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  1. I am managing Holbæk in the Danish 2. division and am in my second season. Aroung December 2008 all figures are multiplied by factor 5.4 - for some odd reason: (the transfer income this season i 1K, not 5.4K) This part-time player is suddently worth EUR 550K and gets EUR 37K per month(!?!) Why? Does not make it any more realistic, when when a Danish semi-professional club, like Holbæk, suddently has EUR 15M in the bank...
  2. Hi Sunny! Thanks for a good 4-3-1-2 (FM2008) tactics! Been playing it for 1,5 season now and it has restored my faith in the game! Got promoted the first season to the Norwegian 1. division and with 5 games to go in my second season I'm heading for the play-offs - which is an stunning achievement as the media predicted me to finish 15 out of 16 teams! I will post some stats and upload some pictures in a couple of days. I have however tweaked the tactics a little, turning down the creativity as my team consists of players rated between 4 and 10 in creativity. But, it still works! The shot/goal ratio is however poor but that's not because of the tactics I think - my forwards are just a bit slow. Thank you Sunny - keep up the good work!
  3. First of all: I haven't read all 32 pages and don't intend to do neither - so pardon me if this idea already has been forwarded: A nice and useful feature would be to make it possible to ask your board for an youth academy aboard - e.g. in Africa, Asia or X, you get the idea...