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  1. nope, only analysis bio and comparison available.
  2. Nice. can you tell me how to get attributes without boxes (also on popup) please?
  3. Hm, I ran into an overly ambitious board (imo) at Frankfurt on my career save in the fourth year(22/23) . They sacked their manager in the fall and they were around 7th-11th place at the time. can't recall exactly. They wanted qualification for CL though, which I thought was quite demanding. They finished 10th season prior and they weren't in top 4 odds on favorite media prediction either . They did however finish 4th in the very first season and then13th in 20/21. Did nothing much in CL or EL. Anyway I accepted it as this was my big break, but failed to achieve it and finished 12th. My job may have been precarious at the end, but at least insecure, so I resigned to protect my rep. edit : having just checked ; previous manager hasn't been sacked, he left in September for a new job and I apparently resigned on April 25th as I guess I thought the writing was on the wall
  4. Every once in a while I always take 20 minutes or so go into player search and set a nickname to 50 -100 most valued NEWGEN players, and by nickname I mean only adding the asterisk next to their name, so I know who the new top players are . Same with top newgen performers in my opposition teams.
  5. So I kinda messed up for choosing toO short pitch in pre-season, and to make sure I don't miss it next preseason, does anyone know when exacty they ask you about it? Managing in Bundesliga. Thanks.
  6. just had another device error hung crash. 20.4 version btw . it's the beta FM 2020 v20.2.4.1336959 (2020.02.02 15.23.15).dmp
  7. If I close the GE, the lag returns. I am not playing on low settings though (which is when is smooth without GE). Thanks for the warning, but google said there were some security updates too? Anyway so far so good. EDIT- one thing that does stand out, it says game can't be optimized for FM 20 in the GE graphics settings. Fm 16 doesnt have that messagge.
  8. As the game processes into the future, ofcourse young players , the newgens, come into the limelight in thhe world of football. To make it easier to follow new superstars, I suggest to somehow make em more known. I always take 20 minutes go into player search and set a nickname to 50 -100 most valued players, nickname being only the asterisk next to their name, so I know who the new top players are, but I'd appreciate if that was done automatically. edit - could be optional ofcourse
  9. Just tested by watching the highlights of a match and the youtube in the background doesn't work for me. I have to have Geforce Experience running, as I stated previously, to have it smooth.
  10. I had since not had any crashes, i think it might happen when I set it to high (render, mesh or texture) w shadows on low. I have now set vsynch off and start normally (not through GE and will test it too. edit , I still have lag if I start it via FM 20 shortcut, also youtube video running in the background doesn't solve it as it does for some. Running the game via GE does, though. - one thing that does stand out, it says game can't be optimized for FM 20 in the GE graphics settings. Fm 16 doesnt have that messagge.
  11. i have been on beta since its release, to the best of my recollection was fine before. If I start the game via normal FM20 shortcut I get lag on medium and even flickering. Reinstalled drivers to no avail. However if I start the game through Geforce Experience AND keep it running in the background it runs smoothly. So the GE stays opened on the screen. If I close it lag returns. Go figure. EDIT . just had another dump while goal was scored, with default darks skin, cleaned local cache and preferences ma x power on and vertical synach enabled in nvidia settings FM 2020 v20.2.4.1336959 (2020.01.29 18.17.59).dmp
  12. I have removed custom ad patch and was fine for few matches, but I got another device error hung on public beta. i am using custom skin but for the match overview i deleted the files a while back as i prefer default dark one. However if I cclick on the player widget the match gets heavy lag almost stops to a halt, say you wanna see player pop up profile. running now on medium graphics so far so good (w crowd low, shadow and anti alias off) i have to re -apply at first run the match during the match as if GE needs to readjust the graphics? Game is smooth only with GE running in the background. e FM 2020 v20.2.4.1336959 (2020.01.29 17.15.36).dmp
  13. oh ok, but SI won't come down on us using such skins and not owning an editor? it's a loophole?
  14. so how are those who haven't purchased the in game editor able to see it in the skins that show curent CA f.e.?
  15. Also I did have custom ingame patch installed, which in combo with everything may have been too much for my card to handle, I dunno. Purely guessing. Will test it. I do have to starte the game via geforce experience to have no lag though. But I once or twice had error hung even before installing but i dont remember exact circumstances. I do get lag when clicking on players widget ingame, check their attriibutess f.e. during match.
  16. are any of you setting any max frame rate in Nvidia 3d settings? i had it off (and it's in grey on 58 whatever that means)
  17. edit, i ussually have nvidia setting to max power and vertical synch on, in this case i didn't.
  18. I can only get smooth game w Nvidia 650 if I start it with GE and keep it running in the background like I said previously too.
  19. so i am getting these device error crashes during the matches. I have to start the game via Geforce Exeprience and keep it running in the backround so the game is smooth but I am getting device erros here and there in public beta. If i start the game normally I get lag even on medium , but GE has solved or became a worked around it. FM 2020 v20.2.4.1336959 (2020.01.25 19.01.43).dmp DxDiag45.txt
  20. Turns out I only downloaded and installed update without full pack .
  21. Great work, but my ad board turnto black. Default work fine. I renamed hd to sd to no avail. Have match graphics on medium but have changed render and texture to high to no avail. Any idea how to solve it? Thanks edit. i am also using public beta and Club folder, not sure if this makes a difference
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