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  1. I would suggest making the central cm a more static defensive role and change the full backs to support roles. Then probably mentality to Control or Standard. I would probably drop the duty of one of the front three to support too, maybe two of them actually.
  2. That tactic is ridiculously attacking. I would say it is more surprising that it has taken until this far into the season for teams to turn you over. You have two centre forwards both with attacking duties, an enganche in the AM strata on an attacking duty. Your centre midfield features a central ball winning midfielder who will chase the ball leaving gaps behind him. The two support CMs either side of him are then either trying to cover behind that player or in front behind the centre forwards and AM who are not doing any defending. Finally, those two support CMs are also trying to cover behind the two full backs who are on auto duty. As your mentality is on Attacking so are your full backs. So they are bombing forward all the time. You need to change a lot of duties to make some of them stay put as I bet you're getting killed on transitions and counter attacks. Any tactic featuring a central AM or proper wingers will have you on toast everytime as it stands. In my opinion. Edit: Just read back what I have written, sounds a little harsh. That was not my intention.
  3. I look at the team report. See who the best players are, then try and play the two or three best in their preferred position and role. Then look at the depth screen and see what formation I can put out from there. I also use the team comparison page to give me some ideas as well. There is also a way of getting your Assistant to pick the best formation, I think.
  4. Yep, that is pretty annoying when you have a Target Man. Perhaps another problem with the involvement of the AM is the roles behind him, the CMD and DLPS are likely to make them fairly distant. Hard to say without watching a game. It seems to me that it is fairly easy for the AI to match you up defensively, full backs take wingers, CDs take the CF, DM takes the AM, and none of them have to think about leaving their positions to do so. Playing an inferior team you may do well, as your players would likely be better than those marking them. Playing as Alaves against the better sides in La Liga their players are going to be better than yours and you are relying on your wingers to beat the full backs to create opportunities. The opposition can even double up out wide as your fullbacks are not getting involved. Some extra movement somewhere is what I would look for first and foremost.
  5. You have run at defense as a TI when you are playing two wingers, who are already going to run at people more often than not. I would take that TI out, see how that goes. Maybe tinker with your wingers so they are not so symmetrical. One on attack duty, one on support, or different roles for one. Maybe inside forward. Also your DFS and APA will often be occupying the same space, I would have thought. One is pulled back, the other pushed forward, so some tinkering there may help as well. If you are looking for the forward to score some headers, maybe a target man role instead, or advance forward so he can pull the defenders out of position and make space for the AP to operate in.
  6. Just finished a first half season in the Romanian Second Division (I took over after the winter break) playing a direct 442, mostly on Counter mentality, flexible shape. Lining up like this GK (D) FB(S) CD(D) CD(D) FB(A) W(A) CM(S) CM(D) WM(S) DLF(S) AF(A) Team shouts more direct passing and higher tempo. Only PIs are the winger to cross from the byeline, and the WM to play narrower. Fortunately, a lot of the other teams in this division line up with a 442 as well. Against other teams playing 442 it has been raining goals. I have scored 6 (six) in three different games with a couple of four goal games as well. Some of these games have turned in to straight up who can score the most competitions. I won away at the team top of the league 6-5 in one match! It is a lot of fun. Against 5 man midfields I have struggled though. Still tinkering with getting those games right. I am having some success with adding play narrower, lowering the tempo, short goalkeeper distribution, and fluid shape. My theory is that this will help close the gaps between the lines, and bringing the wide men in to help with shortage in the centre of midfield. Also marking the DM (with DLF) or AM (with CMD) seems to help. I feel you have to find a way of negating the extra man in midfield if you play 442.
  7. Thanks for that. May be on the move shortly to either Serbia or Ukraine, so should pick up those languages relatively quickly. And for those who are not English, or of a certain age, here is some clarification on why anyone's hovercraft may be full of eels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6D1YI-41ao
  8. Never really seen this answered anywhere so on my latest Journeyman save I thought I would see how long it took my manager to learn a language. I have adaptability of 2 which with hindsight I should have poured more points in to. So far I have learnt Slovenian: Seven months to Basic level, Eight more months to Good level, then a rapid Five months to Fluent. Moje vozilo na zračni blazini je polno jegulj. En jezik ni nikoli dovolj.
