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  1. Fuss tactics v2.0 With the following tweaks. DLF->AF 2 IF's -> stay wider Time wasting -> sometimes I've got a pretty good team tho so unsure if it works with weak teams
  2. Well cant test it since mine dont have it They do score some crazy goals tho.. I treid 3.0 and i find 2.0 works better.. Problem is the AP gets marked to death and as mezalla he has a bit more freedom I think. Changed the DLF to AF 2 IF's Stay wider and time wasting to sometimes from frequently I have a young squad but they do good. Also the starting 22 is actually a very good way to keep everyone happy/fresh developing!
  3. Starting new season, pre-season went very well. Took up your advice to field 2 teams, will see how that works out
  4. I've won my league the cup and the champions league with V2.0 ! Only thing I've changed is dropped the defensive line to normal. Fast good defenders are important! I love the fact that it doesn't abuse broken corners and it just looks good! The midfielders are hte most important players of the team I think.
  5. Why do you train your left and right midfielders as inverted wingers instead of wide midfielders?
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