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  1. Why do I have to state a favourite formation in the manager profile on FM15? I don't have a favourite formation, it depends on the players in the squad! So annoying!
  2. Just started a new save as Norwich, said yes to my assistant wanting to set up friendly against the Ressies. This was set up but then when I progressed the game it wasnt there, ever happened to anyone? Known bug?
  3. FM12 minimizing during game?

    Can't see anything in there that might affect it?
  4. Hope someone is able to help on this..... Just recently when I have been playing FM12 after about 5mins (and to my recollection always during a game) the screen will minimize to the tray and show my desktop. I am able to return to the game just by maximising it but it is very annoying. At first I thought it was an issue with the laptop but yesterday I got a new one and it has just happened on this. Can anyone share any experience / advice? Cheers.
  5. Just started new long term with new update, always play in 2D Classic and ramp the matches up to full speed. I've got the match speed up to the max but the highlights are still running slow, I can't remember doing so but do I need to speed that up somewhere? Cheers