  9. I am by no means an expert, and hopefully someone smarter than me will help you shortly but my thoughts follow. Firstly I would swap the two midfielders duties. So you have the defend duty on the right and support duty on the left. At the moment you have an attacking winger to the right of the RCM and a attacking player in front of him too leaving that guy potentially trying to cover three players, depending on the opposition tactic. See how that goes then maybe consider changing the roles for something more static. Or put a holds position PI on one of the cms. I would also consider changing the player in the AM strata to a support duty, other him to mark the opposition DM if they have one. 442 is pretty difficult to get to work in Spain with a mediocre side coming up against a lot of 5 man midfields.
  10. Was just about to give up after another set of reloads, then I got Needham Market promoted to the Conference North. So there must be a chance. Should have kept that save, sorry anyone who is interested in that save.
  11. Just finished first season. Proper update coming soon. Struggling for motivation though. Really want to be Worthing rather than Bognor as I actually go and watch Worthing semi regularly. Anyone seen Worthing get promoted?
  12. Giving this one a go. Started in South Africa. Profile pic http://imgur.com/a/4pR1J Went on holiday for a year in the hope that one of the promoted teams would need a manager. No such luck, so waited for the first sacking. Sadly the first sacking was for a team called Royal Eagles, and frankly there is no way I am going to manage a team called the Eagles. So I waited for the next one to come up, and ended up at... This is way more badass than any team with an eagle in their name or on their badge. First season update to follow soon.
  13. Ok, so first thoughts are that catenaccio is not going to work with this squad initially. I am retraining a couple of my young centre backs to play sweeper, so we will see how that does over time.We had some decent players, then nine of my players refused to sign new contracts. We are left with a pretty large squad with a load of young players. Currently four 16 year olds; eight 17 year olds; sixteen 18 year olds and four 19 year olds. Some decent looking prospects amongst them too but I will mainly be focusing on my own youth intake when they come along rather than detailing these guys. Initially I will be going with a defensive 4-4-2 with very few instructions and we will see how that pans out. Once my centre backs are retrained I will begin to build a catenaccio style formation. In terms of facilities we have Good Training Facilities and Below average Training Facilities. The Nereo Rocco stadium holds 32,454 and is plenty big enough for us I would imagine. We are predicted to finish the season 19th out of 20 and are 1000-1 to get the title. So I am expecting a slog (for slog read failure). Edit: I am going to show you one young player we have already Tommaso Cappai a young, right footed left back who will have to play every week as we have no one else for that role.
  14. Ok, so really like the sound of this challenge. Done quite a lot of searching, trying out different countries, to see what is out there if there is any club that really grabs me. Finally found this one. Unione Triestina is the latest reincarnation of a once relatively successful club. Their high point was back 47/48 when Triestina finished second in Serie A to the Grande Torino. Since then they have mostly bumbled around Serie B and C. Having gone bankrupt in 1994 and 2012 this is the third version of the club. Since the 2012 bankruptcy when they were forced to restart at the sixth level in Italy, Triestina have seen three successive promotions (two in real life and one in FM) to get back to Serie C. But I hear you say "that sounds like about 40 other mid size Italian clubs" and you are correct. The real thing that grabbed me after doing a bit of research was this guy: Nereo Rocco The mad king of catenaccio. Further reading here if you are interested. In a nutshell Nereo Rocco was the manager at Triestina when they finished second to Torino but went on to become AC Milan manager and became the first Italian manager to win the European Cup. Further, he started and was arguably the greatest exponent of the catenaccio system. Not only was Rocco a Triestina great, he also had written in to all his contracts that he was allowed to return to Trieste whenever he felt like it. The stadium is also named after him. Notable players from history: Cesare Maldini and no one else. Final other thing that interested me in Triestina is the location of Trieste, it is here, which clearly is not even in Italy, more like Slovenia or Croatia. So my aim along with completing the challenge is to try and do it using a catenaccio style tactic, and try and develop some quality sweeper/libero type players through our youth system. Obviously to begin with I will almost certainly be forced to play without a sweeper, but I will try and be ultra defensive if my players allow it. Manager Profile Have not even looked at the players or facilities. So will give an update on that soon.
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