLF (S) Fluid Control/Counter I'll sometimes switch one of the MCs to B2B if I need a bit more action going forward, and will change the CWB to something more conservative to compensate. The effect is that an attacking diamond is set up, with the wide players (the AMs) making moves forwards with or without the ball. They end up creating a lot of chances for themselves, each other and the DLF. The style of play is possession-based with short passing. Much of the possession is in the attacking third, with the 3 AMCs happy to ping the ball between each other using the MCs/WBs as outlets when things get tight. The AP finds a lot of space since he sits deeper than the other two AMs, who will occupy the opposing central midfielder. My results so far have kept me in the top 2 in the league through to March in season 1. There aren't a huge amount of goals, but my DLF is among the league's top scorers.
  4. The SSD would make an improvement in speed, the RAM not so much. I bought an SSD about a year ago that just has my OS, a few key programs and most of my games on it, and load times are noticeably shorter than on a magnetic HDD.
  5. Be aware though, that FM is still a 32-bit app so won't be able to utilise all that memory. Running lots of applications at once will be the main benefit.
  6. Cross-posting from the New Ideas thread: I think it would be interesting to have pre-season interactions with players, where you can propose individual objectives for them to achieve. Higher Ambition players would be more motivated by difficult goals, and insulted by anything they see as too easy. Low Ambition players could find themselves demotivated by anything too difficult. Perhaps as a player is reaching his objective, his performances increase or decrease depending on Determination and Pressure attributes. Example objectives: -- Score X league goals -- Keep Y clean sheets -- Start Z league matches -- Earn an international call-up -- Make the World Footballer of the Year shortlist There could also be training-related goals, such as pushing a young player to increase for example his physical ability, weaker foot, or a training attribute area i.e. Aerobic, or even just one particular attribute. Of course this would act to the detriment of other areas of training, pushing the player to be a specialist. We already have this option with PPMs, but to extend it to direct attribute training would be a step forwards in terms of player development. Interactions where there is a good player/manager relationship would be more likely to succeed, and repeated achievements of proposed goals would lead to a stronger relationship being forged.
  7. The best I've seen was a regen called Lee Leigh, who played for Leigh. A bit like Wolfgang Wolf being manager of Wolfsburg a few years back.
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