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  1. After checked, my graphics card was already up to date. but i reinstall it just in case. I also just find out that the freeze can happen even when no goal made during match. However, now i found i little tweak to prevent it. every time i want to change my tactics, i will pause the match first, then i change my tactics. It makes the tactical changes confirmation lag-less (it usually lag 1-2 secs if i dont do it). So far, i dont have the problem re-occurring. i guess the problem was when the game tried to confirm my changes and resume the automatic-paused-match.
  2. sorry for late reply. i already removed the custom logos and kits. but was too afraid to make tactical changes when i leading against big teams. because usually i cant beat them again in the replay. lol. but against smaller team, i tried my usual way of tactical changes. and it happening again. this time after the opponent score against me. so im not too upset. lol. please note that the crash dump was not created when the game freezes forever. also the preference valued my PC as 1 star in 3D graphic capability. so everything was set low. should i listed my hardware devices?
  3. only custom logos and kits. nothing else. and yes, it is 18.1.3. its not always happen. but occur sometimes. just like how the game freezes for good 3-4 seconds every time i access opponents instruction or team dynamics happiness. only it is freezes forever. thats why i ask if its games flaws or my PC needs upgrade. because this freezes never happen in FM 17.
  4. I usually put my team in "Contain", play safely, etc and bring up a more defensive player as soon as i score a goal against big teams. but the match freezes forever when i do that. is it known bug? It just freezes when i click confirm the tactical changes. i keep waiting and expecting that the game will eventually resume, but none happen, so i force closed it. it happened several times. i will upload 2 crash dumps created by this bug. but im not sure if its created when the game freezes or when i force closed it. or its just my PC is not good enough? FM 2018 v18.1.1.1040318 (2017.11.14 15.39.01).dmp FM 2018 v18.1.2.1043465 (2017.11.21 13.54.03).dmp
  5. one tips, you will likely to get goals from wingers... so sign a good one. I played terrible when my wingers get injured...
  6. Woodwork bug is really exist in real life... dont let this thread die
  7. i dont care if someone accused me to load games everytime i lost. but i always turn on the automatic save on DAILY BASIS. you cant never tell which day you have an important day. Like Balotelli become vegetarian to reduce his craziness maybe...
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