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  1. I got suggested "none" licenses for Premier League and Ligue 1 when starting w new manager. i dont recall what I switched from.
  2. when I started unemployed and checked licenses needed via leagues it said none for BPL and Ligue 1. I do have the name fix but not sure if this is related. does anyone else get that when starting, choosing english or french leagues ?
  3. used a gegen press 4-2-3-1 in a test save and lots of long shots by (mezzala -su) in a friendly. I took him off at half time as he has the "shoots from distance" preffered move which was - as it turned out - causing that and then saw two nice key passes by the left wingback to (AML-IF-a) who assisted the striker (dlp) and then AMC ) with work into the box, overlap on the left. On cautios or balanced mentality iirc. Nice, didnt see much of that in beta.
  4. just watched Man City v Preston friendly as an unemployed manager. City awarded four penalties, missed two.
  5. still getting constant crashes esp. with certain matches on a save where I opted in and out of public beta. Been getting em since Nov 3rd. This is just a guessing game but does Geforce experience overwriting my ingame setting? I have disabled automated optimizations but to no avail. On medium the lag itself seems smoothened out, but crashes a lot during match. For example I just had have shadows off, yet they appear in game. They also appear off in fm 20 geforce settings. It says game cant be optimized anymore anyway. I uinstalled fm 19 demo so there may be no mix up. so how to disable any interference of Geforce experience w ingame setting if there is one? are setting set ingame used ingame? the only other thing i can think of, is that I havent unistalled 108 drivers when I installed newest ones via geforce experience, but there is conflicting info on the net, some saying that you don't need to unistall old drivers. If I indeed need to uistall previous drivers off, how would I unistall both set of drivers now? again would be appreciate if you looked at the dump. i have verified game files integrity. FM 2020 v20.1.0.1313242 (2019.11.18 15.54.09).dmp
  6. apparently I had "Automatically optimize newly added game" setting checked. Checked it off, to see if there is any difference.
  7. fwiw i was about to be awarded my fourth penalty before my game crashed, so I had the multiple penalties happen.
  8. do any of you get crashes too? I have Nvidia gtx 650 and while last update has smoothened the lag at least on medium settings (with some low or off) i am getting still lots of crashes. Have got em since Nov 3rd. If I set graphics too high it crashes at the start usually. FM 19 demo incidentally ran smooth on HIGH settings at a big Bayern stadium, fm 16 game smooth on very high for comparison also any advice how to set geforce settings? i only have max power enabled for fm. one thing i've noticed that often after a crash, the graphic settings would be different than what i set. The individual setting would match as i reloaded the game but overall would ussually be on high or just now Low, despite me setting 'em on MEDIUM. Is this a coincidence or a perhaps a bug that correct setting arent used ingame? Or does it set to some pre.crash setting? edit, as someone suggested to me in another thread, Is my geforce experience overwriting this setting? How can I check /set that?
  9. and another crash in another match after 75 mins FM 2020 v20.1.0.1313242 (2019.11.17 20.28.47).dmp
  10. i have noticed after a crash my overall settings were set to HIGH, despite me manually setting em to MEDIUM. All individual settings were the same. Not sure if it means anyting or is it save specific. see this thread
  11. another example w Jake Taylor (exeter) didnt go through yet as no money left in bank. I chose the first answer when talking to the board FWIW
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