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  1. Im currently playing as a team that doesnt have a youth academy and i wanted to know if the club evr has good enough youth facilites, repuation and finances...would the board ever create a youth academy for the club or is it a case of if you dont start the game with a YA you'll never have one?
  2. These are some of the Clubs i cannot get badges for http://www.gamefront.com/files/21193677/No+Club+Badges.rar some clubs I can find badges but the way their website works wouldnt allow me to save the image..this isnt acomplete list as there have been times Ive forgotten to write teams down
  3. As far as logos for level 11 - 14, 82 Leagues have have logos collected there are around 160 leagues left I think, any help would be majorly appreiciated though
  4. Anyone have the Sky Sports SITV

    If only it didnt have that 'Wayne Rooney admits to having a sexual relationship with an elderly badger' bit
  5. Haha imagine if this was all just an elaborate rick roll, and later on we all just downloaded that video from gamefront etc.
  6. Tbh your lucky you only found it today, the rest of us have been excited for so long about this, its like christmas/ new years/ birthday all rolled into one but better
  7. There are some level 13/14 that you cant get relegated from as its the bottom league but wazups right, you'd get sacked for finishing bottom especially which as Id expect as the level 14 teams have the same repuation..a mid table finish is whats likely to be the minimum expectation
  8. This thread has over 24k views and im sure around 1000 have been me over the past 7 week lol
  9. Its on 3pm, hes more than likely at work
  10. If when its released some people could help with the supplying Ids of clubs/leagues/cups and just sending them that would be awesome, as just Level 10 and Level 11 alone has around 1000 clubs theres also just over 300 Competiotn logos too, this would mean the db can look awesome quicker
  11. Do you know any of the cup competitions deactivate when a level is deactivated? I think in Uncle rons db he said that the county cup deactivate when the lowest level is removed
  12. I think its safe to assume it'll be released before 14th of September
  13. Got them off the net (wouldnt no where to start in making them myself) Nearly all of them are good quality though
  14. I could send you Kent County league level 11 - 13 if you want?
  15. Ive got all the club logos for the kent leagues level 10 and below (level 9 is pretty much complete from the metallic megapack), Ive made Normal (180x180) and small (25x18) there arent as well done as metallic as this is my first attempt at not only FM Graphic but photshop itself, Im unsure how to creat a 'back right' and back left' logo so ive just left them out. Once the DB is out and I can see the IDs Ill sort a the conig files and then try to upload it (Cant promise anything however as this is my 1st time)