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  1. I have the same prob with Fernando Torres at Chelsea. I bought him from Liverpool for 50 million when his stats looked great, but they have been dropping ever since he joined my club. Even crucial stat for a striker like Off The Ball has dropped to 10. He hasn't been injured while at Chelsea either. (It's just FM way to emulate real life. Footballers don't always get better all the time; they have their ups and downs)
  2. Why use Arteta? Podolski has scored every single PK for me so far.
  3. I believe this is due to FM13 players get transfer listed by request much much more often than ever before.
  4. 5.7M tax and 2.2M non-football are the only big expenses on your list, so yeah it's the taxman robbing your club.
  5. How can you expect someone whose job is to hold the ball to score too? That's like asking Heskey to score.
  6. Actually those teams were not fielding their first elevens, so in a sense, FM 13 defenders play like reserve league players and the team plays with little to no chemistry.
  7. Happened twice when I tried out the demo today, once with David De Gea in goal and another with Pepe Reina. I guess Spanish goalkeepers suck.
  8. Because Arsene Wenger wouldn't buy any big name or offer a big contract.
  9. It happens in one of my saves too to Tottenham, who even got Mourinho from Madrid. Their reputation boost makes them #1 in the world, but they soon drop back to normal (behind Man Utd, etc.) after a year due to lack of silverware.
  10. Find the fault in your tactic. Replace the poor players in the first team. Maybe change your tactic to 4-4-1-1 to make your wide midfielders help with the defense. 4-2-3-1 formation doesn't defend very well in FM, unless you have exceptional central midfielders. tl;dr it's your tactic
  11. 1. Argentina 2. Brazil (lots of high PA youths with very poor mental attributes) 3. Spain, France, Italy 4. Germany, England, Mexico 5. Turkey, Russia, Netherlands, Portugal and then there's Africa randomly producing 1-3 -10PA youths every year.
  12. Determination above 10 is good enough. Anticipation and Decision are just as important imo.
  13. I've never slept with the hot physio in Chelsea's backroom. Terry did though. I've never been relegated either.
  14. I'd say about 5 years too. Here's what usually happens: 1. AI manager achieves some more successes with the current best generation. 2. AI manager sells the best players and replaces them with inferior players. 3. AI manager buys youths who will never reach their full potential because AI don't develop them right. 4. The best generation built by me retires and the club declines. ...oh my god, my team was taken by Arsene Wenger
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