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  1. I've also had the same problem with Fm 16 . I played the game again after a month - like a week ago - and the first day offline mode worked fine, but the next it started crashing when loading. I tried some of the things (verify cache etc), but what apparently worked for me, was opting out of beta steam client. An update (?) then downloaded and then offline mode worked fine with fm 16. this is copy paste from the other thread but with opt out version instructions. (a belated thnx to N_Z) With Steam running, click on "Steam" in the upper left, then choose the "Settings" menu. (Preferences on Mac) On the "Account" tab under "Beta Participation" click the "Change..." button. Select the "none" from the drop down list and click "OK". You will be prompted to restart Steam, please select the "Restart Steam" button. Not sure if this will for work for you or how will affect your other games if at all. back in june offline mode was not working properly on Steam and the solution was to opt into beta client.
  2. @Arkim, as noted above Zizu00's idea worked for us , so perhaps try to set the date (clock) on your computer to June 14th or earlier and then start FM in an offline mode. I should add that, once I reset the date to the current day, I couldn't launch it in a offline mode again, so I had to reset to 14th once more to get it to work. Temporary workaround till a solution is known, assuming we all have the same thing causing this.
  3. Yes, I had exact same problem since last nite.After a computer crash midgame (perhaps comp overheated) could not play it in offline mode anymore when i restarted computer, Managed to launch it online mode however, if i disabled antivirus, but got steam error code 3 if i tried playing it offline. Just using now ZizU00' advic now worked. Thanks. I've just changed the date on my comp to jun 14th and it launched in offline mode succesfully. Out of curiousity how did you figure that one out and what does it mean?
  4. Sorry, not sure if i have permission for that. mine is exactly as I described; 1.create a folder named bergkamp14 white v1 in sportsinteractive/footballmanager2014/skins 2 just put every file from his download in there. that's all.
  5. Don't know PeuquenoGenio. Did you reload the skin or maybe restarted FM? clear cache..
  6. thanks for the skin(s), Bergkamp. Any chance you could make white skin transparent, dull it down so it's less bright? So one could insert a background.
  7. are you sure you don't have no gaps in between the name? paste this bergkamp14 white v1
  8. create a folder in fm14/skins and name it bergkamp14 white v1 and put all folders from the download in.
  9. off topic on goalkeeper video, how did you get the names floating over players so large? or is it video only that makes it somehow look bigger than ingame?
  10. Asked that too myself, was told that it's not possible. A tip though, give the players nickname in CAPS, and it'll be in caps in match also.
  11. thanks! do i add these updates to your existing pitches folders or replace them?
  12. 2014/2015 season And the off season begins. Dembele got somewhat lost in the shuffle in the previous year, so I decided to transfer him out.Also I needed a top quality goalkeeper and wanted Samir Handanovic, but since he was coowned by Inter and Udinese the fee was out of our reach. Yann Sommer got the pick to compete with Zieler for no. 1 spot. El Shaarawy was the inside forward I needed, and was glad to sign Zouma, a top CB prospect. Cleverley was a 2nd choice behind the no. 1 DLP Veratti. Altough a good player, as I had Isco, Pjanic, and even Adryan (loaned out),Bayern signed Siggy for 20 millions pounds. It was the 3rd season and now thing started to click. Studied some tactical advice how to make things work better combined with my ideas as well or things i've learnt in the past, plus researched how to make the most out of corners. We didn't score much from them in previous seasons. I changed tactic, mostly 4321 but to 41221 as well and even 442 DM. Spurs were challenging for the title, baby! Llorente was a dominant TM/DLF and scored from corners lots. Linked up play too. CAPITAL ONE CUP Reached semis taken out by Stoke FA CUP Lost to Man City in 3rd round EUROPA LEAGUE FInal Lost 0-1. v Galatasary** (I had to replay this game as original one ended 2-2 after ET, but the game didn't allow me to go to penalty shootout. Repored in the bugs forum) PREMIERSHIP Six round prior to the end, we were in the pole position. But a draw against Man Utd and Reading took things out our feet, erm, hands. City now had the upper hand, but a City surprising defeat to Newcaste meant it will go down to the last day or even minutes of the season. STANDINGS BEFORE ROUND 38 MAN CITY 84 gd+ 56 SPURS 84 gd+ 55 CHELSEA 83 I knew it will decided not only pn goal diference but even goals scored as the Manchester City had one more. Man City were playing Fullham, Spurs Blackpool at home. No other way but to press, and control. We needed not to only to win, but win big. I was looking at the scores updates, and as we went up early on, City followed suit. City were 3-0 up at 55 min, we went 4-0 in 63rd.Still not enough. But in an absolutely captivating match it was Pjanic who tried his luck and with this curling beauty in 82 minute.... .... secured the title. Or did he? It was still 8 minutes to go and all City needed to do was to score at any time to dethrone us. Couldn't go defensively even when a late Blackpool goal would do the same. But the guys prevented any Blackpool' s(counter) attacking attempt brilliantly, Man City-Newcastle FT 3-0 and the whistle has been blown.This was it, we did it!! Celebrations were not kept to the minimum. The best XI, Llorente deserved it more, cause he played in more important matches than Ade. Bale set the new avg rating reccord in the EPL, fans player of the year too. a note on El Sharaawy, one of the few players I edited this year's FM db, his CA/PA to reflect his form in serie A this season. What a season, and I as said, it was worth it to hang in there. Oh my rep has been elevated to continental. lol.
  13. 2013/2013 SEASON So the sequel of my managerial debut with Spurs brought some progress but still not as much as I would have liked. Signning Llorente on a free was the best deal, so I even given him match highest earner to make sure he'd sign . After a little disagreement I had with Vertonghen and Lloris they were transfered out, bringing in PjaniC, Santon, Papadopolous and Veratti. The former and the latter were to add the creativity and i suppose to build for the future. The Greek defender ended up becoming worst signing of the season. But he neeeds time to settle. Bale started incredibly, topping the goalscorer charts in EPL, but pulled string annd back strain and also a drop of ropm or simply tactic not working saw him at finish with 16 goals in the premiership. CAPITAL one CUP Lost to Liverpool in the final. Was really hoping to clinch one title, but it was not to be. FA CUP Man City defeated us in 4th round EUROPA LEAGUE Once again our journey stopped in semis, this time vs Twente. PREMIERSHIP Stucked in 5th place. More goals, but not good enough. No CL once more. BestXI Not sure how Butland got in the official pick as he was loaned out, Sandro picked fans player of the year. Still my rep was the cause of motivational issues, but I wasn't giving up. Bring on third season. Oh the board was delighted with the attacking style of footie played, and youth players got plenty time on the pitch.
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