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  1. Twitch is a video platform to broadcast and to watch games. So basically you can go to Twitch.tv, select a game you want to watch, then you can watch other people playing the game, some of them give live commentary. You can also broadcast on Twitch while you play the game. For some people it's interesting. For FM particularly it *might* be a bit boring, compared to other action packed games you can watch on the site.
  2. Miles Jacobsen just told on Twitch stream. One new feature will be integration with Twitch, being able to directly broadcast from the game. With voice and video chat coming later this year. Official video with all the new features will be broadcasted on Twitch on Tuesday Oct. 7, and will be 30 minutes long. It will reveal almost all new features for FM15, except for a few left to discover for us. Thoughts? Do you think people will watch Football Manager on Twitch?
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