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  1. Is there any good tactic for Juventus?
  2. how do you deal with small teams.I'm playing Juventus first season and small teams MURDER me all the time.
  3. It's not right that i can beat Napoli 5-1 by counter, but be 4th in a group with Zenit,Benfica and Dinamo Zagreb.SI should make smaller teams much much easier to beat as it is more realistic.
  4. I'm using DIFFERNT tactics, both mine and downloaded, someone should have made at least one good...
  5. I've made numerous restarts(over 30 combined), with different tactics both mine and downloaded and the end result is the same.Teams like Dinamo(Zagreb),Pro Vercelli,Cagliari,Siena,Genoa and Chievo are impossible to defeat.Unlike Barca,Real,Chelsea and United.It's a common occurence to fall 0-4 to Chievo at Juventus Stadium just as it is common occurence to beat Barcelona at Camp Nou.I've even thrashed them 4-1 there at one time.It's ridiculous and SI should take measures ASAP.
  6. It's ********!I have a harder time defeating Pro Vercelli than Real Madrid!Si should address this nonsense.
  7. I am not a master, but i've been playing it for 10 years.I keep morale high, have a good squad and the plug and play tactic does not work.Go figure.
  8. http://www.gamefront.com/files/22849441/Juventus+v+Atalanta.rar Here is the Atalanta game.
  9. Well except if my game is broken, then i don't see another reason for it.
  10. Sorry but your tactic is crap!Just got thrashed by Atalanta.First shot on target in the 43 minute.The squad is the original Juve's plus Nani and Llorente.The morale is pretty high too.
  11. I can only win on holiday.I don't know what 4-3-3 is Cruiff using but it tears everything like hot knife through butter.
  12. Well i don't know about you but i did sixteen restarts on two games, and didn't win any of it.The games are with Siena(20) and Genoa(19)
  13. FM 13 is ****! I can beat Barca 4-1 on camp now, but can't overcome Siena(20) and Genoa(19) with 16 restarts!Juventus 1st season that is.
  14. ****** tactic.Can't beat even Cagliari with Juve.
  15. Hi, i am having HUGE trouble beating smaller teams.I regularly get beaten by them, and i find it easier to beat Barca, than Pescara or Siena.Playing Juve first season.